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  1. I've read mixed responses on this one, does anyone use mineral oil?
  2. Holy sh&t!! Nice fish Ron
  3. Just had a great experience with them too. Sent a couple of my older stradics in for cleaning and maintenance through the mail. Turn around time was less than a week. Got a call and he told me the service he did and we had a chat about good value reels.
  4. I can't think of that happening. I've seen deet create that white film on a gray gunwale after it baked in the sun and it never came out. I did bring the boat in for a detail in the spring. Makes me wonder if something he used could have reacted with it.
  5. tried some CLR on it and it didn't touch it. It's faded paint not a buildup of any kind. Under side of the cavitation plate is completely unaffected
  6. Prop is SS no discoloration on the prop
  7. I'm going to hit it with some CLR and see what happens. If it's a coating it's very subtle. It didn't feel like a coating
  8. I cant remember, I'm going to take a closer look at it, i'll try and get a pic. Boat is not currently at home.
  9. very well could be....rest of the motor is like a dark gray
  10. boat is trailered, really noticeable last couple months. I can't say if it happened quickly or not. Just never caught my eye until I was doing my winterization this year
  11. Got a few different responses on walleye central forum, nobody mentioned anything about cavitation. Talked to my dealer and says it could be a cavitation issue, he has sent the picture off for a 2nd opinion. Motor is only 3 years old. Any thoughts as to what the issue could be? Thanks
  12. Always lots of aggressive pike in the bay. Lots of good perch fishing to be had in may and june some years too.
  13. You're not helping the ongoing sterotypes the Dutch carry lol
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