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  1. I ordered a few things on the weekend and got them already. Site is very good and fast shipping. Reasonable prices. Well packaged. I’m happy. I also ordered from GLS. I expect a little longer coming over the border. Im not too close to border so it’s mail for me but good to know
  2. Thanks. This is the best site I have found for selection but this is the one that had shipping costs that were not Canadian friendly (or perhaps it was just my order)
  3. Thank you, I will check them out also. Maybe it’s worth the trip down.
  4. Thanks, that’s really kind of you. I’m using my phone so I’m a little limited. I’ll try and find a photo of what I’m after. Basically, it’s a standard piano hinge with each flange bent at 90°. And I sense when closed it looks like two angle iron pieces back to back with the hinge spline on the top edge. This allows only the top spline to be visible from the top deck. I know I can use regular piano hinge and fasten it into the raw edges of the boards, however I’d much prefer to have the fastenings underneath the floor. I think some boat builders do this Each leg would be 3/4 of an inch plus the spline, So only the spline and pin set at the floor/deck level
  5. Thanks guys. Looks like some good sources. In my own search, I found one that has a good online store and is out of Ottawa https://www.thechandleryonline.com/ I did stop by a well equipped store in Hamilton called Dowsar Marine but I'm not a fan of their online store. I will make that trip when I am dropping a bundle on the paint and epoxy products I need on my wooden runabout.
  6. Hey guys, I've got a couple of boats I'm working on and I'm looking for Canadian online suppliers that have really good selection and reasonable pricing. I've found a really good supplier stateside that has literally everything under the sun, but the shipping costs are beyond foolish. I.e.: one $40 aluminum offset piano hinge costs $110 USD in shipping!! Anyone know where I can get aluminum offset piano hinges or 3" wide aluminum piano hings so I can bend my own offset? I want hidden compartment hinges so the lid lays flat on the deck when open. I need aluminum and brass drain tubes and flaring tools, blind pop rivets, gluvit, anti-fouling paint and epoxy coatings and fillers. My local marine dealer leaves a LOT to be desired and I don't want to drive 1.5 hours or greater to get what I need. Amazon is hit and miss for product and prices can be absurd also. Thanks in advance
  7. There’s a few around. Innisville, Sunderland, Fenlon Falls to name a few
  8. Well at least the boat didn’t run off into the truck or worse. I’d say he got lucky
  9. I wonder if many of these boats will go to a boat wrecker or if the insurance company will repair them. Maybe a mix of both?
  10. Yeah, or a $400 socket set on sale for $99 and they are still making gobs of profit
  11. I thought you only had to register a Hull with Transport Canada, and the trailer with MTO. Do we have to pay tax on the purchase price of the boat at MTO also?
  12. I found the show disappointing. There’s lots of great boats to drool over and take Notes To modify mine but I was hoping to find a few key pieces I wanted to pick up this year such as inflatable PFD‘s, tackle systems and some specific salmon lures, but no such luck. I wasn’t really in the mood to shop so that might’ve been part of the problem. I didn’t see any great deals on lures anyway. I probably should’ve gone to the boat show a few weeks earlier
  13. Mine has it too. Love the feature especially on intermittent Snow/ice/ clear pavement. Sometimes I forget it’s on auto which concerns me because the transfer case is still running. OP, both are good but it all boils down to your intended use. I’m a strong believer that with the higher horsepower cars on the road now FWD isn’t good enough. My wife’s car is absolutely Squirrley when passing Even on dry pavement. It’s definitely a white knuckler and should be AWD. Anything 200 horse and up should be AWD imo ( regarding cars/SUV/crossover’s)
  14. Well I don’t think this one’s going to help their cause either. If they want to get into Fishing craft, perhaps they should look at truly something useable. Walk around surfaces The ability to run electric once on your spot. I see this as a feeble attempt at stimulating sales. But that’s my opinion people are welcome to like it of course
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