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  1. Btw I might consider sending Lagavulin an email. But like you guys said, I'm not very confident they'll get back. I feel the lcbo remedied the issue. Just might be a while before I consider buying that bottle again.
  2. Bottle was sealed with the foil and cork was tight. There's no way. That's a funny story though. I know a guy who buys prince igor vodka and fills his grey goose bottle with it to add a bit more "class" to his bar.
  3. Those ppl need to understand that sometimes 9am for them is 9pm for you!
  4. It is odd. I've ordered a lot from cabelas canada. I've had a few glitches in shipping over the years. I've called whenever there's been a problem and they usually clear it up. It's quite possible that what you ordered was suddenly placed on backorder and they didn't charge you.
  5. Well the LCBO gladly took it back. I helped them fill out a computerized return. Told them what was wrong with it. They gave me a credit and I bought 2 new sippers instead of 1. LCBO was very nice about it. Even after almost half the bottle was finished. I likely wouldn't have taken it back without you guys nudging me. I'm glad I did. These 3-11 shifts have me doing things at very odd times. 1:30 is prime time. I might make some chili at 2 am tonight, who knows!
  6. This could easily be the result of them doing what the LCBO manager said. I haven't bought a bottle of HP in 2-3 years. I refuse to buy bottles that say "viking's honour". They are trying to make up for selling lesser quality by giving it a fancy name. I guarantee it's working and I guarantee it's taking advantage of those who are new to trying whisky.
  7. Looks like you had a similar experience with HP. I've always liked highland park. The 10 year old and the 12 year old. I've had the 15 year old but I found for the price it wasn't much different than the 12. It's great your son in law was able to enjoy it.
  8. Got this quote from Wiki to help! "Single" indicates that all the spirits in the bottle come from a single distillery.That distillery may combine single malt whiskies of several ages in a bottle.
  9. So technically it's not blending different malts but blending the same malt just at different ages. That way they can still call it a single malt
  10. Let me know what you think of the Lagavulin. I have never bought a bottle of Bruichladdich. It is one that has escaped me, mainly because I've never seen it on the shelf. I have a freind who says their Octomore is unbelieveable. I have tried Bowmore 12 before and I haven't returned to it. Although I have heard that Mclellands Islay is just some younger Bowmore 12 if you even want to adventure into a thriftier bottle. If you do the trip please share on the forum.
  11. I have not tried the Laphroig select and it has been hit and miss, a lot more "misses" with me experimenting with non age statement whiskies. ALTHOUGH my favourite non age statement whisky is the Laphroigh Quarter Cask and I do believe it is probably the best bang for your buck nowadays. It's one hell of a good whisky for anyone who likes Islay. Knowing the way laphroig does things I would totally be open to trying Laphroig Select, I have also heard that Laphroig Lore is great for NAS bottle.
  12. I was able to talk to the manager at the local LCBO and he said he would be glad to exchange it. He tried to tell me the reason it tatsted different and the reason was quite disapointing. He said that due to the large amounts purchased over the last few years (especially by Japan) that the younger whisky was being blended with the older whisky to keep up with demand. By saying that, there is 16 year old lagavulin in the bottle but only a portion of it. One thing that I've noticed with this bottling is that it actually tastes like a younger whisky after the initial peat and smoke it just kind of dies, it's thin and it actually tastes a bit like "skunky weed". That thick richness that usually lingers is non existent. If any of you know more about the distilling process at Lagavulin do you feel that this is a plausible explanation for why this taste different? I don't feel like the LCBO manager would bullsh#t a bullsh#tter haha.
  13. Solid year man!! Wow
  14. I am a huge fan of scotch especially Islays. For many of us to enjoy a nice bottle of scotch we usually have to spend a few more dollars than we would like sometimes. I've been lucky enough to treat myself to a bottle of Lagavulin 16 here and there. This at one point was my favourite bottling and stood alone. I recently bought a bottle after a couple buddies helped me move some heavy furniture. It was my treat to them for their hard work. We enjoyed a dram and I thought to myself this is "different". The bottle got put away and I came back to it the other night. Poured a dram and immediately noticed this wasn't my trusty scotch anymore. This was something far different and it was incredibly "off". When buying a bottle of scotch that's $130 you'd expect to be getting what you pay for. Not this time. I feel ripped off. I'm having trouble believing that such a good distillery would even let this stuff reach the shelves. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? First time ever for me. Might be my last time with Lagavulin 16, it's quite upsetting. We've had some good times.
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