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  1. It's shallow mostly and alot of weeds. We fish all over the lake,normally in June.
  2. We usually stay at Hyatts Glennhaven on the shallow end of the lake. We have never been up there this time of the year. Do you jig a lead head with a twister tail?
  3. Walleye and Bass will be what we are fishing for.
  4. looks like we will be up there September 7th or 8th for a week. I was wondering what lures may be best to try. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I put mine on myself. I had to take the axle to a machine shop first to move the spring mounts out on it. That was another $50.00.
  6. I just replaced the axle on my old boat trailer. Axle,bearings and hub plus a Ubolt kit was $127.00 US. The axle is rated for 2000 lbs . I have a aluminum Jon Boat.
  7. Was talking to a friend that said he fished there back in the 80s. Just wondering how the fishing was now a days. If anyone is familiar with it. Thanks
  8. tomO


    The world is in a sad state of affairs set to burst. When I don't know but I fear for my kid's and grand kid's.
  9. tomO


    Are illegal drugs a major problem in Canada as they are in the states ? I'm from a small town 14000 and it got bad around here a few years ago. Meth and such.
  10. Here in southern Ohio they are called Tobogans. That is toque or beanie, not the fish.
  11. 22 years for me 24 for the wife. Company shuts down ( bankrupt) every thing gone including pension. That was 14 years ago,gotta keep on truckin.
  12. tomO


    Anyone ever talk to Gerrit? I was just curious how his trip to Big Gull Lake went.
  13. A fellow that always fished with our gang swore one evening he was out by him self off chimney island one evening and hooked a musky as long as the old metal boats they used to rent at bayview cabins. He never landed it but swore it was true. That was in the 60s Hey Gerrit ask them at Hyyatts about the guy that lost his pole in the narrows in 30 ft. Of water in 1993 and snagged it jigging in 2000.That was me.😃
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