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  1. Funny how 2 guy's on opposite sides of the spectrum can carry a conversation back then with nobody getting their nose outa wack
  2. How come it seems only people of south Asian decent are angry? Last I checked Mississauga & down town Toronto is home to a rather large population of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Indian/Pakistani, Persian/middle east & every other country on the planet yet it is the south Asian's that have taken this to heart the most. I haven't watched hockey in quite some time & truth is I only really watched Coaches Corner for the banter back & forth between the 2 waiting for MacLean to get in his "a-ha" jab at Cherry. I know this is a touchy subject but honestly, look at Don's demeanour & posture, even his tone of voice is somewhat muted, he not at all aggressive like some racist or Nazi would be when spewing that nonsense, he's speaking from a passionate place. Bad wording on his part no doubt & yes he should lose his job over it but lets please stop throwing around the "racist" term, it will lose its meaning if we keep attaching it to everything we don't agree with. And yes freedom of speech is not a Canadian thing (just ask the English in Quebec...jab)
  3. Not a Colorado either but will say I've never felt unsafe on this gal & with the 2.5 she's pretty swift. It has been on pretty much every water body in southern Ontario. It packs up quite small, maybe 60lbs (minus motor) would fit in the trunk of my old Civic. Motor & accessories would be in the back seat or roof bag when I bought one. It is a little much if you're solo but if you can trailer it/store it inflated, there are some great mods out there. You can usually find these pretty cheap second hand!
  4. He certainly has been in his fair share of dogs but Cage always shines when he gets to play unhinged characters & his latest ones still prove this. Army of One, Mom & Dad, Mandy (perhaps his unhinged best), Colour out of Space (fantastic Lovecraft adaptation) but then he drops movies like Joe out of nowhere where he shows he really has the ability to act. All this comes from a guy who considers Cannibal Ferox & Brain Damage to be masterpieces so take that for what its worth!
  5. Just when I get that earworm of a song out of head, BOOM back in it goes. It is very likely that that old gal Walleye will be my PB for a very long time. AWESOME job on the report man!
  6. I'll help with a couple till it gets sorted out
  7. A little late but I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  8. It's been quite a while since I've posted in this thread, hope I don't upset the apple cart. Recently I've re-ignited my love of Celtic Frost from my childhood and all the side projects that have spun from that group including Triptykon. Brilliant stuff man!!!!
  9. One word describes that whole truly awesome report, TOTALLY VASCULAR!!! man that was a epic read, thanks!!!!! If you don't mind could you clue me in on the cost, PM if necessary. The Sutton has been a bucketlist place for me since first reading Borgers report years ago.
  10. Spectacular, dig the unusual shaped rocks!
  11. Didn't fish in Que at all but stayed in Gaspesie park at the Mt Jacques Cartier section, think there was maybe 5 people in that part, quite secluded & beautiful. A bit of a drive to get there though, bugs were next to nill. Looking to do something besides fish, Mont Lyall agate mine was pretty awesome, just south of the park.
  12. Pretty much sums it up! I used it mainly to get dressed as I could stand up & to unload all the crap out of the car for day trips. My bed was in the back of my Rav4 so I left the rear door open all night for air flow, no issues with bugs or rain! It would run down my roof under the sleeve then channel around the door, the bottom of the sleeve has drain holes, no issues. Re-attaching the car wasn't a problem after the first few failed attempts, you figure it out pretty quickly. Now would I buy one? short answer is yes, because of the lady friend, on my own I'd say no. That one for the back of the pick up looks bitchn though
  13. ckewley


    I could be wrong but I was told a long time ago there are 2 types of leeches, ones that suck blood & ones the feed on dead flesh. Solid black ones, fish will gobble them up as they only eat dead flesh, Black with a red stripe around it's border are blood suckers & fish stay clear of those.
  14. Don't know if you've had the Peated 14 before John, really good for a Duty Free exclusive! Thanks Mamona, we were gone for 18 days with a day and a half in NS & 2 days in Que. I booked it straight for NS to just outside Truro, I have extended family there, total time to Truro was 16hrs I believe, made good time through Que which isn't always the case. Ferry to NFLD is about 7hrs
  15. Honestly Lew no picture can do the place justice, if you have it in you to go, do it!!!! I believe round trip was between 300 & 400, I don't have the receipt at work but will check when I get home. Gas was slightly more expensive around 1.40 per L, Beer & booze in general was more expensive but everything else was on par, with Toronto prices anyway. Fishing licence for Trout was dirt cheep for a family pass, Salmon....can be pricey because you need a guide to fish for them, unless you know someone local that will vouch for you as a close relative. If you dig (like) rocks & minerals then I'd highly recommend Meyer's Minerals in Pasadena, went looking for a coffee shop & found this place. You get a complete tour of the workshop & a lesson of all local stones/ Marble/ Labradorite , tons of stuff, neat find for sure.
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