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  1. I’ve seen the damage they do to trees in the park, our house is stucco and for whatever reason the Downy woodpeckers like to peck at it.
  2. I’ve had both and no complaints from either. I have Yamaha 50hp tiller now and I really like it. The tiller arm is great
  3. Nice looking birds. I see them the odd time in Bronte park and I’ve seen them down in Florida.
  4. Hey Sinker. I got my vinyl flooring at Basspro across the border in Niagara Falls area as I didn’t see it listed on the Canadian site but maybe they have it now or Cabelas. I used adhesive from Home Depot. Spray on for compartment lids and trowel on for the floor. I did it a couple years ago and it seems to be standing up well.
  5. Thanks Lew. Another retired firefighter with time to kill lol!
  6. The cover is open to the bilge and I always thought of it as a drain but it would make sense that it works as a vent as well. At the back of the boat there is a removable cover to access the bilge and live well pumps so I guess that would also allow for air circulation. Boat is a 1991 Ranger 680 Fisherman tiller.
  7. For sure. If you fish late fall through November the windshield and the top would be awesome. I will fish into October but I pick my days based on wind and weather.
  8. Thx. I just kinda stumbled across the boat and picked it up cheap. I sold the old 2 stroke that was on it and put the new Yamaha on it and added a nice Lowrance. The carpet was in bad shape and literally floating at the back of the boat so I Replaced it with vinyl. I had a soft spot where the rear seat is so I cut it out and put in some new plywood and now it’s solid. These old Rangers have composite stringers and transom so they are pretty durable. 30 years old and doesn’t leak a drop.
  9. Looks awesome! Where did you put in and how far up can you go?
  10. I took all of the carpet out of my old ranger and replaced it with vinyl. It didn’t take that long and only cost me a few hundred bucks. I used the vinyl thinking it would be easier to work with than carpet and it turned out pretty good. Save yourself a bunch of dough.
  11. I started with a side console then I had a full windshield now I have a tiller. They all have pros and cons but the tiller is my favourite so far. I like the tiller arm much better than a steering wheel for trolling and for a 17 foot boat the space is pretty good. The full windshield boat was the same size but space was tight and the windshield acted like a sail if you were drift fishing. One thing I miss from my last boat is a rear casting platform but I think I might build one. The other boats were more versatile as family boats but I’m not pulling kids around anymore so this works for me.
  12. I was thinking of getting a spot in a trailer park for next season. I was wondering if there are any parks that people are really happy with. I like Buckhorn lake. I’ve seen six foot bay park and it looks nice I would like to check out a couple more if anyone has any recommendations. Good boat docking is important and covered slips would be great if any of them offer that. Thx
  13. I used to fish off of Bronte pier and I used to fish the river up through the provincial park . I only ever fished after the salmon were done and steelhead started later in the fall. I don’t go anymore partly because of the mess left by all the clowns from the salmon gong show and the banks littered with decaying salmon it’s just not enjoyable being on the river. It amazes me how people can take part in an outdoor activity with no regard for the outdoors. One fall I spent the day with other steel headers cleaning the banks of the river and hauling out all the trash left behind but it is a losing battle. So now I honestly don’t have a problem with the ban on the pier and I would extend it up the river through the park as well. I would be happy if they gassed the whole salmon program and put the money into trout.
  14. Black perch believer has been my favourite colour. I don’t see them very often so I grabbed a spare a while back.
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