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  1. Nice going Ron. If there's a finer looking fish that swims our waters, I haven't seen it.
  2. I hear ya Shane, I'm not normally on the cutting edge of trends but I've been a bit of an expert on social distancing for quite a few years now lol.
  3. Splake can occur in the wild just like tiger trout or tiger muskies. They are infertile so the don't propagate but they can occur. As for the fish pictured - my guess is a female spring brook trout. They hardly have any markings a lot of the time, and they have that little crease in the middle of the tail that can make it look slightly forked. Here's a big female from last spring.
  4. Hey Cliff, if I were you I'd keep an eye out for a used hummingbird Helix 5. With GPS can be found used for about $200. It's a great multi season unit. The ice ducer is about another $100. Very handy but only really necessary if you want to use the flasher mode.
  5. I always say if you can't fish with confidence, fish with determination. Just chuck n' wind lol.
  6. Hewick is north of the 403 (and way north of Port Credit) and therefore closed. Anywhere below the 403 is open down to the lake.
  7. You're right about that. I bet Wil showed him the spot though. lol.
  8. Fiddleheads are way behind this year. Bumped in to a few of these though
  9. First time I saw one in my bait bucket I chucked it in the bush for fear of unleashing a baby bowfin on a little brookie lake.
  10. Problem is people seem to be rediscovering the outdoors at an alarming rate. And they all go where google tells them. I heard a few of the Halton Conservation areas were jam packed on the weekend.
  11. I used Crackerjack's on a trip up north and was a bit skeptical as it was a treble hook that was pretty deep. It popped out pretty easily. Seems like a handy tool.
  12. You don't have to extend the arms if you put the camera close to the fish. The purpose of the photo is to showcase a great fish. Mission accomplished I say. Congrats to the angler.
  13. Yup, all of those would be possible. Probably some largemouth in the slower water and rainbows have been stocked in the past.
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