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  1. Amazing report!! I'm super envious
  2. 2 years ago I found a dead female salmon full of eggs, washed up on the shore after a big storm. Sure it didn't smell or look great, but I harvested those juicy stinky eggs. And it was enough for my dad and I to float fish for the next 2 years, almost. No fish harmed, those eggs worked well, everyone's happy.
  3. lures i won't leave home without - big shiny spoons, simple but it works. i like where this thread is going, though..
  4. people driving on ice. my dad went a week ago or so, got like 20 nice perch, bite was on in the afternoon, i went with him a few days later we got 3 between the 2 of us
  5. always 3 last casts before leaving, makes a difference sometimes
  6. no boat so i can't wait for the ice. walk for 45 minutes in a field of snow, drill a hole in the floor and catch a fish
  7. i don't see a difference between bottom bouncing and using a float
  8. i work as a buggy boy at walmart. believe you me its not just immigrants who throw their garbage out in the parking lot or use the shopping carts as garbage cans. these disgusting dirty savages even leave their babies' diapers for me to pick up, not to mention food and coffee cups and just plain bags of garbage. people are probably the most disgusting animal on this planet
  9. some fish tastes amazing no matter how you cook it
  10. not when the fish remains in the water
  11. little rain won't stop me, going for pike tomorrow. good luck everyone
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