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  1. Lew is right I would be careful with a Tracker. Crestliner makes a nice boat.
  2. I think a 115HP on a 20 foot boat would be underpowered. You would want at least a 150HP.
  3. Nice rig there B! Good on Fisherman for making it happen With the title I thought you were talking about me!! LOL I see there is not much snow down that way. Better for Ice making
  4. I think Chris is telling "fish stories" again. LOL
  5. Spot lock does not use much power I have never used more than half in any amount of wind. As Garnet says a game changer for sure
  6. I have a Terrova with spot lock and i pilot. 24 volt and 80 lbs thrust I would recommend The newer ones have lift assist not self deploy but it is easy. I have a foot pedal but mainly use the remote. I use spot lock a lot avoid the anchor and rope i pilot is for GPS heading and i pilot link will hook up to a Humminbird and follow a contour
  7. I have to Barrie, Royal Victoria Hospital, and to Newmarket, Southlake Hospital, 9 times in the last year and the Emergency is not busy or over run, working yes but definitely not over run. This is not Toronto so not sure about there.
  8. Hi B That tie on the high hook is very impressive and it works!! Got to Simcoe last week for a couple feeds of Perch. Have not ben out for the Whities yet but will. Cheers Rick .
  9. They are walking out in Gilford and Virginia. Some sleds and ATV's out of Glenwoods Very south and east end of Cooks Bay They are out in Port Bolster Casey's is renting huts. Not sure about Beaverton.
  10. UPDATE: After 2 days of liaising with many levels of government, and our local business owners, I am confident to share the following: -Ice hut operators are permitted to rent huts if, and when there is ice. The restrictions from the Province, and Durham Region Health, are as follows: -Ice fishing huts can be rented for day use only -The ice fishing hut must only be used by members of the same household. -Transportation to an ice fishing hut must be limited to members of the same household. -There should be no congregating of groups from different households outside the ice fishing hut. -Masks/face coverings must be worn while being transported to the ice fishing hut and while outdoors where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Questions can be directed to the Durham Region Health Department.
  11. I think Big Cliff has it. We will be out there. but it will be a short season on the ice. But we might be able to get the boats out early.
  12. https://www.iheartradio.ca/610cktb/news/police-officials-will-not-have-authority-to-stop-citizens-to-only-inquire-about-essential-travel-1.14369755
  13. There are many questions about how police will be enforcing the new Stay At Home order that came into effect early this morning. Police representatives from across Ontario took part in a meeting yesterday to try and get a better understanding of what they can do under the order. Executive Director of the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Jeff McGuire says officers need to have a reason to stop citizens. "Yesterday I was answering a lot of questions about people fearing a Police State type situation. Are police cars going to be driving around and police officers stopping people walking down the sidewalk and demanding notes from their doctors or their employers? None of that is permissible and none of it is going to occur. Quite frankly, I think the police are relieved by that. The police chiefs and frontline officers don't want that power." For example, drivers cannot be stopped simply for an officer to ask where they are going. "If an officer is going to stop a car, he has to have the authority that already exists under the Highway Traffic Act in order to do so." McGuire explains. "And even then, you have the opportunity to ask, 'Is this essential travel?' The person doesn't have to respond or tell you that. We don't have an authority." Officers do have the authority to enforce restrictions within businesses and stores and to break up gatherings of people and issue fines. Click here to listen to McGuire's full interview with Tim Denis.
  14. This was taken from another forum. I just spoke to the Premiers office. Long story short. Fishing in OPEN. However, travelling outside of your region to fish is a violation of the Stay at Home Oder. There are no actual travel restrictions laid out in the Province. However, ticketing is up the the local municipalities. They suggest to call the local health unit if you plan on travelling, but again its up to that areas officer discretion to ticket you or not. All you northerners lucked out big time!! I'll be hoping for cold weather for some local ice.
  15. From the premier's office If you are out of your area you can be charged under the stay at home order. It would be up to local OPP or bylaw officer if they would or would not. They also said there are no travel restrictions in Ontario at this time.
  16. ckewly I have never had a flu shot. I was sick one time, about 7 years ago. Never needed a hospital. Read what you want, you can find anything on the internet. If you are a sick type person and want a flu shot go ahead. Don't tell me what I need to do. Every one is different.
  17. Don't give vaccine to anyone with allergies, Don't give vaccine to anyone under 16 years Vaccine will be given in a room only if a resusitor is present Do not know long term effects vaccine
  18. HH You say " most if not all take it" There are 37 million in Canada. The health minister said 4 million doses from Pfizer and 2 million doses from Moderna by March. Someone will miss out.
  19. He is a keeper For sure!! Congrats to Mom and Grampa
  20. HH . You should be happy, there are some who dont want the vaccine. That way, there is more for you, who do want it. Go with your comfort level.
  21. I am kinda antisocial I do stay to myself. I go shopping as needed maybe every 2-3 weeks. I am only close to family members. I will do what is necessary for my family. Do what is necessary for your comfort level. Stay Safe
  22. Akrisoner I am well over 60. If I am sick I will stay home. I wear a face covering if inside and cant stay 6' apart.
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