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  1. I'd try Taro Murata with fish city . He's likely booked but worth a shot. If anything he'll keep the kids entertained lol
  2. Hi still have that Curado K?


  3. ?thanks man ! It's a beauty . Just Trying to fund a new terrova ?
  4. New in box 201 curado k 8.5:1 Lefty Never spooled List for $249.99 plus tax $225 shipped
  5. http://nauticusinc.com/protroller-trolling-plates/
  6. Mine were replaced for free and were 8 years old . No questions, walked in and asked walked outside and unscrewed them and exchanged for new ones
  7. I use mine a lot. I also use it to cold smoke just started recently. You use a pellet tube and never turn the actual smoker on just use the cabinet . I use just salt and brown sugar on salmon let it soak over night . Then take it out and rinse . Set on the trays and let it sit in the fridge on the tray over night . Then in the smoker . Lights pellets until I get good smoke and let it go for like 8 hours . Need to keep it around 70-80 degrees . If your on Facebook there is a masterbuilt group with a million recipes they smoke everything lol very good info on there .
  8. Also from bloodrun tackle https://bloodruntackle.com/stainless-planer-board-pin/
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