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  1. Hewick is north of the 403 (and way north of Port Credit) and therefore closed. Anywhere below the 403 is open down to the lake.
  2. You're right about that. I bet Wil showed him the spot though. lol.
  3. Fiddleheads are way behind this year. Bumped in to a few of these though
  4. First time I saw one in my bait bucket I chucked it in the bush for fear of unleashing a baby bowfin on a little brookie lake.
  5. Problem is people seem to be rediscovering the outdoors at an alarming rate. And they all go where google tells them. I heard a few of the Halton Conservation areas were jam packed on the weekend.
  6. I used Crackerjack's on a trip up north and was a bit skeptical as it was a treble hook that was pretty deep. It popped out pretty easily. Seems like a handy tool.
  7. You don't have to extend the arms if you put the camera close to the fish. The purpose of the photo is to showcase a great fish. Mission accomplished I say. Congrats to the angler.
  8. Yup, all of those would be possible. Probably some largemouth in the slower water and rainbows have been stocked in the past.
  9. I think you're on the right track with the older V6 Rav4's - very capable vehicles. A buddy had one and it was surprisingly impressive off road. I think the "sport" edition has a towing capacity of 3500lbs.
  10. I don't believe in 17+ inch perch. A 20" with Simcoe proportions would be nearing 5lbs. Erie has had gobies for even longer and 2lbers are still rare. Edit: I just read the other thread and I'll take Chongers word for it because I don't believe in 8lb smallies either but I know Dave does lol.
  11. The thing about the drill set up is that aside from the Clam plate - it's multi functional. You have a hand auger when you need it and a good drill when you need one. Trombly's had a couple of the E-drills at the ice show earlier this year- might still but you'd want to call first.
  12. My brother always hits me up for a few little roe bags before the show. His kids do alright lol.
  13. Probably right. I fished a tiny little lake that was supposed to be stocked with splake . A few locals walked by dragging 15lbs+ lakers. It blew my mind until one of them told me the hatchery gets rid of it's over sized brood stock there. They also weren't the prettiest specimens.
  14. There were a few but in this one Taro is taunting Jay while he misses 10 fish in a a row lol. Turns out Jimmy Seahawk is "not as peaceful as you think".
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