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  1. I’m eager to see what Tesla comes up with. Seeing lots of Tesla’s cars around here lately Aside from the “stadium headlights”, I love everything that Rivian has created in this pickup. I’m sure I can’t afford one when they are available, but man do I think this stuff is off the charts cool. This video gives you a really good look inside and out. Rivian was founded by one of Tesla’s early founders and backed by Ford. I think this may be where Ford is getting its tech for the F150 electric
  2. Yeah, a flip won’t work. Drop axle or torsion would be my pick
  3. How much lower do you need to go? Is an axle flip possible or practical? Got photos?
  4. I’d be concerned about submerging also. But I’m sure Ford or GM is quite aware that hundreds of thousands of their trucks have been used for boat launching over the decades. Anyone concerned could use a hitch extension at the launch. Edit; I just read that the 2020 Jeep Wrangler can drive through 30” of water which would submerge the batteries tucked under the frame. I suspect any higher would mean damage or shorting in the motor or power block systems. I’ve never stuck my truck 2.5’ of water to launch.
  5. Might not be for everyone, but it would suit my needs. They’ve made some serious strides since. I’d probably wait a few years until the new technology proves itself in a truck, in Canadian winters. My next vehicle will be a hybrid at the very least. I hear Ford is working on an F150 Hybrid also. GM has announced an all electric pickup coming. It will be our eventual future and I’m for it. I don’t expect everyone to agree or be on board.
  6. I want one of the new Ford F-150 Electrics coming out in 2021. I wonder if they have a front trunk like the Rivans do.
  7. Anyone know if the salmon are running yet? My brother and I are heading out tomorrow morning. Planning on fishing in and around the Saugeen river
  8. I don’t buy into this natural cycle business. How can we not have a hand at global warming? I’m afraid to look at it for fear of what it means. What it means to my kids, what it means to my grandkids. What it means to the rest of the earths creatures. I want to do the right thing but I can’t afford a full roof full of solar panels and electric cars etc. But if all these things were affordable, I’d do it in a heartbeat.
  9. The cutting board & 3m 5200 also sounds great but close to $30 bucks too. I think i’ll Opt for this kit
  10. I’d Put some vee dams in front of all those protrusions to channel water around. And im envious that other site. What a great piece of paradise. Build is looking great
  11. Beautiful catches. Boat is pretty nice too. I’d sure be happy with it
  12. Best of luck to you Tom. I hope whatever path you choose turns out to be beneficial. I wish I could help
  13. Good to know. I thought seafoam was a more or less a cleaner/conditioner. I got the Lucas for free, so I thought what can it hurt.
  14. Good article! I didn’t know there were stabilizers specifically for marine. Also very good to know they have a shelf life. 1-2 years I try to use my fuels up seasonally as much as possible. I don't have oil injection so I can’t use it in my vehicle at end of season. Anything left in the spring gets mixed with Fred fuel/mix. I read that premium doesn’t contain ethanol but it also doesn’t burn as quickly. I’ve been using stabilizer with a glug of seafoam and a shot of Lucas on every tank and so far so good.... but I will switch to a marine specific with a 2 year shelf life
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