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  1. Awesome..Still too early yet..I went drank beer didnt bother fishing...lol
  2. Im going to be heading to camp for the weekend to see how things over wintered..Thinking I may try shore fishing for Pike? Is anyone local getting any at all? were located just north of Campbellford close to Hwy 7 ... Im not sure if im early or not.. lol.. Also where is a good place to get large minnows out there?
  3. wow Mitchie the kid with another... 15 points in 6 games !!
  4. Big game tonight! Go Leafs Go.. Blow sens and Habs blow.. let their rebuilds begin~!!! If habs were smart they would tell Price to stay away till September..Its time to tank!!!
  5. Come on man.. Who in their right mind thinks this guy is the best player in the word..LMAO seriously??? Do they even watch the other players in the League?
  6. Great game so far tonight..Anderson has been amazing.. Leo's visor penalty.. I also think Fehr is a beast on the PK.. very impressed so far....
  7. Hey is anyone doing the OFC Hockey Pool again this year
  8. Oh Matt.. When will you learn buddie.. Go Leafs go!
  9. Wasnt the world supposed to end yesterday or something like that? Figured it was pointless to go today...lol
  10. I was on the Trent river last week on holidays.. Water temps were 76 the first day.. dropped to 69 by the time I left.. Walleye were hitting tube jugs while bass fishing, and just about anything I could throw at them
  11. I often wonder the same thing....Perhaps have a premium membership for a yearly fee to have this feature for anyone interested.. That would help cover any costs..Im worried the good reports wont posted here anymore because of this PB nightmare..
  12. that was my first thought too.. but that doesnt explain the pump in the water..It looks like a long nozzle from an antique water monitor they used to use for mining on one end and a T shaped handle on the other..
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