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  1. Looks innovative but not much different from wearing a regular respirator. (Save from the low profile filter) I think the fabric masks will still be much more comfortable to wear and convenient. Especially for running in and out of stores and such. Easier to communicate wearing paper/cloth masks. but good on them for offering something with better protection to the masses
  2. I’m not sure if this question is too political to be allowed here or not, but the evolving election disaster south of us has me deeply, deeply concerned. I hope we discuss this without it turning into a political debate. I hope things settle down, but if they don’t and if this turns into a full out civil war, or lots of armed fighting, what impact could we expect up here and how do we prepare? I hope I’m not overacting or supporting fear mongering here but surely it will mean food and supply shortages and an influx of refugee crossings as well as extremists trying to operate off radar by crossing the worlds longest undefended border. I guess I’m looking for estimated scenarios and how do we prepare? Could Canada (and Mexico) be asked to get involved? What sort of trade, manufacturing or other economic impacts could we expect? What strains could this put on Canadians? We have our own quietly simmering frictions here in Canada. I hope I’m not naive in thinking it’s nowhere like the States but a blowup south of us could inflame issues here. Please refrain from taking political sides (US or Can). Mods; if this isn’t allowed here, please pull the thread or let me know and I’ll remove it.
  3. GREAT report! Thanks for sharing. Despite a few setbacks (my condolences for your losses) you had quite the year
  4. Can I ask what a smitty is? I just bought a rapala 4 man Edit; spell check screwed me. I meant Smitty, I know what smutty is
  5. Thanks again guys, Holland Marine was the last piece of the puzzle. I was able to pull some things back out of the shopping carts and I’ll be buying the remaining items semi-local. I haven’t done the math, but I think I’ll actually be saving money, or at least not being too much more invested. And I’m able to buy cut quantities of wire instead of full rolls. can’t wait to start the build
  6. Thanks again guys, I can probably make due with 8 ga but yes, I will call. now I can pull the trigger on my 2 saved shopping carts
  7. Disregard, my VPN was causing an issue thanks for the link
  8. Thanks. I’ve got a shopping cart ready with Amazon.CA but it’s limited in product vs Amazon.COM. I couldn’t find anything in my budget on .ca. I do have a current Amazon.com order pending and if comes in without a brokerage and delivery fiasco, than I will look there for the wire. (Though I much prefer to support other businesses than Amazon if I can help it)
  9. Hey folks, I’m looking for the last bits needed to do my boat rebuild/customization this winter. I’m having a tough time finding 6ga tinned marine wiring. I’m a bit leery of ordering from the US right now due to the mess that’s going on with the election fiasco not to mention the brokerage fees. open to good over the counter suppliers in the Milton-KW, Gullah to Hamilton corridors also
  10. You could simply burn it off with a propane torch in open air. Or simply do what bobowski did. (Use the black screen)
  11. Thanks for your help guys. Turns out the sloth here missed the deal. this four letter word that begins with W and ends with k kept me from getting on it fast enough
  12. I don’t think there’s enough galv on that Exp metal to bother anyone. probably just as bad to use perf sheet that isn’t degreased 1st great idea, I hope to try this out this season
  13. I like a remote because I often fish out the back. (Mrs Admiral like to read and lounge up front)
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