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  1. Cast-Away

    smoked chub

    Interesting title to this thread "smoked chub", it could mean many different things! 😏
  2. Cast-Away

    Winterize it, time to recognize it

    Moth balls work well and the smell goes away after a few days. It's just tough getting their little legs apart to harvest them!
  3. Cast-Away

    Tomorrows Super

    It will be a super supper!
  4. Cast-Away

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    You do have a Wifeler!
  5. Cast-Away

    brush cutting blade on a weed trimmer

    For my Echo I have the hedge trimmer, chain saw and a pole extension. The total reach is 11 feet plus my reach, it is awesome! There are many accessories for Echo and Stihl. If you live in the west end they are on Wilson about 1km east of Weston Rd. You can see them from the 401 and 400 interchange.
  6. Cast-Away

    brush cutting blade on a weed trimmer

    Dave, If your Stihl has the option to change attachments like my Echo you can get the attachment from Kooy Brothers in Toronto. Click Here
  7. Cast-Away

    GBay/Moon River Fall Conditions

    You may end up fishing the outer islands for bass like you do in the summer because fishing in the Basin in the fall is really tough.
  8. Cast-Away

    NF - Question on Bilge Pump

    Just a suggestion, i always keep a spare plug in the glove box of my boat.
  9. Cast-Away

    NF - Thursday Funny

    That's just nuts!
  10. Cast-Away

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Warm enough to swim over 65 degrees but a bit of a shock for sure.
  11. Cast-Away

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    Hey Dave, I was on Georgian Bay yesterday and it is still 73. How warm did your lake get in July?
  12. Cast-Away

    the shrine

    Is the mystical place with the voices called Stonerhenge Chris?
  13. Cast-Away

    My Summer Vacation

    Don't buy any lottery tickets!
  14. Cast-Away

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    Terry, I resisted saying the same thing in my original post!
  15. Cast-Away

    Boat Storage - Indoor vs Outdoor

    I would stick with your current site and put moth balls in a throw away dish inside the front and back of the boat. I do this every year at a barn that has lots of critters and never had an issue.