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  1. Can't believe I didn't know these existed. Hey Dave, I'll extend Doug's offer a couple hours west. If you have time to sneak in some steelheading, bring Drifter 016 and it can meet a long lost sibling in Drifter 004. I'll bet they could tell some stories.
  2. Check out Adam Dempsey's site as well at https://fishingoutposts.com/ lots of good info to help you make your choice.
  3. Clam's got some solid offerings now. They also have some junk. Don't think Otter deals in junk. My $.02.
  4. First off, excellent gift idea. That's one they won't soon forget. Lots of information on Mikes's site. It will help to know where they're starting the journey from? I've flown with Hearst Air, Luenbergers and Nakina Air and had great trips with all of them.
  5. I've had two repair jobs that got just about as far as that picture before I twisted the aluminum hose trying to get the brass fitting off. Both ended up in the bin. Maybe I should have looked around for an air plane mechanic.
  6. A veritable Legends Row! I bet there's lots of folks out there that Roy never met that think of highly of him.
  7. Agree with what's been said. Rainbows just complicates things. Never stayed at Ray's Camp but, Ramsey is good fun. If you want some variety, check out Moosehorn lodge in Chapleau. Decent walleye fishing on the lake but the set up is a bit unique in that they have boats cached at lots of different lakes in the area. They'll give you a key and an appropriate motor and you can choose your own adventure- Pike, walleye, brook trout, whitefish or smallmouth (open all year). You can do a week for about $500 a person including boat, gas and bait.
  8. I would 10/10 roe crust the heck out of that thing. Beauty piece Spiel.
  9. Check with County Shores south of Deseronto. Pretty sure they still put huts out.
  10. Sail has there own branded EVA foam boots now. I wasn't tempted. And yeah driving with Nats is not recommended. I was backing in to a ramp with them on a few years ago and as I applied the brakes I could hear the engine revving, apparently the brake wasn't the only thing I was hitting. Lucky I didn't sink the truck.
  11. I wonder if they Liquidated Minden Bait and Tackle? Might Be worth checking out Shane.. Brock's feet aren't small.
  12. Getting a bit late for salmon but there are still a few swimming around. Go for a walk along the Humber River casting the mepps as you go. Chance for steelhead, browns or maybe a coho. Need a one day license ~$26. Mind the dams though,. No fishing within 23m downstream of the dams.
  13. This is one I've been eyeing B https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/63711?page=emerger-ii-wading-jacket probably not in the same leaue as the Simms but LL Bean sells quality gear and stands behind it. Problem with the BPS or Cabela's is they're too long for wading.
  14. Wabigoon is always stained, as far as I know. Nice going Simon some nice ones there. Can't wait to see the pic of the HUGE one next year. And Jack's hair is epic.
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