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  1. Forgot to add, 2 local Youtubers have excellent channels that while aren't really into Lapidary, the one cuts and polishes stones quite regularly & the other is always on the hunt for gem quality minerals & has them cut. Plus they both tend to tell you some great spots to go digging for stones yourself. Sorry can't link to their pages as I'm at work & Youtube is ixnayed but look up meminer & caver461 , Have bumped into both of these guys multiple times out in the field & are both top notch guy's that want to help you. Greg (meminer) has a awesome dog that's always on the hunt & he fishes as well (although not all that much anymore) & Michael (caver461) as said always on the lookout for gem quality stuff so he often gives away some great stuff he's dug up if it doesn't fit his specifications.
  2. I'm not into lapidary myself more of a amateur mineralogist but the GMCS in Scarborough has quite a few folks if memory serves https://www.scarbgemclub.ca/ The Gemboree in Bancroft is a decent place although Covid has killed it in 2020 , maybe 2021? Also keep an eye on Maxsold auction site, I see quite a few pieces of Lapidary equipment get posted yearly. Already mentioned is Mindat , a great resource for mineral hunting. Your tag says Lindsay so your not far from a place called Titanite Hill (Gibson Road occurrence) in Tory Hill, Crown Land but hunting happens this time of year so be safe if you head out there.
  3. You might get into some Chrome, I've caught a couple in mid November(s)but don't fish the Grand enough to say when the run starts.
  4. It would depend on your taste but I find Glendronnach 12 extremely hard to beat in its price range. LCBO has hiked the price these last few years but think you are still sub 75.00 per bottle. Now if you are not a single malt snob there is some truly great blends out there, if you can nab a bottle of Pig's Nose you'll not be disappointed (sub 40.00 if I remember correctly)Monkey Shoulder is another decent blend
  5. With all due seriousness it's hard to tell exactly whats what. We need to be given hard numbers & that is something that isn't available right now. 1 in 6 people who contract Covid develop more serious conditions (at least those were the numbers I got a while ago) but we have no hard number on that 1 that turns fatal! Is it 10%....90% what??? Not to mention the list of symptoms changes almost hourly, dry cough non runny nose, now a runny nose is a symptom, fever but no headache, now a headache & no fever might be a symptom. The anxiety people feel can manifest some of those symptoms so are you sick or not?? I'm not pointing fingers or turning this political but after the chips fall on this one, we the people of planet earth better come to some kind of agreement to prevent the next one because the viruses have had a few good kicks at the can lately
  6. Can't tell if you are joking but you have 2 real crackers there, Blantons & Elijah are outstanding, Grandad 114* is passable.
  7. Yes this is true however unless the rules have changed yet again (and I admit not 100% up to date on these) Macallan got into some hot water years ago by doing something similar to this. The Japanese market is huge no doubt but it was the emerging Chinese market they were after and in doing this they were called to task by "mixing" younger malts with a touch of older malts and branding it 18 yrs, thus why we here in Canada starting seeing Macallan Ruby...etc. This continued with all brands HP, Laphroaig...etc with NAS (no age statements) bottles. Lagavulin has been acquired by Diageo the biggest "crooks" in whiskey & all the special edition bottles they can market. Laga used to do only 16 reg & 12 CS (cask strength) then when the devil took over a "distillers edition" started them on their downward spiral. Sure the first few editions were top notch, then we saw a 9yr come out, then a Game Of Thrones edition now a 11yr Offerman & countless others. If you want a top notch Islay I offer you this
  8. Funny how 2 guy's on opposite sides of the spectrum can carry a conversation back then with nobody getting their nose outa wack
  9. How come it seems only people of south Asian decent are angry? Last I checked Mississauga & down town Toronto is home to a rather large population of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian/Pakistani, Persian/middle east & every other country on the planet yet it is the south Asian's that have taken this to heart the most. I haven't watched hockey in quite some time & truth is I only really watched Coaches Corner for the banter back & forth between the 2 waiting for MacLean to get in his "a-ha" jab at Cherry. I know this is a touchy subject but honestly, look at Don's demeanour & posture, even his tone of voice is somewhat muted, he not at all aggressive like some racist or Nazi would be when spewing that nonsense, he's speaking from a passionate place. Bad wording on his part no doubt & yes he should lose his job over it but lets please stop throwing around the "racist" term, it will lose its meaning if we keep attaching it to everything we don't agree with. And yes freedom of speech is not a Canadian thing (just ask the English in Quebec...jab)
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