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  1. Chuck Enwinde

    Back lake splake! 2019 season so far!

    Dang! Did you tow the Car and the Rowboat with the sled? I heard about these through the grapevine, nice to see some pics. I bet if the whitey's could like this post, they would lol.
  2. Chuck Enwinde

    4Runner Tire advice please.

    Not sure, but the defenders may qualify as "winter tires" for insurance discount purposes. Would probably make your decision a little easier if they do. FWIW I've got Goodyear Duratracs on a '14 Tacoma and have been very happy with them.
  3. It depends, if quality fish are moving through the area, it can pay off to wait. If there is no evidence of quality fish, then moving is definitely in order. Sometimes it doesn't take much either.
  4. Looking good huzzsaba. Couple of tips for your gear. The hub can turn in to a kite easily, I like to sink an anchor before I even take mine out of the bag if there is any wind at all. Treat your auger well and it will treat you well, but one bang on the ice could render it useless. It's so much easier to cut with blades in mint condition that it's worth every effort to keep them that way. Good luck on Cooks.
  5. Chuck Enwinde

    Muskoka Lakes Pickeral

    That's a nice pickereye but I'm almost as impressed about the keeper perch. And it looks like a fine spot for a beauty of a hut. Looks like some thought went in to building that. Mind sharing how deep you're set up in? Strikes me as the kind of spot that could cough a big pike or two as well.
  6. Chuck Enwinde

    Terrova questions

    I'd make sure you want it cut first. Depending on your boat the 60" shaft may come in handy on some of the bigger waters. Especially if 45" is already too short. I was in Aikmans recently and he had Minn Kota opened up so I'd say it's still a certified repair place. I've always had good service from Rocky's too.
  7. Chuck Enwinde


    Exactly. Doesn't hurt to check with the baitshops but only trust your spud bar. Way too many variables with questionable ice, and the cost of a mistake is too high to trust anything else.
  8. Chuck Enwinde

    WARNING-Lake Simcoe Ice Anglers

    Dangerous for sure. This means the rest of the ice now has somewhere to move to if the winds come up again.
  9. Chuck Enwinde

    Mountain Lake

    Me too, but then I like all tackle shops. They actually have a really good selection for a little shop. Maybe not great if you're looking for intel, but if you need bait or tackle, it's a good shop. Norland Convenience, is also a good spot if you're not going as far as Minden.
  10. Chuck Enwinde

    Best Pike Fishing

    Paging chris.brock. And good for you Lou, "he who casts last, laughs last" or something like that.
  11. I'll take it if you still have it. PM on the way.
  12. Chuck Enwinde

    Quinte in Late Jan / Early Feb

    You can probably thank me for the hot bite Sunday morning. I decided to leave Saturday night lol.
  13. Chuck Enwinde

    my brother's pb speckled laker

    Stupid Quinte walleye, I knew I should have headed north. Good to see Colin got all of his terminal tackle kinks worked out just in time. Kind of surprised Stan didn't beat him to the line at least once lol.
  14. Chuck Enwinde

    Season Endings Big Fish Bendings.

    Good stuff as always Bunk. When I saw that first pic of Clive, I thought you're beard had got away from ya a bit lol.
  15. Chuck Enwinde

    Another Off the Bucket List and a New PB!

    Nice going Dave. A golf course and peacocks, sounds like a hell of a back yard. I heard you guys did well down there on the Harris chain - way to represent.