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  1. Actually some of these tributaries become trout streams not too far away from the Otonabee, and since trout season opens nearly a month before the sanctuary ends closing the entire watershed would make as much sense as closing an entire lake because the season for one species is closed. I think that in this case there are factors such as lack of access and very marshy conditions near the main river that have kept this from becoming a problem.
  2. In FMZ 17 the Otonabee River is a sanctuary from Lock 19 in Peterborough to Bensfort Bridge until the 3rd Saturday in May. There are several tributaries along that stretch of river that are open to angling all year for panfish and coarse fish, as well as game fish when their respective seasons open. Having said that, I have no idea how close to the main river you could get before the law deems you too close, especially at this time of year when the mouths are flooded.
  3. I like Lou Malnati's for deep dish, they have several locations in the Chicago area. Try their butter crust. They also do a great dessert-chocolate chip cookie in a pizza pan served warm with ice cream. Portillo's is a good place for a Chicago style hot dog, if you're so inclined
  4. Yup, Lock 19 is immediatly south of Lansdowne Street in Peterborough. The sanctuary continues down to the Bensfort Bridge. Everything north of Lock 19 is open for panfish and coarse fish, right up to the Youngs Point bridge at the north end of Katchewanooka.
  5. [/img] This one is from last week.
  6. So, if I take my boat out on Lake Ontario (Zone 20) I can catch and possess 5 steelhead, but once I set foot on land in Port Hope harbour (Zone 17) I can only possess 2 of those fish? Doesn't quite make sense to me.
  7. Check the Zone 17 (Kawarthas) Exceptions. Most, but not all, fast water areas below dams are sanctuaries until the third Saturday in May.
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