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  1. For Sale - Two custom made mounts for Lund SportTrak. For use with Down East Salty rod holders. Used on Lund Rebel, fits some other Lund models as well. Sold only as a pair for $100.00.
  2. Yeah I was just wondering what’s going on? What caused the walleye collapse? And I wonder if they have researched the musky fishery? I couldn’t find any info poking around online.
  3. Just wondering about the health of the population. I feel my success has decreased over the years. Has anybody else noticed the same?
  4. I like both. But when I am playing poorly I always say I should have gone fishing?
  5. Hey awesome video! What are you using for your travel rod?
  6. Doesn’t say anything about mileage under terms and conditions? So many scams these days. Seems odd that manufacturers would allow this to tarnish the brand and the dealerships.
  7. Well now I really want to go back! I’ve caught quite a few snook but never a tarpon. That’s the first all inclusive I’ve been to with such easy access to a spot where you could hook a good size fish. Anyone know of any other places with similar opportunities? I like the shore fishing and can’t afford guided flats trips after coming up with the money for the vacation.
  8. I was fishing in the daytime never tried it at night. Thought I could see the line down the side of them and one of the guys who worked there said they were snook. Either way I would like to go back and try again I’d love to catch either one!
  9. I think I remember being offered something similar last year when we bought our Kia Sorento. Maybe all the dealers offer similar programs ?
  10. My policy is never buy extended warranty for anything and so far it has served me well. When I buy a new vehicle as soon as I sit down I tell them no service plans no extended warranty no rust protection fabric protection paint protection blah blah blah. They always look at me like they can’t believe it and I am the first person ever to not buy all that crap lol!
  11. We went there last winter stayed at the Rex halcyon cove. Under the pier that the restaurant is built on holds lots of snook. It is lit up at night and you can see them. Like a dummy I broke my rod on the second day there on a snag so I never landed any but I had some hits on small rapala type lures. Stand waist deep and cast in around the pilings. Restaraunt is called Wari pier.
  12. Haha! Yup I was getting frustrated with the compartment lids There are 7 of them. But the carpet and glue was basically decomposing so it had to be done. When you are finished it will all be worth it.
  13. I also took the hinges off so I could get the vinyl wrapped completely. It was a real pain on the ranger lids I had to drill the rivets out and afterwards I couldn’t reuse the holes so I had to offset the hinges on the boat and lids. I only had 1 flush floor compartment the rest were all on the sides and fit on top.
  14. I used a 3m aerosol for the compartment lids and for the floor it came in a bucket from Home Depot and I used a notched trowel don’t remember the name but it was for outdoor carpet / vinyl . It seemed to adhere well hopefully it lasts. When using the 3m for the lids you need to be very precise with placement as there is no movement after it’s down. I got the vinyl at bass pro across the border as I didn’t see it advertised in the Canadian stores but I was told they do have it here? Think I was around 300 bucks for the vinyl. I had never done it before and I think it was easier to work with than carpet would be.
  15. Yamaha is 50hp the Johnson was a 60. The boat is rated for 65 hp max. I would have rather got a 60hp but the deal on the Yamaha was too good to pass up. Should get around 30 mph give or take.
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