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  1. I have my 2000 17" Legend taken apart at a marina last fall to have 11 rivets replaced. I was told up front that cutting out the old floatation will be a big part of the labour because it is spray foam which adheres to the honeycomb pattern of supports under the hull. The total bill was $5,000 which included replacing the floatation foam, flooring and carpet. There was 90 hours of labour in total. I know yours is a crack and not rivets but just giving you an idea of what was involved.
  2. Hey is your place near Sturgeon Bay? I am asking because I used to work with someone who retired up there with her husband. Their names are Nancy and Russ Ley and their son Jeff bought a cottage across the bay from them. My good friend Eldon used to manage the liquor store there and moved the the Rosseau location a few years ago.
  3. It's for sure a cycle. My Dad explained the same thing back in the 60's when we had a cottage on the 14th concession north of Balm Beach. I have been boating on the bay most of my life and love the high water because I know all of the shoals in the Moon Basin and 12 Mile Bay area where I do most of my boating. They are all well under water and make for some great high water small mouth bass habitat.
  4. I have in fact been there and loved it. I have always been an aviation buff and fly RC planes so it is right in my wheelhouse. The SR-71 is my favourite all time plane and the way they displayed it is fantastic. For everyone in the GTA you can get there in 9 - 10 hours from our area as part of a visit to Washington DC.
  5. Hey Art have you ever visited the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center?
  6. What happened to the guy that started this thread, he has not replied since page 2
  7. Just curious RPW what age group do you fall under within 10 years.
  8. I read many of his articles over the years. He was very knowledgable. RIP John Kerr
  9. Lakeside sewing in Bobcaygeon does fantastic work as well.
  10. One of his Google reviews says he is a liar and a cheat. Shocking that he would get a review like that.🤭
  11. Bitter sweet Wayne, a great person and lots of fantastic memories, taken away far too soon. Nice that you can find great memories like this of Jennifer
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