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  1. So I was out to my local dealer. Had a look at the new smoker crafts. Man are they ever nice . I hear what a few of you have said about buying used. It seems as though the banks only want to finance a new boat. I still want to go check out the crestliner and alumna crafts. Who sells them in the hamilton brantford area?
  2. I did this already. Sad part in the plywood is going AGAIN only after 3 years.. used marine grade plywood. Cut to fit then primed. Then coated with resin. Then installed marine grade vinyl over top . The transom is starting to get soft and it looks like the flotation foam is in need of replacment. Id rather sell it to a handy person then go thru all that work again. Just heartbreaking to have a floor failure that fast..
  3. Im sure there is a reason.. care to share? Id love to know why. Are they not made in Canada?
  4. Its time for our family to consider a new boat. Right now we have an older 1988 18 foot smoker craft with a70 HP Johnson . Were looking at replacing it with something new and comparable in size...2020 preferable.. Im totally out of the loop with new boats..So I figured I ask the Fisher people on here..(shout out to the ladies) What do you all recommend for best bang for the buck? I looked at the Legend 18XTR and really liked that..HELP!!!! this is a big money purchase, and we want this to be just right for our family. We have 2 young grand children that will enjoy tubing in the future as well as our 18 year old daughter. It will mostly be used for walleye fishing on the Grand and Trent rivers. With the odd visit to different lakes. What advise do you fine folks in regard to this.. Thanks in advace
  5. I thought the same Terry lol.. trust me if it were possible I would figured out a way lol
  6. What an amazing offer. I have sent you a pm. Thanks Cliff...cheers my friend
  7. I think it snapped from wear n tear..Its a 1988 motor and likely orignal cables. I managed to find a cable at my local dealer here in Haggersville for 65 bucks.. Ill go grab it this week
  8. Yeah I just learned that today now that im 3.5 hrs from my boat...lol . Sure would have made things much easier
  9. Thanks folks. I think i have it figured out. It sucks having the boat 3 hours from my driveway
  10. Would love a part # so i can order it on Amazon maybe...Having one heck of a time finding that info out..
  11. We catch them from time to time bottom bouncing the Trent River north of Campbellford
  12. Cliff im sorry to hear this news..I had been away for quite some time..Thanks for the reminder to love them while we still can..
  13. I always ran my 70hp Johnson dry. Its a 1982 motor and still running well..After reading this post I wont anymore lol
  14. Ok so I was out all day yesterday on the water. Pull to the dock to drop off the kid and dog. I started the motor and drove off..Get to the boat launch to run it up on the trailer and she wont slow down! Push it into neutral and damn near blow the engine. Quickly shut it off and open engine cover. Throttle wont return to idle on its own..It will go, just not return.Broken throttle cable in the plastic housing at the motor .Needless to say that was fun getting it on the trailer. Anyhow normally id just drop it off to get it fixed..With Walleye closing soon on the Trent River I cant afford the down time. Can anyone help me figure out what throttle cable I need? I measured 12 feet. The motor is a Johnson 70 HP serial and model #s are as follows Ser# is C 8226263 mod# is cj70tlcca Are these cables fairly generic? Or are they very specific? Any help would be absolutely wonderful!
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