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  1. Always lots of aggressive pike in the bay. Lots of good perch fishing to be had in may and june some years too.
  2. You're not helping the ongoing sterotypes the Dutch carry lol
  3. I do always use backing... i tend to spool up my baitcasters with about 80-100 yds of fluro on top of the backing (bass gear). I used the fluro for the season and I want to reverse it
  4. I know it's pretty common practice to reverse braid off one reel to another to save a couple bucks and have some "fresh" line . I am wondering if any frugal fisherman have done this with expensive flurocarbon. I understand it's easier with braid due to lack of memory but will the flurocarbon eventually work out that memory once its reversed? I know there's lots of people that have assumptions of why this might not be good or why it might work great. Wondering if anyone has tried this and what their experience was.
  5. I second the okuma glts, 8'6" downrigger rods, the are M. Personally they have dual uses for me. I pull size 1 dipsys with them on erie too. I have also been pretty impressed with cabelas depth master rods as well if you're looking for a decent budget rod.
  6. Had a couple onyx auto/manuals and I believe they self deployed on me 4 times... got pretty expensive. Finally just changed them to manuals. The bobbins disintegrate. Others I have talked to havent had them self deploy. Maybe I just have some terrible luck
  7. Showed the oil to my service guy. He said it looks fine... what would cause that amber/white streaking? Is it the remaining colour of the oil? The evinrude oil is a clear amber. I'm still going to get it pressure tested.
  8. I have a ranger with a black bottom. I pull it up on shore a lot. I have a hambys keel guard. With a keel guard I wouldn't be to scared of rocks. What I was impressed with was how many scratches pulling up into bullrushes, wood, and cattails puts on the fiberglass. My old lund had somewhat of an aluminum strake that acted like a keel guard. Pulled up gently on rocks and into bullrushes and wood. Definitely be prepared for some minor cosmetic damage.
  9. Thanks, took prop off today and nothing abnormal. Does gear case need to be empty to perform a pressure test? Might have to bring it into dealer
  10. oil.jpg
    I've always let the dealership do my maintenance at the end of the year. Instead of spending the extra money I decided I'll be the one to do my winterizing. I drained my gear oil today and noticed some faint white streaks. I was wondering if I should be concerned? It's a 2019 300 etec. I jumped a stump a couple weeks ago and had a bit of skeg damage, no damage to gear case or prop. For those of you that are familiar with annual maintenance I'm sure you've seen what water intrusion looks like. Thanks!
  11. Good idea.... might consider an account there. Lots of good info
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