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  1. That's awesome, thanks
  2. Good idea.... might consider an account there. Lots of good info
  3. The only thing ranger offers for my boat is an 18" extension for the back for 1300. I can remember seeing a video of a musky fisherman with a back casting deck and underneath was storage boxes for bait. It was a really cool setup. Was just looking to see if anyones seen anything similar and who might do these setups. It was not a home project it was someone that specialized in those customizations.
  4. The water is a bit low this year...... beauty deck!!
  5. Anyone on the site know if there's anyone in SW ontario that does good work in this area? I've seen boats with rear decks that have bait boxes and storage built in. After looking around online I can't find who does this. I am looking for a rear casting deck for a ranger 621. Ranger does make one but its just an 18" fiberglass extension and it costs 1300$. Seems steep because I think it's really only 500$ US but after duty, exchange and getting it delivered to a dealership it gets marked up considerably. They won't deliver to your house, it needs to be ordered by a dealership. Thanks for any info.
  6. I wish I had it in me to do that to some of my friends/family that have given me a hard time over the years. I definitely wanted to some days
  7. Nice to revisit this past discussion. I would not suggest you try a peated Islay. Most have to work up to them. If you start off with an Islay you might forever wonder WTH you just drank. Singingdog's suggestion is great. I would look at some consistent speysides like glenfiddich 12 or glenlivet 12. I'm not sure if youre new to scotch so you might have already tried those. I'd stick with some speyside or highland for someone new. If you can find highland park 10 or 12 that might be a good gateway scotch into some more peated malts. I only mentioned those because they arew widely available, mostly everything else I'd suggest is going to cost more money. If you like any of those then you can find out if it's worth trying something worth a bit more $. Edit** Cardhu 12 is also a great choice although I'm seeing it's gone up in price significantly since the last time I've purchased it
  8. Kind of a vague question but one I'm sure has many different answers. I enjoyed fishing as a young child but never spent a lot of time doing it. When I did though it made me pretty happy and I didn't have to be catching anything to feel that way. I watched fishing shows and read fishing magazines as I got older, I learnt a bit from my dad and also friends, especially a neighbour who was a great fisherman. I grew up and in my teenage years my dad bought an aluminum boat and we would do some walleye and bass fishing mostly. That was short lived, sometimes teens have other priorities than fishing and soon after that the boat was sold. I can remember in my early 20s I would kind of nudge my dad once in a while and tell him about a good deal on a boat hoping we could spend some time out on the water again. I was also getting the itch to really get back into fishing. Unfortunately my dads health declined and he just didnt have the motivation to want to get back into fishing. He passed away in 2011 and I did what he wasn't able to do with some money he left me, I bought a boat. I did it because I wanted to get back into fishing and it was also an homage to my dad. I feel that's what he would have wanted me to do. I've been back fishing pretty steadily since 2012 and I can't believe how much I've learned and how much I still don't know. It's amazing to me how some anglers can be so confident yet so new to the sport and how some people can fish for 30 years and still feel like they don't know what they are doing. Do some of you feel that there are true "naturals" in the sport of fishing or do you feel hard work will always take precedence? Figured this is a topic that comes around every once in a while. This might be as good of a time as ever with a few extra ppl on their computers.
  9. yes they are disc brakes and I know now about telling the diff between electric and surge....kind of new with all this stuff. I was always under the impression that the Ranger trailers were electric brakes. Obviously my assumption was wrong.
  10. really? good to know for when it gets redone
  11. Cable is snapped and frayed
  12. Good point about the length of of the break away cable.
  13. Honest mistake. I thought this trailer had electric brakes. It all makes sense now. Just reading a couple threads online saying for this particular trailer redoing the break away is a bit time consuming but it can be done. Thanks for the comments.
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