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  1. Very sad, I wonder how many people buy a used cruiser from someone else and don't know the rules around using the blowers? The marina operators should also ensure that the blowers are running during and after the fueling process.
  2. This guy is standing at the bar when a rather large woman walks up to him and asks for his number. He replies by asking if she has a pen? She says yes and he replies back that she better get back to it before the farmer finds her missing!
  3. That makes the joke even more funny that you are from there!
  4. The Dodge got "RAMMED"!
  5. This will be fun! One of my favourites: Prime Minister Jean Chretien was meeting with officials in Flin Flon. It was a very hot day and the ceremonies took place outside in a local grandstand. The Mayor was surprised to see that Chretien was wearing a large fox fur hat, despite the heat. After a while the mayor leaned over and spoke up. "Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister, but I can't help wondering why you are wearing that fox hat when it is so warm?" Chretien shrugged. "Well, you know 'ow it is", he replied. "My wife, she is da dresser in da family, so I always take 'er advice. If I go to de Maritime, she say 'Wear da toque'. If I go to Calgaree, she say 'Wear da stetson'. Dis time she ask me where I go; I say Flin Flon. She say 'Flin Flon! Where da fox hat ??' So I did!"
  6. I think I found a place called Heritage Marine in London. Anyone ever deal with them for a repair or upgrade? The owner's name is Jim Ward.
  7. Hi Folks, Can anyone recommend a good place in the GTA that can take apart the decking on my boat and replace 7 missing rivets? They might also need to place some of the floor boards. I am willing to drive a couple of hours if necessary in order to have a good job done. Thanks! Warren
  8. Never stand in front of the dish on an old microwave tower!
  9. One thing I have learned in business is to always stick to the facts. Don't make it personal and especially in a public forum.
  10. Put yourself in the shoes of any one of those families who lost one of their children needlessly because of this. Is 8 years enough? Was 8 years enough for Marco Muzzo? typically only 2/3 of se sentence get served with time reduced for good behavior. In one case you have a truck driver who knowingly drove distracted and in the other case you have a car driver who drove impaired. The truck driver did not simply blow a stop sign, he was not even looking at the road signs. Death by vehicle penalties are much different than those imposed for true murder at the hand of the accused. In my opinion 8 years was not enough and yes deport him, we don't need people like that living in such a great country when they have no respect for our laws. Muzzo will end up driving again at some point in his life, too bad nothing else can be done with him having been born here. He has no respect for human life. He had all the money in the world and was too arrogant to take a taxi or limo home from the airport knowing himself how impaired he really was.
  11. Interesting title to this thread "smoked chub", it could mean many different things! 😏
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