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  1. Hopefully it rains. I think Dara is pretty good with wood lol. Pretty amazing stuff Dave. Good luck out there.
  2. Brown Pumpkin and black are my go to's, but brown was the killer last year. Nice thing about them is they're pretty well indestructible. Caught a ton of walleye and a bunch of incidental pike and didn't even go through a pack of 6 in a week. Like I said though you'll want a few jigheads with wire baitholders. Zman makes some, but Northlands Slurp, or VMC halfmoons and I'm sure many others will work.
  3. Fun times. I'm heading up north of Nakina for the third week of August. Check out Adam Dempsey's site for comprehensive lists of things you may want to bring. As usual I'd expect current and wind to be a big draw for eye's. If there not stacked on humps, I'd check inflows or neckdown areas. Zman trickshots were definitely the hot bait on last years fly in. On sale at Sail right now too. Need appropriate jig heads though as the plastic won't slide over the collar of a regular leadhead.
  4. Yup, me too. Really notice a big difference with wind. It's damn near impossible to fish a dinger properly in anything more than a slight breeze.
  5. Maybe a Sportspal Wide Transom? Mine has logged a lot of miles on the roof of the truck.
  6. Looks like it might be laetiporus cincinnatus. I've heard people say they taste better than the more common laetiporus sulphurus. For anyone interested check out the mushroom videos from "Learn your Land". Takes alot of the mystery out of wild mushrooms. I had a great year for morels too.
  7. Why do I get the feeling he's on the phone to tech support?
  8. I agree. Home court should dictate the start times but it's all about TV. I'm sure Golden State would prefer games that start at 10:30 eastern when at home just as we'd like 7:30. 9:00 seems like the compromise. Oh and WHOOOOOHOOO!!!!
  9. I was poking around the day before but I know Colin likes catching the big ones so I left them alone.
  10. Great night for Trent. Got his first win and chipped in with two hits and two runs scored. And looks like Vladi has officially arrived.
  11. I probably shouldn't be disparaging any work people are doing to improve the fishery, but it seems the one time Cranberry stocking was a success while I don't even understand what the goals of the Barnum or Black stockings could be. Seems they put a bunch in Head as well, those ones should hypothetically make it in to Kash pretty easily.
  12. Been a couple years since I fished Kash but I don't know if there's anywhere with a more haphazard approach to walleye management than Haliburton. I could be wrong but I think they basically introduced them in to the Gull River by planting a bunch in Cranberry a little over 10 years ago. And I always assumed the 10,000 or so that they stock in Barnum every year just naturally made their way down to Kash, if not, then why the heck would they dump so many in to a tiny lake?
  13. Nobody's that lucky captpierre. Though your second pic calls that assumption in to question.
  14. Hey Lew, does the name Ed McNulty ring a bell? He was my uncle and he cottaged in the Nogies Creek area. 74' would of been right in his hay day. If he didn't know Tom, I'll bet he knew about his fish.
  15. If you saw the #'s of emerald shiners clogging the marinas right now Paul, it would probably blow your mind. Not to mention the gobies and freshwater shrimp in Simcoe. That said, I got a big one this weekend that spit up another small perch as I was lifting it into the boat. As soon as the little one hit the water it bolted back down to bottom. Its antagonizer was not so lucky lol.
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