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  1. Very sorry for your loss OI. My prayers are with you and your family.
  2. That Hollow Body Craw looks amazing!
  3. Glad to see the Ministry is hard at work. I just wish the fines had been larger and the suspensions longer! https://www.todaysnorthumberland.ca/2018/06/04/3000-in-fines-and-licence-suspensions-for-fishing-offences-port-hope/
  4. Still better then I can do. Good at many things but backing a trailer up using my mirrors is not one of them. I look like a monkey &^%$(*& a football trying to use my mirrors to back a trailer up.
  5. Dutch01, IS this in Cobourg? Many years ago we use to go up to Cobourg and rent private land off a farmer who has a stream run through his land. He had it all sectioned off and it was really nice. We paid $10 per person per day and there was usually 7-10 of us just in our section. I can't even imagine how much money he hade every year from opening weekend with all the land he had and the amount of people he rented it our to. I haven't been up there in 20 some years.
  6. I have never used a baitcaster but have always been interested in trying. I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I am not sure I will like ( or be able to use with my coordination ). Since I really don't know anything about them what are some things I should look for in one? I see Canadian Tire with clearance ones now and then for $60 and up for a reel/rod combo. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/ugly-stik-gx2-medium-heavy-2-piece-baitcast-combo-6-5-ft-0775317p.html#srp http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/quantum-solo-medium-2-piece-baitcast-combo-6-ft-6-in-0775328p.html#srp Are these nothing but crap that I should stay away from or would they be something that's of to pick up and see if I like and can use a baitcaster? Another question I have is how much better is a baitcaster vs my Zebco Omega reel? I can cast and pitch very well with my Omega and it has a great drag system, and for a spincast reel it was quite expensive ( over $100 ) so I am not sure just how much better a baitcaster would be. I fish Walleye, pike and bass as well as pan fish ( perch/crappie ) . So right now I have a spincast and a spinning reel/reels and I like them and they work for me so not sure if moving to a baitcaster would be worth it. Sorry for all the questions, just trying to make the best informed decision I can and want to get as much knowledge as I can. Thanks, Eric
  7. It was a very good price, Paid $26 for it .
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