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  1. Howdy folks, hope all is well. I have a bit of an issue with my 2004 merc 90 HP 2 stroke outboard. I was out tubing with the grandkids and the motor up and quit. It slowly lost power so I immediately shut her down. It wouldn't shift back into neutral so I could attempt to restart the motor. So I used the electric motor to get it back. When I got back I pulled the flywheel cover and the motor turned freely. The next day I went out and it shifted to neutral and started on the water muffs. It shifts into forward and reverse and seems to run fine! I'm not taking ot back out until I figure out what happened. We just changed the lower end unit oil and inspected the prop for debris..It was all good. Edited to add that the shifter is still very tight shifting into forward and reverse. Where it used to be nice and lose
  2. This is exactly why Iwant to pull this off. I have a 1990 Smoker craft Fazer with a 89 Johnson 70 hp to get of now. She needs a new floor but everything else runs great and is a turn-key boat..
  3. I did speak to a friend of mine that works at Canada customs. He too had suggested I deliver the boat to my friend where he could legally export it to me sounds like a major headache..
  4. Interesting. If you have a bill of sale then how is the registration unknown though? Also wouldn't the current Hull ID number identify the current owner?
  5. Well what fantastic information, thanks. As always this site doesn't disappoint! Looks like I may have to get myself a passport. As for the boat itself. It was winterized, lower unit oil changed out and all 3 batteries left on a tender. Ot was stored inside with the cover on it. It did have half a tank of gas in her, but I have already pumped out 40 litres and added 60 litres of fresh premium marine fuel. Gen 7 gas station in Roseneath has actual marine grade gas..Who knew! I'll be launching the boat this weekend and will use it all summer as a "borrowed" boat and will haul it to the border in the fall to have it properly imported. It's a Crestliner fish hawk 1750 those seats are terrible for foam separating. So I will have to repair or replace those seats Anyway thanks again for your reply..cheers!
  6. So in an attempt to try to keep the long story as short as possible, while providing as much detail as possible. My good friends reside in Ohio. They left their 2006 Crestliner boat here in 2019 in storage. The boat was never meant to be left in Canada, then covid hit. Here we are 3 years later they are not vaccinated and don't plan to be. They have offered to sell me the boat for the cost of the storage fees. It's a 2006 Crestliner with a 90 merc. The deal is far too good to refuse. 2500 bucks for a boat that's costing them money on a monthly basis. Has anyone ever run into this with boats from the USA? What's the procedure here? Help!
  7. We were out all day yesterday managed to toss a couple slot sized eyes in the live well. Caught a bunch of cigar sized ones too. I think it was just the weather change that slowed down the bite..The only fish we didn't catch yesterday was a musky, trust me we tried. Lots of pike.
  8. Sorry what do you mean by that? "Clock is ticking"?
  9. I just hope this wind doesn't change things up now..
  10. We have been up all week. Just below you on crow bay. Bass has been hot but walleye despicable sadly we're walleye fishing. Sounds like we need to swap spots lol
  11. Were looking at buying a home online too..Im a self employed home renovatior so ill work with family down there and a good realitor.. combined with a home inspector qere not worried in the slightest .. Were looking for a fixer upper with land and a cottage, also a fixer upper.. Nothing beats sweat equity when you can do the work..All i need is a good foundation good well and septic and im not worried about much more then that..Sure is exciting!!
  12. Well im a self employed contractor and the wife works in a pharmacy. So were thinking a 30 min radius of the Truro area...We REALLY like the five islands area for a possible cottage location..
  13. Same here.. this is why we're doing this...Travel restrictions should be fun trying to buy a house down there...
  14. So as the title states were considering leaving the provence for a slower life..Were strongly considering Nova Scotia. With covid and city living life has become somewhat of an eyeopener..The family is getting older and its just my wife my daughter (19) and myself. We want to own a hobby farm and some land to hunt on..Now I have a couple of questions... 1. Has anyone here made the move one way or another? If so how did you handle logistics? 2. Can anyone here recomend a great fishing site just like this one? In the provence of Nova Scotia....I really should have numbered this question #1 Thanks for any help insight or input! As always it's super appreciated! Cheers folks!!
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