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  1. let me know what your internet situation is and if you want further info...glad to help!
  2. yes I get HBO and every network from coast to coast...every sports network you can think of...every news channel....every PPV event...every movie channel known to man...hundreds of 24/7 VOD channels to stream all the old classics, Bonanza... Hogans heros...Green Acres...All in the family...Sandford and son etc.etc.....I will see if I can get you some info, in the mean try this free option... ustv247.com keep in mind with streaming you consume a lot of data....I stream movies,sports,tv shows and go through 500 gb minimum....unlimited internet is must and I would suggest at least a speed of 25 mbps.... And there is nothing wrong with Kodi....Kodi is just a media player, all streaming devices are not created equal there are good ones and there are bad ones and there is a learning curve but its not all that difficult....you do not need Kodi to use IPTV or stream movies/tv....and yes cable/sat/cell phone bills are crazy and that`s why I cut the cord several years ago!
  3. There is crap load of them some good some not so good...I use a cheap iptv subscription and it`s fairly reliable only cost about 6 bucks a month....There is like 9000 channels and a lot of international stuff, all the big PPV events....lots of VOD.... It`s not perfect but it works for me as I do not watch a lot of live TV....
  4. Your IPTV guy did not do you any favors believe me apparently that was available on Google Playstore, some people are saying Google shut it down and came right to their device to do it......TTV still works there is a work around, I had mine back up and running in 10 minutes....There have been lots of changes in the past few days and there have been numerous updates/clones come out, there is one called EU TV that is showing a lot of promise.
  5. Hi...There is a work around available for TTV...PM me and I can get you some info.....
  6. apparently not as easy as it sounds and not cheap either....
  7. Finally got my trade...Got an older 15 HP Evinrude with electric start that should work fine!
  8. Yes I think so, I am having some health issues lately and I don`t need a heart attack pulling this cord and it is to heavy for me to lift on and off the transom....
  9. I have a late model Honda 4 stroke 15 HP, I bought this motor a couple of years ago and barely used it. There are some cosmetic issues with the cowling but the engine runs fine. I find it a little difficult to handle as I am not getting any younger and I find it a little hard to pull the rope, ideally what I would like to do is trade it for a smaller short shaft outboard...6 or 8 hp would do fine.
  10. The Kodi add-ons have taken a beating lately...a lot of the developers got scared when the letters started going around. Right now I primarily use the Terrarium TV APK for TV shows and Movies works very good and you can use a Debrid account with it. There is a new add-on called Cerebro which is a fork of Covenant and it looks promising and another one called Placenta ( god awful name) it works pretty well. As it stands now I use Terrarium about 75% of the time...For live hockey I use a paid service cost 20 bucks for the year including playoffs and I have access to every game!
  11. What they should do is take the board of directors from all those corporations that were involved and send them on little vacation to the crow bar hotel!!!
  12. outside of the money they get off Scott free....small retailers and consumer groups should band together and launch class action law suits.....I hate billionaires!!!
  13. perhaps just sceptical of a Liberal government doing something that makes sense....
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