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  1. Council, at their regular meeting of April 7, 2020, amended By-law 54/2017 being a By-law to Regulate, Protect and Govern the use of Parks, Recreation Areas and Park Facilities to prohibit camping in Optimist Park and Cavan Street Park during the upcoming opening season for trout fishing. In addition, Council passed Resolution 24/2020 requesting that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) consider postponing or cancelling the upcoming trout season on the Ganaraska River as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. This letter was submitted to the Province on Thursday April 9, 2020. To date, the Province has not responded or indicated that fishing seasons will be postponed. Based on current communications, it appears that this request will not be initiated, and it has been indicated that the season will proceed as planned. Staff have reviewed several options and in order to prohibit fishing in the river from Molson Street to the mouth of the river, a closure of all lands under ownership of the Municipality that border the river would be required. This would include all greenspaces and trails and would prevent access to the river through municipal properties. In addition, the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) own a significant number of properties along this stretch. Staff have been in contact with GRCA staff and they are supportive of restricting access to properties owned by Parks, Recreation & Culture Report - Park Closures Page 1 of 2 Report to Council – April 21, 2020 the GRCA from Molson Street south to the Lake. A meeting of the GRCA Board was held on Thursday April 16, 2020 and the Board has supported this initiative (Attachment 1). Section 19.3 of the Parks By-law 54/2017 states the following: 19.3 Temporary Closure: The Director and/or Chief of Police and/or Director of Fire and Emergency Services and/or By-Law Enforcement Officers are authorized to close off for such temporary period as deemed appropriate any Park, Recreation Area or part of parts thereof to relieve or prevent overcrowding or traffic congestion, authorized construction, weather conditions or in the interests of public safety. Staff are recommending that a Resolution be passed to support the closure of all municipal properties that border the Ganaraska River from Molson Street south to Lake Ontario effective Wednesday, April 22, 2020 until May 12, 2020 in the interest of public safety. CONCLUSION: Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality has taken the necessary steps to meet the requirements of both the Federal and Provincial governments related to closures and restrictions to public spaces. The annual opening season for trout typically draws a large number of anglers to our community which can prove problematic in an effort to ensure social distancing and reducing gatherings of 5 or more people are maintained.
  2. New Closures In the interest of public safety, and in keeping with the Provincial Order to close recreational amenities, the Municipality is advising that only passive usage of parks, trails and walkways is permitted. This means that fishing on the boardwalk, docks, and pier south of the CN railway tracks is not permitted and signage is being placed there to discourage group gatherings, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the Municipal Boat Launch is now closed to the public. The Launch will only be used by Emergency Service personnel, if required.
  3. Request for Provincial Order to postpone or cancel opening of spring fishing season Council passed a Resolution to request that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issue the necessary regulation or order, and enact the legislation required to postpone or cancel the opening of the trout fishing season on the Ganaraska River in an effort to limit the potential for crowds and gatherings to form. Council requested that this Resolution be forwarded to Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry John Yakabuski, MPP David Piccini and area municipalities. Camping during trout fishing season Council amended By-law 54/2017, being a By-law that permits an exemption to camping restrictions for the Cavan Street Park and Optimist Park during the opening season of trout fishing. The amended By-law will not permit camping in these parks throughout the duration of the declared Provincial emergency, in an effort to reduce group gatherings of more than five people.
  4. fish with John and his son many a times on the ganaraska .. had good laughs was there when he caught his first 20 lb rainbow ... last time I seen him he came to the ladder ..he will be missed in the fishing community
  5. lol. the lottery usually looses money every year
  6. it fills trash rack and last year it started shoving sticks and that in the logs throughout the ladder it opened the logs up just made a huge mess
  7. that little prick screws up ladder again .. hours of work ...
  8. nope the browns are about a week late .. they are always here this early .. the Atlantics showed up on the 27 .. we have some real nice ones go through ..we had first brown go through on the 11 of July
  9. the Atlantics and the browns are making there way up ... lots of nice fish ..
  10. everything east of oshawa is 100 percent natrual reproduction
  11. A fish caught other than the mouth by accident is a federal offence and must be tried in court with rapist and murderers and when the mnrf go to court the judge says are you kidding me courts time is short
  12. I had a native shoot towards me and had a arrow drop 20 feet into water he was bow fishing at ganny I called 911 and said I was in danger they told me to Leave as he had more right to be there then me
  13. Most of those pic posted are from my camera or phone. It's all races. That are doing it ,the ones that Gut and chuck are good anglers who know how to bend the law. Yes we have some other groups that break the law and that is just fact we must take time out of our busy fishing time and educate these people/ groups the restrictions in port hope are just the beginning. It's time that we educate people
  14. The municipality has opted to defer the motion of fishing access pass till the spring of 2018 . They are going to try one more year of added enforcement and stipulated to all partners that they all step up to the plate and instead of writing letters ,act . So there will be no changes this year except for the. No night time fishing from molson street to robertson street
  15. Yup 45 emails sent to the town 35 against and 6 for and 4 that town people should not pay. Wow.
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