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  1. I grew up in Panama City Florida. The Godfather came out my senior year in high school and at that time there was a senior movie that was always after the prom and mine was The Godfather. Godfather2 is actually better to me, but still hard to beat the original. One of my security questions with Scotia is "What is your favorite movie" Godfather is my answer.
  2. I thought I would check in with you fine folks. Over the Easter holidays we were over with Ka-jin friends in Venice, Looeezianna. Fine folks that know how to cook. Channel cats, speckled trout, shrimp and hushpuppies.
  3. That was the second batch. The first was all fish.
  4. Pan fried Gag Grouper and Yukon gold taters done in my grandmothers 12 inch cast iron skillet. I am not sure how old the skillet is, but she died in 1961 at the age of 80.
  5. Just use zinc chromate primer on any bare aluminum followed with a decent marine topside paint. For price Rustoleum Topside works pretty good. I did this $250.00 jon boat for my nephews to putz around in with Rustoleum and I used truck bed liner for the interior.
  6. We have done all that we can do and have made a very deliberate decision to get on with our lives. While here in your wonderful country we abide by the mask rules but we do go into town on a daily basis, visit with friends and eat in resturants 2-3 times per week. When we return to the states next month we will get the booster jab and if we end up staying longer we may cross back over to Watertown and get the booster. With one exception all of our friends here are doing pretty much the same as us. The one exception is a friends wife and she is absolutely paranoid with fear and it is driving her hubby crazy. Her fear is not at all rational and it totally consumes her life. I am honestly more concerned with some of my prior poor lifestyle choices (30 year smoker) than I am Rona.
  7. It is in my wifes name and she is a Canadian citizen with a Canadian passport. When we bought it from her Dad back in 2011 we were advised to keep my name off it. When her Dad passed away last year she was sole benificiary of insurance and retirement accounts. Over a period of several months that has been electronically transfered to various US accounts. Enough tax has already been paid through his final returns and probate fees. Plan your work and work your plan.
  8. Ours is just a 2B 1.5Bath 1100 sq ft on Hay Bay. Realtors are telling us about 600K. I figure the lot is worth more than the cottage itself. Honestly if I wasn't 67 we probably wouldn't sell now. Even with the exchange rate it is a good chunk of change that I can reinvest.
  9. I was in automotive for 42 years with 21 years as an owner and sold to a national chain in 2017. I miss my long term guys and a lot of my customers, but I do not miss the day to day grind, especially finding competent techs. I totally understand your feelings, mine was like I was selling my baby. We are up here at the cottage now and after a lot of thought we are going to sell the cottage. I am not getting any younger and owning a cottage 1300 miles away just ain't what it used to be. Of course Covid entered into the decision with the lockdowns, but with Toronto big money chasing cottages we have decided to take advantage of the situation.
  10. We were planning on a major reno at the cottage this year but put that on hold due to material costs. We are now thinking of selling due to the high market demand. We have now had four calls from RE agents stating they had individual cash buyers looking for waterfront cottages in the Bay of Quinte region. They are throwing some very tempting numbers around.
  11. Went on a short offshore trip yesterday with two buddies and we limited on red Snapper in 90 min. Two a piece and a total weight of 71 lbs. So a little snapper on the half shell tonight.
  12. It is a truly wonderful feeling. We have delayed going to the cottage this year because we are so over the quarantine Bull. Hopefully after the 22nd Trudy will recognize vaccinations. If not we will come anyway and ignore it.
  13. Since we live mainly on the salt, I have a fair amount of salt specific gear but also still have a good bit of regular stuff. Hell I still have an Ambassadeur 5000c and two Mitchell 300's from the 70's. What us rednecks do down here do is put a bit of Salt-Away in a 5 Gal bucket filled with water and give em an hour or so soak. Other than that just keep them lubed up and serviced.
  14. My only issue after the second Pfizer was that I wanted to crawl in bed and sleep. The next day I was fine. I was a little tender around the injection site but only if I bumped into something. It seems to effect everyone differently.
  15. We went over to NOLA on Wednesday and planned to stay until Monday and soak up some street music in the Quarter and Garden District but it is that time of year and we have a little rain event named Claudette coming in. We came home this afternoon to watch our place and everything we wanted to do in NOLA is rained out. This is an example of what we were enjoying.
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