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  1. Going to be there in about 45 days and have my cottage life just the same as always. Not buying into the hysteria.
  2. Everything has to be taken in context. I understand different viewpoints, but I have a problem when rights and freedoms are taken away by things not being taken in context. What are the chances of Joe Schmoe dying in Ontario from Covid? BTW, I simply said I have nothing against you.
  3. I am just going to leave that there, k. If you divide deaths by the population, you get my number. I will be sure and send you a pic of when I am at the cottage in June after I have been told here that it can't happen. I have nothing against you and if you want to hang your hat on a decimal point, enjoy.
  4. Again, you can take numbers and prove anything. Ontario has about a population of 14.5 Million with 996 deaths. Florida has a population of 20.2 million with 1218 deaths with the oldest population in the US. Who is winning?
  5. Who knows how many are actually infected. This entire deal is a manipulated numbers game to support agendas regardless of which side of the fence you are on. Me, I am going to live my life taking into account China flu, but in no way is it going to put a halt to my normal life. I understand folks like to take potshots at the US, it has always been that way. You can only apply infection and fatality rates to the entire population to get a true picture. If you take European countries, lump them together to get to a population number equal to the US, their fatality rate is double.
  6. That is fine, it is still a minuscule number. I concede that I was wrong on the decimal point. Yay for y'all.
  7. I am aware of that and it really isn't a problem to do so even though it would be impossible to enforce. The gentleman that I talked with was super nice and informative. He said for TW to have her birth certificate as well as something to prove Canadian property ownership and if the restrictions are still in place at that time having a covid test and have the results with us. WE know it will be a hassle to cross so if it adds a day to the trip, so be it. We will have to stop for gas after crossing but that can be done from the pump and I will have to pee at least once but for anyone that fishes, that isn't a problem. After we cross in Detroit it is about 7 hours to the cottage if we take the 407.
  8. It will happen. I am not the type to not be prepared. I have directly contacted CBSA and there is a procedure for it. The wife is still a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport with immediate relatives living in Canada. A foreign national who is an immediate family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident is exempt from the travel restrictions and permitted to travel to Canada if they have the required travel documents.
  9. I have done that and used words that I invented on the spot because there were no suitable known words for the event.
  10. I am sure there will be some indignation when we show up the second week of June with Alabama plates. 😐
  11. Our corporate tax rates are high, personal tax rates aren't too bad if you understand the tax code and have a good CPA. The thing with Canadian taxes that blows me away are the death taxes. Since you like the big CC's, this is a video from down here on the Bama coast. 39 Ft NorTech @ 94.1 mph. Guy that owns Grander Marine made his fortune with Waffle Houses.
  12. I have never paid much attention to the tax statement. we just have it set up for automated quarterly payments out of the Canadian account at Scotia. I think it is way too high but then I do the eagles to maple leafs discount and I feel a little better. The main reason that I think it is high is that for the tax we have hardly any service. About the only thing is supposedly fire and police, but we are so far out the cottage would be ashes before they got here. we have no water, sewage ...no anything. I am with you, I think the $750 ticket is a rumor that got fed on the internet.
  13. To my knowledge we don't have the seasonal residential deal in Napanee, or at least nothing is designated on the property tax bill. Now this is just my opinion, but before I believe the $750 ticket, I am going to have to see a copy of it. As far as the smoking, is the food starting to taste better and food smell better cooking? when I quit, it took a few months before all of my senses sort of got back to normal.
  14. Could you not social distance just as good there?
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