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  1. I had my second shot. I thought I was going to die... I peed out my butt for week and a half.. no more for me ...
  2. with covid out of control now and the feds in us re issuing mask mandate .. I don't think its going to open .. I just hope its open in November for a deer and striper vacation
  3. the new carb they sent was A faced wrong and they tried to seal it with something (gasket maker?). the tec spent over a hour picking piece of crap out of the floats and filters.. I have submitted there warrantee review.. with not one response..
  4. I tried to talk to mercury and they said we only talk to dealers... have a nice day and click
  5. mercury..... long long long long long story.... mercury will not let me talk to there head people they tell me to talk to my dealer and they will talk to us....
  6. brand new 2021 motor 0 hours on it... just a cluster from day I bought it
  7. after 9 months 3600 km of driving back and forth 4 carborators later my9.9 kicker and boat is finally working the way it should .. would like to thank city marine for there work and fitting me it so I would not be all summer with out a kicker motor
  8. port hope lifting the lock down friday.. so launch will be open and so will municipal access to the river
  9. Port hope has or will close all municipal access to river till may 6 (GANARASKA RIVER ) INCLUDING BOAT LAUNCH
  10. 36. (1) No one shall (b) leave or deposit or cause to be thrown, left or deposited, on the shore, beach or bank of any water or on the beach between high and low water mark, remains or offal of fish or of marine animals;
  11. your already breaking the law if you are cleaning a fish on the river bank.. and putting guts in river ....
  12. so boat comes back to dock with fillet of fish ..
  13. so does that mean that filleting fish on board a boat and throwing them over into lake is now illegal
  14. if your buying a merc make sure where you buy it will service it or is close to home... apparently mercury does not force all there mercury dealers to have to warranty motors they don't sell ..
  15. well I bought a 2021 Lund with a 150 merc and a 9.9 kicker and a ulttera trolling motor .. started my 9,9 and gas was everywhere took it to closest dealer they said we aint looking at it its not on. a prince craft boat.. took it to 2 other dealers in area and they said nope you did not buy here .. took it to another dealer they called merc and they said yup its a issue some of our motors left with out all the parts in the caberators ..... waited 30 days for parts blew my walleye season my ullterra motor deployed once then would not deploy again now I have to take it off boat and send back for warrantee..... another 2 hour drive to a warranty centre ......
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