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  1. I bought a pair of Dryft about 5 years ago now & they have performed flawlessly. They are black so they heat up pretty fast in the sun but other than that zero complaints. No leaks & besides last year which didn't see me out fishing nowhere near as much as I usually do, I bush crash a lot & they are very durable. Best waders I've owned, highly recommend them. I put up a review a few years ago on this site, hadn't put many miles on them at that point.
  2. Fairly recently moved to that area & have only found a few, but the south end near the Holland river. was dragging a spoon behind the canoe, picked up a bowfin as well if that interests you. I've not put a lot of time in yet so that's all I can help you with.
  3. Reach out to Fishing With Rod (Rodney) either through Youtube or his website. The guy is super nice & very knowledgeable, always eager to help.
  4. 937267087_2015-05-3012_21_37.jpg
    Last year was a total bust for me nothing saw the water but this year will be different! This little rig has seen quite a bit of water just not in the last few years, extremely stable in the water. With the 2.5 she moves pretty good as well However, ever since I got my Canoe the other boat sees mostly a storage rack. I will be moving this spring/summer to a place with lots of water around so getting both boats out will not be a problem, really looking forward to it!!!!
  5. Tubi is awesome if you are a b-flick junkie like me. Almost the full FULL MOON catalogue (Puppet Master, Trancers, Sub Species...etc) , all of Andy Sidaris films (Hard Ticket to Hawaii, Hard Hunter...etc) quite a few of the PM Entertainment catalogue (Cyber Tracker, To The Limit...etc) great staples like Split Second, Wanted Dead or Alive (Rutger Hauer), some classics like SLEDGE (James Garner) HEAT (Burt Reynolds) not to mention classic Chop Socky ( Iron Monkey, 7 Grandmasters) love everything about TUBI!!!!
  6. I'm not saying this is correct in any way, but through an argument with a buddy who is a somewhat anti-masker, this 99.98% is a US figure for one & second it is meant as anyone under the age of 65 has a 99.98% chance of survival. I may look into those numbers at some point but it is also used, I feel, in a very smug way which makes me discount it right off the bat!
  7. I'm pretty sure I have never said "you NEED to do this" nor would I ever! I never used to get the flu shot until, like you, maybe 10 years ago after I caught a bad flu bug and was hospitalised. Don't know about you but I was born/raised/live in the most populace city in Canada & never feared SARS/Influenza/H3N2.....etc, anyone of them. Even Covid-19 doesn't scare me per say, what does scare me though is other people & their incompetence to not spread stuff around. There is no way I'll buy that there are that many A symptomatic people walking around, most will have symptoms but ignore them because they are that self important.
  8. Put in words perfectly man!! Your posts/journals are some of the best around but this may be the best post you've ever written! Bravo sir!!!
  9. I truly do understand where you're coming from but at the same time think you must have worked for some seriously shady pharma companies to develop your stance. Are they infallible....hell no, but what company/industry is. Questioning this is the right mindset to have but you have to admit there is a ton of misinformation out there which send a lot of folks down the wrong path which leads to ignorance/anti type folks. I'm not sure where your FLU vaccine stance comes from as I witness the exact opposite as you with no one getting sick year after year (of influenza) opposed to non-vaccine people (they aren't anti-vaxers just don't go out of their way to receive the shot) & about every other year they come down with something that floors them. Now it can be said they don't rush off to the hospital to be tested so whatever they have caught is a unknown but common language says "the Flu" so there is that. In the end it'll be likely a year before enough Covid vaccine becomes available for us common folk + the fact there is another 185+ companies working on a potential solution that the best one will prevail (one hopes).
  10. I've spent a good part of my life in the Pharmaceutical manufacturing world and although I'm no chemist/microbiologist I work with them daily & see their commitment to making the world a better place. It fries my ass to see the amount of backwards misinformation being floated out there
  11. The problem with vaccines is they are big dollar investments for the GMP facilities (sterile fill) and equipment that don't really pay back investment unless it is long term. Pfizer is the first one out of the gate but there are 186 and counting companies all vying for a piece of the pie. There are plenty of companies nation wide that have the facilities capable of running the assembly line ( Sanofi, Baxter, J&J...etc) but investment in machines to do it is quite costly. Not to mention the time to qualify (IQ.OQ, PQ) + Health Canada/FDA...etc inspections. I believe the Sanofi plant near my work used to do vaccines but because they were worth pennies at the time they moved on to other things (actually I think they do speciality targeted vaccines, low production)
  12. Forgot to add, 2 local Youtubers have excellent channels that while aren't really into Lapidary, the one cuts and polishes stones quite regularly & the other is always on the hunt for gem quality minerals & has them cut. Plus they both tend to tell you some great spots to go digging for stones yourself. Sorry can't link to their pages as I'm at work & Youtube is ixnayed but look up meminer & caver461 , Have bumped into both of these guys multiple times out in the field & are both top notch guy's that want to help you. Greg (meminer) has a awesome dog that's always on the hunt & he fishes as well (although not all that much anymore) & Michael (caver461) as said always on the lookout for gem quality stuff so he often gives away some great stuff he's dug up if it doesn't fit his specifications.
  13. I'm not into lapidary myself more of a amateur mineralogist but the GMCS in Scarborough has quite a few folks if memory serves https://www.scarbgemclub.ca/ The Gemboree in Bancroft is a decent place although Covid has killed it in 2020 , maybe 2021? Also keep an eye on Maxsold auction site, I see quite a few pieces of Lapidary equipment get posted yearly. Already mentioned is Mindat , a great resource for mineral hunting. Your tag says Lindsay so your not far from a place called Titanite Hill (Gibson Road occurrence) in Tory Hill, Crown Land but hunting happens this time of year so be safe if you head out there.
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