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  1. Sounds like I have no other choice but to try this. I'll get'r done, thanks!
  2. Howdy, I've got an inflatable boat from Achilles that sprung a leak last year. I did a DIY repair that got me through the season, but it's leaking again. i'll probably just try another DIY repair after calling the place in Oakville, they wanted $100+ an hour + materials. Wouldn't give me a fixed price(on a patch?). Anybody know a place or person that might be a reasonable cost? I'm in Niagara, so hopefully some place nearby..
  3. Thanks for the tip! Cant wait to get out there...
  4. Thanks for the tip Dave. Hoping that I can get the kids into a few bass, they would love it. If no bass we may go on the hunt for squaretails. Does anyone know Are you allowed a motor in the river/lake?
  5. Howdy! I was lucky enough to find a last minute trip to Bonnechere PP. Been dying to get out and fish! I've never been here, does anyone have experience fishing there? It looks like there is a river that runs through the park that dumps into round lake. I have a zodiac with a 9.9 Are motors allowed on the river, or do I need to launch somewhere else?
  6. Thanks. Do you mean Frontenac Provincial Park, or the area in general?
  7. Howdy! It just worked out that I have some time off mid - late august. I know it's last minute but I'm hoping to get out for 4 - 5 days with the family for some relaxation and maybe to do a little fishing. Being that it's so late, most of the (well known) provincial parks are full. Hoping to find somewhere quiet to bring the trailer(within 3-4 hours of Toronto, maybe a bit more if it's worth it) do a little fishing with the kids. Any suggestions? I have a small zodiac, being able to fish from that would be a bonus.
  8. Wow, is that a tarp tent? Looks great! And great catch!
  9. Mine is for sale :) Info is on Kijiji. Here p for sale is my outcast prowler float tube. This is the top of the line float tube -- It is in very good condition and has only been used about 10 times. Very comfortable and stable. Has room to bring a small cooler, great for all day fishing. I don't have much time to use it anymore, so i've decided to sell. This tube retails for $590 in the U.S. The cost is $425 firm, pickup in NF. No lowballers, thanks. info from the manufacturer. The Prowler Float Tube from Outcast gets you in position to pull trophy fish from waters most anglers are unable to reach either by boat, wading or bank fishing. Made for the fully grown fisherman, Outcast's Prowler Float Tube is constructed with heavy-duty 600-denier PVC, which allows for a 325-lb. load capacity, and the three Summit 2 valves ensure quick, easy inflation. Designed for all-day fishing adventures, the Prowler Float Tube is equipped with a 54-ounce hydration bladder and a full-length inflatable floor, for a drier day for you and your equipment. This stable U-shaped Prowler Float Tube is incredibly easy to get in and out of, and the innovative stripping apron has adjustable height for a customized fit and a clearer view of what's going on below. Imported. Heavy-duty 600-denier PVC 325-lb. load capacity Full-length inflatable floor for a drier trip Stripping apron has adjustable height for a customized fit Very stable; easy in/out Three Summit 2 valves Air cell type: 14 mil. urethane Inflated size: 50'' x 64'' x 14'' will give a discount to an OFC'er
  10. Howdy all. I've fished this lake hardwater before, but never softwater. I'm going to be staying at the south end of the lake, and have access to a small boat/motor(too small to go all around the lake but can fish a few small bays maybe). Is there anywhere near there I could get a few pan fish to keep the kids happy? Either from the boat or shore.
  11. There are actually several 26 foot with 12 foot (give or take) garages. I just dont know much about them. and yes I know how many campgrounds are, but was hoping there was someplace I can take it..or else will just get another travel trailer.
  12. Nobody was surprised more than me. They told me they have to wait 2 - 4 weeks for the police investigation. If they did not locate the trailer, then they need to replace with a 2018 with similar specs. I guess we'll see. If they are going to replace the trailer, i'll do without the trip.
  13. Got a call the other night, the bro-in-law asked if I had taken my trailer home that I had parked on his property. I could only imagine what he was getting at...yep, it was GONE. They cut the chain and off with it in the middle of the night... So if someone offers you a great deal on 2012 KZ Sportsmen... Anyway, I called the insurance and I had no idea but apparently they need to replace it with a 2018 with similar specs. We have an option of upgrading, though we need to wait 2-4 weeks for the police to finish their "investigation", so our July trip is off I have an ATV I like to bring, so I was thinking about a toy hauler. My problem is, I don't know of anywhere to camp and ATV. (i usually camp in central Ontario)I figured this might be a good place to ask. Any suggestions? We loved our KZ, but no matter where we brought it, it seemed to attract mice! That sucks. Not sure if any types/models are better in this regard. I know nothing about toy haulers. Oh, and I haul with a half-ton, so Id like to keep it between 24 - 26 ft. Here is a picture of our trailer. Some great family memories, the kids were devastated to hear it was gone.. RIP trusty sportsmen
  14. Although possible, I don't see how it could be private, as : 1. There were several homesteads on the road 2. The road is a through road that connects 2 rural highways 3. There were no signs indicating such I think ironworker said it right "You would think they were the ones that fought their way North to the safety of Upper Canada in 1776 and in 1812." These people aren't hurting for money, Large house, fancy vehicle, etc -- I just think they don't like "our kind" around.
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