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  1. I have a 25 hp ,bought it new in 94($1800.00) only problem I've had were carb rebuilds and a coil replacement. Still idles all day long.
  2. My1994 Merc 25 hp trolls down to 1mph, it's on a 16.5 ft. jon boat.
  3. I think if you lock the small motor to go strait ahead you can steer with the bigger one.
  4. I just watched a program about deer like these. They said they're genetically inferior and should be culled from the hurd.
  5. The asst living facility my Dad is at just called 4 employees and 9 residents have it. Not him though, he'll be 100 Dec. 20th.
  6. My older brother has just been put on hospice with covid. Back in 1970 he was shot by a sniper in Vietnam, he lost half a lung an eye and he was paralysed from the chest down. He always handled it very well and did as much as he could up untill the last couple of years.
  7. MJIG_ This letter pretty much tells our family summer vacations.Starting in the 50s.
  8. Is there any financial aid for them?
  9. I was just curious how things have been with out the influx of American vacationers this summer.
  10. They fight like crazy for 2 seconds.
  11. My wife works at a nursing facility as a housekeeping supervisor, New hires start in at minimum wage. $8.75 hr. Can't get anyone, because it's not a livable wage.
  12. You might put them in a covered box under the boat or near it so she can find them.
  13. California is getting shut down.
  14. Here in southern Ohio people are flippin out . Emptying the store shelves.
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