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  1. Chuck Enwinde

    Another Off the Bucket List and a New PB!

    Nice going Dave. A golf course and peacocks, sounds like a hell of a back yard. I heard you guys did well down there on the Harris chain - way to represent.
  2. Chuck Enwinde

    Ferry launch in quinte ice free?

    I think I'm going to go Friday too. I know the ferry and finkles were both good as of a couple of days ago and I haven't seen anything that would have changed that as far as weather goes. Good luck if you make it out.
  3. Chuck Enwinde

    A Sort of Report of a Portly Speck

    Thanks Guys. That's a beauty hen there Joey. But I don't recall any nice days this fall lol and it seems like it's already over. Lol B, if I don't see you at the ice show, I'm mailing those floats.
  4. port-ly 1. having a stout body; somewhat fat. 2. ARCHAIC of a stately or dignified appearance and manner. Seems appropriate. Headed up North on Friday night and did some shore fishing for walleye. Got a couple of nice ones including one real tank - looked like it belonged in Quinte. No pic pics as it was snowin' and blowin' not to mention dark. Knowing we were going for brookies the next day, I said to my buddy "wouldn't it be something to get a trophy walleye and a trophy speck in a 24 hour period?" Well wouldn't ya know it, as I was standing on shore facing straight in to the gale force winds contemplating how much longer to stick it out, I got bit. I missed him the first time but he gave me another shot -thank the Lord. I've seen bigger specks but they don't come any more handsome than this fellow. You'll have to excuse the hero hold but I was tryna keep my pants clean. It seems he was happy to see me too lol.
  5. Chuck Enwinde


    EGB spinners, that's all. Your wallet will get over the trauma in no time.
  6. Chuck Enwinde

    Winterize it, time to recognize it

    Yup. Pretty sure @Irishfield and @chris.brock both had mice build nests out of dryer sheets. It may be better than nothing but it might be a good idea to wrap it up in a way that you can check on it periodically.
  7. Chuck Enwinde

    Pumpkin art

    That is ridiculous.
  8. It's different when you're the guy calling the shots and putting the game plan together. If you're just along for the ride, then yeah.
  9. I don't care who you are, that's funny. This whole thing is like arguing that oranges are better than bananas Besides...... Brookies reign supreme and golf is indeed a noble pursuit. ๐Ÿ˜›
  10. Chuck Enwinde

    Beauty fall musky, and a monster Kawartha walleye

    Not that I recommend it, but a light tap on the noggin will do it. Nice going Tjames09, gotta love those night time eyes.
  11. Chuck Enwinde

    [Fishing Report] Lower Twin Lakes Lodge Nakina

    Agreed #metoo. Gord Ellis wrote a good article about the brookie fishing in some of the small lakes in that area a few years ago. It's been stuck in my head ever since.
  12. Chuck Enwinde

    looking for info on a baitcaster rod

    Bass in or near cover would probably be it's primary use. Might work for pike or muskie depending on the action. Not a Walmart cheapy - probably in the $100 range.
  13. Chuck Enwinde

    Planing to go for fishing in Algonquin park

    Don't waste any time. Most of the places around Algonquin are already booked up for the weekend. The fall colours are a pretty major attraction around the park at this time of year.
  14. Chuck Enwinde

    Lower Twin Lakes Lodge Nakina

    I was up there with Chris a couple weeks ago. I did take a few casts but the area around the docks is super shallow. I think you're in for a good trip. I've heard good things about the stocked lakes in that area. I fish a lot of lake O pike as well and one of the things I learned fishing up there for the first time is that while big jerk baits work well - they are a pain in the butt if the snot rockets are active. They tend to make a mess of the hooks and themselves. Catch four or five in a row and it gets tired pretty quick. Big spoons with a single siwash hook have since taken over about half of the jerk bait box. Good luck. Looking forward to some nice pics and vids.
  15. Chuck Enwinde

    Father and Son Part II: Montana (photos)

    Nice going Nick. A great read, great photos, and great memories I'm sure.