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  1. Ohhh shart! Don't you start!!! lol. Any ideas how to reverse the aging process? Use a fork to squish some fish Roe and rub in on the wrinkles. Just make sure there are no cats around the house!
  2. There are some old pics of Bunk as well, not just old fish!
  3. Yikes is what my wife said when she read this!
  4. Contact Moira Rose, she can help you.
  5. I had a dozen rivets replaced at Heritage Marine in London two years ago and was very happy with them. You can see my write-up in Google. Since that time the ownership has changed and there are a few bad reviews but who is to say that the actual staff all turned over? I am sure that they are mostly the same people.
  6. Very cool, will you keep it at the cabin Dave?
  7. It's called a jet skirt because you can see the cockpit!
  8. I had my 2000 17' Legend taken apart to have 12 rivets replaced and have the floor and carpet replaced last year at Heritage Marine in London last September. They do full restorations and might be a place where you can have your boat repainted. Not cheap, I paid $5,000 for everything. The labour to cut out and replace the floatation foam was part of the reason for all of the labour. I was very happy with the results. If you have your boat restored check with your insurance broker to make sure your policy is up to the new value of the boat.
  9. It was Brad Pitts brother Stu
  10. My rebuild was $4,800 Glen on a 19 year old boat.
  11. Heritage Marine in London. They replaced 11 rivets and replaced the floor and carpeting. They did a great job.
  12. Hey Glen, if you want to have it professionally repaired let me know. I can recommend a place near London that fixed mine last year. Not cheap but it was done right.
  13. I have my 2000 17" Legend taken apart at a marina last fall to have 11 rivets replaced. I was told up front that cutting out the old floatation will be a big part of the labour because it is spray foam which adheres to the honeycomb pattern of supports under the hull. The total bill was $5,000 which included replacing the floatation foam, flooring and carpet. There was 90 hours of labour in total. I know yours is a crack and not rivets but just giving you an idea of what was involved.
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