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  1. similar experience as others. On my lund I just trim up and the pic becomes more clear.
  2. It is top tier but so is the fs series, just looking at similar lengths and motors. pro v 2175 starts at $81605 US, pro v limited 2175 $94690 US 😲. FS621pro and Ranger cup range from $74695- $76695 US. How is it justified to spend that much more on an aluminum boat? It's unbelievable if you ask me
  3. this suddenly turned into a thread about how to ensure your motor doesn't fall off
  4. The internet has become a barrage of attempted daily scams. I've had several credit cards compromised. I get daily emails that are waiting for me to slip up or click a link. One of my friends just got taken by a netflix scam. The internet seems like a dark alley that some ppl get lead into.
  5. Great discussion, great input. The new lund pro vs are more expensive than the ranger fs series of boats. How did it get to this point, where aluminum boats would surpass the cost of fiberglass?
  6. Way ahead of you Lew! I made sure this was part of the boat. Great selling feature.
  7. Listening to new tool album everyday lately! Went and seen them last week in Detroit
  8. Definitely did not know some of this stuff. I know with my lund and crestliner the dock didnt scare me too much. I will likely be trailering, now I will definitely be looking into some good fenders, maybe we should start another discussion on some good fenders. I also like to beach the boat instead of tying to the dock when I'm alone to avoid the dock all together. Thanks Art, great comment
  9. I definitely want to fish a few more days I wouldn't normally fish out of the aluminum. I also tend to get caught on the lake every year when a front or a swift wind kicks up when I'm miles away from the ramp.It's nice to know you think that it would be a bit more manageable in a fiberglass hull.
  10. It is torture, especially when I was fishing this time last year on the boat and this year the ramp is frozen. That's why the boat has been retired for the year or else I might have had some opportunities to use it a few times before winter
  11. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and insight. I did read up a little bit on this before making the decision. I just wanted to open up another discussion with those that might have some experience with different types of boats. It's not everyday that a used boat this nice comes along. It was a gut decision and I knew I wasn't overpaying. I really like the forum and I know there are knowledgeable fisherman that have great opinions.
  12. I am sure this topic comes along every so often but I recently purchased a Ranger 621fs. I am coming from 2 previous aluminum boats, a crestliner fishhawk 1650 and a Lund Pro v 1875. This is the 2nd biggest purchase I've made in my lifetime. I fish for bass and walleye on the great lakes and big rivers. I just wanted to start the discussion for all people that made the switch from an aluminum to a glass boat or vice versa. I am curious what your opinions are regarding the difference fishing out of these different platforms. I only went for a test drive in the Ranger and pulled the trigger, I have yet to fish out of it. The boat is put away for the winter and I will be picking it up in March/April.
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