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  1. Hopefully the Covid scare is over soon and we can get back to fishing (and beverages) fun.
  2. Made the first trip over to camp a couple days ago. Going across Fish Bay was ok as a few folks I know have been crossing it recently but no one had been any further. Wanting to spend a few days out here to light a fire, relax and watch the world Juniors I loaded up the old bike and an ice chisel to check things out. As I entered the opening to Hunters Bay I stopped and walked a few yards and chiseled out a hole. A little over 4”, still good to go. A few yards more and it went to 3 1/2”. Uggh. At 3” I just about turned around but treaded carefully a few feet more and got back to 4”. This went on for another 500 yards and then progressed to over 6”. it took a couple hours to go a mile but I made it safely to achieve the goal. It’s very important to check ice thickness every few feet as it can vary greatly due to snow cover and underwater currents, especially around islands and shoals.
  3. I'm not against new tech at all, actually all for it if it works. I'm just a little skeptical of this one. Been a mechanic all my life and it just doesn't sound right for an electric motor. Sounds more like a 4 stroke engine to me. I checked the website and did a little poking around and didn't see a completed unit. When you watch the video it shows nothing for the controls or under the hood.
  4. Just in case some of you were wondering about ice conditions here is a shot from my webcam on Hunters Bay on Nipissing. Yesterday there were some open spots but it appears frozen today. It’s a little bit later than normal but if it stays cold enough over the next three weeks the season opener should be good to go.
  5. I'd like to see under that engine cover. Did anyone else think it was a little bit noisy for an electric motor?
  6. I was honestly sad to see the demise of the Evinrudes. I grew up with OMC products of all kinds; Lawn Boys, Pioneer chain saws, Johnson/Evinrude outboards/snow machines and several other things they made. I fondly remember trips to the plant in Peterborough picking up loads of stuff for dad. They had some incredibly talented engineers and quality people putting product through the assembly line. My 2000 175 Ficht has been a great engine and continues to run after 19 seasons as well as it did when I first hooked it up. Would I get another? Yes, I probably would.
  7. I have been more than pleased with my Evinrude. It's a 2001 175 Ficht under Bombardiers name. Very little maintenance, good on fuel and very reliable. I'd buy another when the time comes.
  8. At age 65 a person no longer requires a fishing licence. Is it determined after that age a sport or conservation?
  9. I can only say that I can imagine the fishing is great here. We are not allowed to go fishing on off hours unfortunately. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to wet a line. The Attawapiskat River flows by the mine 90 km from the James Bay coast and is a beautiful sight to see. I’ll take any opportunity I can to take the four kilometre drive from the main camp just to have a look at it. Most of the area up there is a marsh and the only place trees get larger is around the river banks as it allows proper drainage for growth. I don’t think the area is ever fished much as to access it is difficult. But it was a fisherman who recognized a piece of kimberlite along the riverbank which led to the discovery of diamonds in the area. I don’t think he has to worry about how much fishing gear costs anymore. I have asked many of the locals what kind of fish are in the river, many just shrug their shoulders. But from a few of the older ones they say walleye and pike are prevalent, I’m not sure about other species. Moosebunk probably has better information on it.
  10. Ha! If you look under the coveralls, its all black. Any other colour ends up in the rag bag after one wearing.
  11. Ha! Sure thing, pick it up at the end of the ice road in Cochrane next winter.
  12. Hello all. I guess it’s been a while since I last checked in here. Never had an issue with anyone or anything here, just slowly drifted away. I have been working as a mobile mechanic on a two week on two week off rotation at DeBeers Victor mine for the last 4 1/2 years. Best job I ever had. Not easy work but the payoff is enjoying two weeks at home. The pit at the mine is now closed and the stockpile is nearly depleted. Reclamation has already began. They asked me to stay on for the next year or two, maybe more, so I should be able to retire when I’m finished there. Im the fat guy on the right of the picture. ?
  13. Hello Brian. Just got home yesterday. I have a small 2HP Evinrude, but I think I will hang on to it as they are getting harder to find a good one. I'll check over at the shop to see if they have anything around.
  14. I have seen the results of not fogging an engine. Keep in mind that 2 strokes are lubricated through the intake port, through the lower crankcase, either by oil injection or oil mixed with the fuel. This oil may not stay in place throughout the storage time and any moisture that is inside the crankcase may allow rust to develop on needle bearings, crankshaft surfaces and cylinder walls. Fogging oil is designed to stick to these surfaces and protect them. Yes, you may not notice the rust pits over a season or two, but eventually they can cause serious deterioration. Shooting oil into cylinders can help rust formation above the top of the piston, but it does nothing to the moving parts below. 4 strokes are different as the lubrication is pumped from an oil pump sump to critical moving parts below the piston and not so apt to corrosion. But some protection above the piston and cylinder walls is still a good storage plan. I can't afford to take a chance on not doing it, engines are far to expensive for me to replace. My 2000 Evinrude Etec has been flawless since new.
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