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  1. there saying that seeing I have had 4 new carbs that it could be a carbon build up causing low compression ... does this make sense ??
  2. that's what dealer is saying but Mercury says not till below 60.... I think mercury is trying to see if it goes after warrantee ... I will no more on Monday afternoon.... ps this thing has already had 4 carbs on it ... and from talking to people I am not even certified to hold a screw driver lol. if carbs sucked air during break-in then that means it ran lean and can burn your pistons ??
  3. the dealer is getting 115 and 121 on a 2021 with 20 hours on it ruffly ... there is a long story behind this motor...
  4. does anyone here know what compression should be on a 2021 mercury pro kicker 4 stroke carbarator . I can't find specks on this
  5. Canadian made is such garbage...if a cow is in canada more then 60 days and is slaughtered here its Canadian meat.... if fish is caught out in ocean by a Canadian boat its canda fish
  6. my mom always told me if you can't pay for it now you can't pay for it in the future...... the only thing I owe is my house... everything else is paid for ...
  7. 9.9 merc i had huge issue with mine 4 carbs later it now works...
  8. Yes those numbers are inflated big time .. I have argued those numbers for years... its a real long story .. but lets just say I have over 40 years of working at ladder and this is one of my biggest arguments with the MNRF. ...
  9. the runs were never that big..... 10 to 12. but never 18
  10. yes with this colder weather its going to be a fish fest
  11. nice ... congratulations..... Im waiting on mine as well...... 11 plates for two years.... like winning the lottery
  12. mnrf rule is still no volunteers ... good luck on the fish lift guys
  13. some policies say "replacement value will now be known throughout the rest of policy as actual cash value at the time of the loss or theft". make sure replacement value is actually replacement value..... and when doing your house MAKE DAM SURE YOU HAVE BYLAW AND ORDANACE
  14. first off .. I don't drink or smoke or take pills lol. my son and I witness a musky swimming with head out of water past our boat at about 50 yards away it swam that way for about 300 yards or so... I was shocked to see it ..
  15. if that reel is no longer available they have to go to the next step up ..
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