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  1. Been a long time since I've gotten hooked on a TV show but I really enjoyed this. I was pulling for Paul and Taro but Team Manitoba deserved the win. Aaron and Jay both fished really well and caught some awesome fish with chips on the table. The Konrad brothers are just machines. 38 hours in and they're standing on opposite gunnels of the boat like they were born there.
  2. Parking spots have almost become like fishing spots - but not quite. PM inbound.
  3. SPOILER ALERT!! Pretty crazy brown that the Konrad brothers caught. The addendum at the end of the show stated that it fell 1 inch shy of the catch and release world record - which is held by Eric Haataja. These guys got some serious chops. Really enjoying the series. Hoping Taro and Paul kill it on Simcoe.
  4. In for free baits! Just kidding Roy, good to see you back where you belong - hope you're back on the tiller too. Does this mean Art finally gets a break?
  5. North side B. Could be all the people that just tamped it down lol. I can tell you the walk on cooks is not as nice.
  6. Pretty sure he's on Prosperous L. And that crack off BBP must be about 100m wide in that pic. At least most of the snow has blown off kemp already.
  7. I'm with Bunk on this one. I like Alex. Editor might have done him a favour but cutting a few of the "Oh My Gosh's" out but I think him and Eric have a good shot. I think they'll trump most of Taro and Paul's great lake stuff.
  8. Thanks. Going to stop by in the morning. Really don't like how scarce these are becoming.
  9. It's almost like JT heard the chirps. Though I'll admit I'm a bit jealous that Sens fans got to watch a game with a fight.
  10. Can't believe I didn't know these existed. Hey Dave, I'll extend Doug's offer a couple hours west. If you have time to sneak in some steelheading, bring Drifter 016 and it can meet a long lost sibling in Drifter 004. I'll bet they could tell some stories.
  11. Check out Adam Dempsey's site as well at https://fishingoutposts.com/ lots of good info to help you make your choice.
  12. Clam's got some solid offerings now. They also have some junk. Don't think Otter deals in junk. My $.02.
  13. First off, excellent gift idea. That's one they won't soon forget. Lots of information on Mikes's site. It will help to know where they're starting the journey from? I've flown with Hearst Air, Luenbergers and Nakina Air and had great trips with all of them.
  14. I've had two repair jobs that got just about as far as that picture before I twisted the aluminum hose trying to get the brass fitting off. Both ended up in the bin. Maybe I should have looked around for an air plane mechanic.
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