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  1. Thanks again for having me along. That was awesome. We fried up some walleyes on the Coleman stove. Not many eyes in the area we were camped but we had a tip from a board member about a spot nearby that had them. 40km round trip is considered nearby on Nipigon lol. Trip of a lifetime to be sure and grateful to experience it with some very capable boat captains and great guys.
  2. Tie on a buckshot and fish for walleye lol. Couldn't get it turned up the hole so had to cut a second one.
  3. That's a cool design. Is there a metal seat hidden in the cork? Remember? Heck, I still have a few D&M's in the arsenal.
  4. Good to see you back Mike. I have a Striker Climate and would agree that it's a great suit. I wore out a pair of bibs after many years of hard use so now I have two sets of the liners that have basically never been used lol. Just too damn warm.
  5. Meh. Now it's a custom rod with a slightly different action. It may nit be the rod you remember but that doesn't mean it's useless.
  6. Cheapest solution is probably to upgrade the containers on things you don't want to get wet or dirty in the bed with the tonneau partly open. You can move the rods in to the cab diagonally for stops and lock the tonneau. A few big totes and a couple of large dry bags should do it. Now, if you can convince yourself that more trips like this one are in your near future then maybe you could justify the rack system. Spending $1000 to secure a couple of $500 rods once doesn't make a lot of sense.
  7. Cot and a pad together is the way to go. If a bear wants your food bad enough you're pretty much SOL. I use a "bear resistant" blue barrel and a cooler with a ratchet strap around it strapped to a stout tree. Only time I've ever lost food was when it was in a dry bag hung in a tree lol. In the shoulder season when bugs aren't a concern, a pop up ice hut makes for nice accommodations. A couple of those interlocking foam mats for the floor and a little buddy heater to take the morning chill out and you're on your way.
  8. There's a couple places that come to mind when thinking about bucket list trips for me. Lake Nipigon (Onamans), Nipigon River (Red Rock), Lake Seul (many)and Lake of the Woods (many). What you're looking for in terms of accommodations, what species of fish you'd prefer and whether numbers or a chance at trophies is more important might help folks with recommendations.
  9. For me it's the Vibrato. When they say lures are made to catch fishermen, they must've been talking about this lure. It will catch your float suit, pant leg, even the inside of your rod case.
  10. I'd probably start by shooting Limeyangler a pm on here. He's on Wabigoon I think but spends some time chasing skis on Lac Seul.
  11. I think it's been hashed out on every site lol. The verdict is that if the fish is OOS - the internet doesn't want to see it. Slot fish have to be released immediately too. How do you know if it's a slot fish if you can't take a second to measure it? I'd bet all the Lac Seul guides let there clients take pics.
  12. Mitchell's (can't remember his first name for the life of me) will shuttle you around the dam for ~$25 or could be $50 or so now the way things are going. He can accommodate pretty well any reasonably sized boat. Cash only.
  13. Bring many jig heads. Might be the only place I've ever gone and wished I'd brought more tackle.
  14. I fished with Reeds for quite a few years. I like their set up. You have one hut set up for sleeping and one for fishing and general shenanigans. They're set up a few steps apart with the doors facing each other. They used to set up the huts in 25+fow and the fishing was outstanding. They moved there huts in closer and shallower for a couple years (~16fow) and the fishing was terrible so we moved on. I heard ownership has recently changed hands so not sure where they are now but I assume the hut set up is the same..
  15. They changed the slot size on Nipissing this year. Limit is still 2 but you shouldn't have a problem putting together a fish fry.
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