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Little Missinabie Lake (a Fly in with Air Dale out of Wawa)


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Hi Guys 

Just did a week at Little Miss.  The weather was almost too nice!!  More like sitting under a shade tree with a cooler full of ice and beer weather,  Hot, blue bird skies with zero wind

But the Walleye fishing in Little Miss was fantastic  The only place we did not catch fish was in the long arm that goes to the north east.

We had one day of heavy rain started at 9am and lasted till 4.  We were out when it started and stayed out till noon most of the guys were soaked by then  But the skies cleared and we had a great evening fish.

Bugs were almost non existent I never had the bug jacket on and only used the spray once

All the Walleye  we caught were full of  the May fly larvae    But they were aggressively feeding as the adult may flies had not yet surfaced.

Little Miss was easy fishing for numbers of 17-20 inch Walleye.   We caught very few under 16".   Pike were plentiful but none over 30" and most very skinny and under 24 inches.

We were able to boat into Elbow Lake There were 2 beaver dams to get over We did not get to Trump

Elbow produced the biggest fish a 25.5 inch a 24 and a 23 inch.   We did not get a pike over 30" in Elbow

We fished the outflow at the north end twice once it was very good and once ok  One of the other boats went twice with about the same results

A buddy got a Whitefish out of Elbow   It was very tasty almost zero fat not like the ones we get in Simcoe

The big fish did not come out of my boat so no pics of them until the lads send me some


Fish porn to follow



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Right on man!   We took some big pike in Elbow where those giant boulders are (We also smoked one so hard with the boat, Mike and I went flying, lol!)   Trump is a good lake trout lake, nothing huge but lots of fish and all up shallow this time of year and the walk is pretty simple.


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Yea Bill  

We went to Elbow looking for some big Pike but could not find anything that you would call BIG,  The ones we did get were thick and fat where as the Pike in Little Miss were very skinny.


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Hey Chris


The lack of bugs really surprised me,  But in a good way.

We did not go south of the Hawk Air camp  All the Walleye were caught in less than 9 fow.  

And you told me that bay was a 15 fow trough so we did not go there.

The fish were not in the deeper holes.  The only spot we tried and did not catch fish was out the NE arm   

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Rick--great report--thanks for sharing.  Couple questions: how would you rate/compare Little Miss v Apisabigo in terms of a walleye fishery? And, how were water levels? Seems like everyone is reporting lower levels. We return to Apisabigo in one month.  Thanks! 

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Hi Brian

As far as a Walleye fishery,  Well if you are talking 17"-20" fish  Little Miss far exceeds Apisabigo . 

But I did get a 29" and a 28" outta Apisabigo and nothing over 21" out of Little Miss.

My group did fish Elbow Lake Which is a portage lake from Little Miss

We were able to boat up a small river to get in and We got a 25.5" a 24" and a 23" in this Lake

The Pike in Little Miss were mostly under 24" and very skinny

I really liked Little Miss,    Lots of fish and lots of water to explore,  especially with the back lakes out flow to the north.

Personally I would go back but 3 guys in my group are really interested in some bigger Pike 

The water levels appeared to be about normal for this area Wawa/Chapleau   As was confirmed by Martin 


Have a great trip to Apisabigo




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Hey Rick:

Thanks for the reply and your (always) helpful info. I'd love to get on Little Miss someday. With it being bigger water (than most of Air Dale's fly ins), you'd expect some bigger, fatter gators???? It looks like a great lake to explore...

A 28 and 29 out of Apisabigo is impressive! By weeks' end last year I think we started to crack the bigger fish code. We'll test that hypothesis in a few short weeks. I may return with egg on my face, but still smiling from the entire experience.

Good to know water levels are normal. 

Cheers and thanks again for chiming in. 

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I think one reason Little Miss is not a big Pike fishery has a lot to do with

the fact it has very little water deeper than 10'.

Lots of Pike but as I said 24" and very skinny.  Several anglers I talked to before and after my trip had the same experience 

But why is it such a good Walleye fishery??

Maybe the Walleye are feeding on the Pike fry.

May be someone with a lot more knowledge, than I, in such areas could chime in here


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