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  1. I'm not sure if Chris Brock still comes here but he fishes that lake a lot. North end of the lake has been decent for Lakers, nothing huge but can be fun. There is Burbot as well, have heard the odd walleye roams its waters, they've been making a come back if I remember correctly. I know bass are there but I don't target them so can't speak of their size/abundance. Same goes for Pike, some say there are a ton in there, I've never seen one but I don't fish it much anymore (last few years).
  2. Really kicking my own ass for not being able to go but there will always be other years!! Looks like a great time was had by all
  3. PM Jason Meyer on this forum, he has a few lakes to choose from. I can say without question if you're up for it, the Albany River (he had 2 locations, not sure if that's still the case, 1 is for sure though) is absolutely worth the trip. They fly out of Nakina
  4. I'm going to ask a question of you guy's that have been doing this a lot longer than me, Trail Cams, what in your opinion are good ones and what should I stay clear of? I see some come with a sat link to your phone, good idea or no? I have permission to hunt on some private property and there is quite a bit of deer activity, active trail, tree rubs, fresh crap. The property is not huge by any stretch but I want to take full advantage. Thanks
  5. So my very first season trying my hand at Turkey's. I've read a ton, watched a few tons of videos, bought myself a pot call and a few of those mouth calls.....more on those later, and some super duper special turkey load 12G shells, purchased 1 tag & away I go. I've been scoping out areas everywhere in my spare time because hunters are some very tight lipped folks, if you though Brook Trout guy's were bad...nothing on hunters. So putting in the leg work I've found quite a few places where at least a few turkey roam on huntable public land. Gained access to some private land too, which was easier than I thought it'd be. Travelled a huge distanced on Monday as I was out chasing Steel in the morning/afternoon then slept in my car overnight for opener in the morning. Got to my spot around 5:30am and played the wait game. (just noticed I didn't even take the tag off the chair) Started calling around 6am, rain and snow started not to long after that. Now being a newbie I never gave it a second thought but you know what doesn't work all to well in wet conditions, the pot call. That stick gets wet or the surface....nope! Either or I just don't know how to get it going. Tucked it away till it dried out then zero problems. I didn't hear a single gobble that day. Now I didn't call often, maybe once every 15 or so minutes & I varied up the chirps and purr's but I am new so maybe I screwed up somehow but around 7:30 or so a Hen & 2 Jakes appear out of nowhere about 50-60 yards from me. They were responding to my chirps 100%. It was raining so it was hard to hear them move across the leave litter but once I spied them my breathing changed, heart started pumping! The hen walked past but the Jakes kept coming closer. I could clearly see a bread on one and he looked to be older than the other. Was the younger one a male....not 100% sure so didn't pay too much attention to "him". The young male got into good range, about 25 yards or so & I.... let him go. Was it foolish, perhaps but I was there for a big Tom and on this day, that wasn't happening. I didn't spook them so I spent the next hour or so just watching them, studying them, fascinating creatures. Anyway I'll be back at it before closer for sure (sorry about the crappy photo, I had it zoomed in on my phone, the male I gave a pass to, guesstimate 10-15lbs) Edit, I forgot about those mouth calls, they are not for me. I have a serious gag reflex and where those things need to go....nope!!!!!
  6. No need to apologise, hijack away! I happen to agree whole heartily on the licence stance. Speaking of revenue did we ever find out what happened to the missing...I believe it was 3 million (sorry tried to look it up to be correct, can't find a thing) from the MNR that nobody could find from 5-6 years ago? It may have been found, I truly don't know but its discussions like this that made me remember that little titbit.
  7. You might want to take that pic of the cormorants down, think the one at top left is a Merganser which is a duck

    1. ckewley


      Thanks Dave!  I'll ask my buddy for clarification, he has the carcasses still. I'll switch it out with another photo 

    2. ckewley


      They're all Cormorants thankfully!

  8. Not a fishing tale but a whole lot of fun for sure! Being new to hunting, it has opened a whole new world to me. Part of this is stewardship, not something I really understood, still don't in some cases however when it comes to the Cormorant population/problem, it really can't be ignored. As a fisherman I did notice their destruction yet never really paid attention to it but seeing it now through a hunters eyes, man, yes this is something I can get behind. There is literally 10's of thousands of them (maybe a slight exaggeration) on Lake Simcoe and Cooks Bay has a metric crap ton of them for sure. Honestly never thought I'd get behind culling, but here I am! Not going to lie had one hell of a great time. My buddy knows a farmer that takes them, believe for fertiliser. Also noticed what tends to be a lack of knowledge on some hunters parts of what is open right now! I've been out twice since Goose opener, and while I haven't noticed any ducks being shot, you definitely know some of them were shot at, even hearing duck calls out there. Good thing is I have seen the CO at one of the launches so if anyone does stray from the regs hope they get caught. Also got my first goose, that was fun.
  9. I just returned from Cape Breton and can say 100% that fishing the surf can pay off for Striped bass. I was fishing the Fundy side (5 Islands) down from NB for a few days before heading to the Cape. Fished the straight above Pictou/New Glasgow too with Strippers (Bass not Brass pole) found there too (mainly evening time) Big weight with meat. Whereabouts in NB? Sorry can't help with a charter but if fishing any mouth you're possibly into Steelhead, Atlantics are also possible although I don't know the regs for them there as licences are quite pricey (NS) I tend to stay clear. I know Nova Scotia has a decent population of Steelhead now, Newfoundland too (a few rivers) so I would assume NB wouldn't be that different.
  10. Awesome man!!! Must be the year of huge Ling, my bud caught one on Simcoe that was 15.2-3 (something like that) 36", still looking to check them off my list.
  11. Nothing but good memories of him from when I was a kid. Would always do the rounds to schools & talk to the kids then pull out a Yo-Yo & dazzle us with the amount of tricks he could do. Lived a few blocks from the North York city hall and would always see him around, and in the old Fire Pit restaurant
  12. Absolutely man. It was nothing for me to get up at 3am and drive for 3-4 hrs for the morning bite fishing! I can see me getting up at 1-2am and doing the same for hunting birds. I am truly amazed at this world! I would never have thought birds to be "smart" but they have definitely out smarted me more than a few times. Doubt I'll use the word Birdbrain as a negative again.
  13. Thanks for Wolfs Den Brian, I went there this past weekend a bought my first shotgun. A used one but it cycles well so I'm set to go until the world gets back to production. Apparently firearms & ammunition is in very short supply so I'm OK with waiting a bit now until I can get the one I really want. Thanks Porkpie, when I started down this road I really wanted to get out and learn from experienced (& ethical) hunters, count myself very lucky I have a few in my friend pile. I know it will take me years yet to gain the eyesight my buddy has as he can pick out the birds miles off & know what type they are. I've been lucky to nail some Blue bills, Teals, Ringnecks & Woodies thus far, Mallards have stayed well outside my reach (geese too). (thanks for Epps, I completely forgot about them, I will check out Trombly's) Yes Sinker I can see this getting out of hand but as I said I'm quite lucky that I have a few friends I can go with that will keep costs down....for now at least. Thanks for the marketplace idea
  14. Thanks Brian, I'll definitely give Wolfs Den a look.
  15. It's been a very long road for me but I've finally made it. This past weekend I tried my hand at a little duck hunting, not successful I might add but did walk away with a couple courtesy of my hunting partner, a Blue Bill & a Wood Duck. Then a few evenings ago went went out again only this time I had dialled things in a bit & walked away with my first 3 ducks, a Ring Neck, Blue Bill & Teal Wing. I gotta say I'm extremely hooked now & find myself quite lucky as Cooks Bay is now steps from my home so evening hunts or fishing is within my grasp. Now the long road of collecting gear is ahead of me. Speaking of gear, can anyone suggest a good store, besides the big box stores, that have a good supply of stuff & friendly folks? Oh and any good recipes for duck? I can taste the difference between the Divers & Puddle, although I haven't got one of the really fishy Divers yet.
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