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  1. I totally agree with you, but unfortunately there will always be those that defy the rules and nothing is going to change that. I am not defending it, just being realistic about the human race.
  2. I merely stated my thoughts, but to your point about common sense, that is human nature it is sort of like religion and morality. You can't legislate morality nor can you legislate covid rules and enforce them. You can try to do both but your mileage will vary. Like I said on our trips we followed all protocol and will do the same when we return in May. Can't do anymore than that.
  3. Great example of a common sense approach to living with the Covid situation. There seems to be three different approaches to dealing with Covid. 1. Incorporating good common sense as above. 2. Over reaction and fear. If a person wants to live this way and go into total lockdown that is certainly their right but preaching doom to others accomplishes nothing. 3. Ignoring the problem. I have to try hard to stay out of this category myself. This crowd would be the spreaders. On our Canada trips this year, we have followed protocol and done what was asked. We were never a risk to anyone other than sheer luck of the draw. After that ramble my thought process is that if you use common sense and common courtesy you can still have a life. COVID speckled trout Bama gulf style
  4. As far as our cottage, if you come down the bay to the old Deseronto Marina, we are directly across the bay from there. Back in the day, we used to go across the bay to (what is now) the No Frills by boat. They used to keep a cart coral at the marina. Now we have to go all the way down River Rd into Napanee and then out to damned near the 401 to buy a loaf of bread.
  5. Normalcy would be a very reduced quarantine time, especially with the new rapid tests. The cottage is on the east end of the Bay of Quinte.
  6. Well, a little more to me crossing that I didn't include. TW (the wife) has primary progressive MS and is in a power chair. I am classified as her "caregiver". In real life I sold my business and retired in 2017 but only in November did I finally convince her to retire at the end of this school year. Our plans are now to use the cottage from May through October and will be doing major renovations to the it. I have been going to Napanee since 1985 and we have a wide circle of Maple Leaf friends. I know things will not be back to normal by this summer but hopefully moving in the right direction, but we both took our first rounds of the Pfizer vaccine last Tuesday. Your wager is accepted.
  7. I have been married to a Belleville girl for 35 years and we own a cottage in Napanee. The first trip over the summer was to visit with my 90 yr old father in law. Unfortunately, the second visit was due to the father in law being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and subsequently passing away in early October. The wife is also the executor of the estate and that is getting sticky. Crossing the border is not an issue due to the wife still being a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport. We will be returning in mid may or early June. Hopefully by then things will be back to some form of normalcy. We still have to go through probate and sell two homes the father in law owned.
  8. Well according to them the weather is nice not to mention the rum and bourbon are cheap. 😎
  9. We have friends from Belleville that are at their snowbird nest in Clearwater, Florida now and have been since 12/28. The border crossings are not a real issue if you have your ducks in a row. The wife and I crossed into Canada twice in 2020 and stayed a total of 5 weeks. We simply quarantined both times. It honestly wasn't a big deal. For food and supplies we used instacart a few times.
  10. Those are Florida spiny lobster tails I got them from a friend that was down in South Florida for the holidays..
  11. Did these up last Monday for the Bama - Ohio state game.
  12. A friend in Deseronto buys from here: https://www.marineoutfitters.ca/index.cfm?category=10002|10090|10293&product=56850725&code=EW 6-1 Black
  13. I was here for 6 weeks over the summer at the cottage, we have now been back since September 4th due to my FIL being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunatly he passed away on October 3rd. We are still here as I am executor of his will and it is a bit complicated. Our goal is to be back to the warmth by our Thanksgiving. As always the hospitality has been wonderful and in our total of 12 weeks here I have only run across 2 Canadians that got freaked out over US license plates and I just blew them off. We are at the Belleville house now and we are not seeing any undue panic here.
  14. Going to be there in about 45 days and have my cottage life just the same as always. Not buying into the hysteria.
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