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  1. Third, and disintegrate quickly enough so it does not harm or kill the fish, not 10 years like biodegradable garbage bags
  2. I think OP that your cheapest bet is to buy a spare battery. You can set up trolling motors to run off of small generators, but it’s not a direct hook up. You need a converter (because 12v generator outputs are somwhere around half as much as AC in amps) of course, this is kind of crazy when a gas powered OB or kicker will cost less
  3. There’s a deal… is it just back up power you need to get back to camp/launch or are your thoughts to recharge overnight/off use at your campsite etc. I think these generators are mainly used to charge small usb devices - phones, flashlights etc
  4. I think it would take 1-2 days to charge a big 12v deep cycle battery at 2 amps depending on its level of depletion. AGM batteries may take less though? I think they are supposed to charge faster. Maybe someone else can chime in
  5. I can’t help you on species or techniques, But there is a Gravel launch to both lakes
  6. I think she’s been eating Muskies. What a belly on it.
  7. Merry Christmas and happy New year everyone. Let’s hope we kick Covid to the curb this year to the point it is no different than a flu. Let’s all get on to an OUTSTANDING 2022!!! Let’s this be the year for getting together with friends and family for epic fishing opportunities, epic bbq’s and high quality living. May you all be blessed with that along with good health and prosperity, tight lines and all that good stuff cheers HF
  8. Popa Chubby’s Hey Joe. I’ve seen his name advertised at several bluesfests and never got the chance to see him, but after seeing this vid, I will not miss the opportunity. If you like strong Hendrix songs by the likes of SRV or Kenny Wayne Shepherd, you will probably like this one. Very strong player
  9. Seems to be more common these days. Especially in places you wouldn’t expect like southern Ontario. There was one spotted in the town of Fergus last week and many in the Fergus/Guelph/Eden Mills corridor in the last decade. a deer carcass found in a tree near grand valley. Nothing but a big cat does that. And I don’t know if it’s worth getting too worried about unless it’s frequenting your property.
  10. Would really make you work hard for the shore lunch, wouldn’t it? I think the “eco oils” are plant based. They are the same colour. I don’t like how you can’t tell that there is oil in the fuel…they should add a dye to it. And there was talk that the two separated but I did a test. You can see the slight differentiation between the fuel and oil before mixing. But once mixed, they don’t separate, or at least after 6 months in a glass jar anyway. but I hope I’ve scraped up enough empties money to buy a new 4 stroke zuki with troll feature by the time I need to worry about 2 cycle oil.
  11. That makes logical sense. (Phasing out the 2 stroke oil) and I suppose that will come with the eventual market dominance of 4 strokes as the 2 stroke motors lifespans come to an end and perhaps environmental pressures to retire them. (Clunker trade in programs etc)
  12. I don’t know if we will see an outright ban in our lifetime. 2 strokes yes, but I can’t see 4 strokes going anywhere soon. I can see more small lakes going electric or non motorized, especially provincial parks and conservation areas etc. though. Here’s an article that may show where we are headed with small motors. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6252380 I went with an electric mower and love it, but I had to buy a spare battery to get it done in one shot and at 3x the cost of a cheap gas mower. That’s a lot of gas and oil. But recreational engines and outdoor power equipment must be the dirtiest of engines there are per litre burned, so I thought I’d try investing in cordless. but back to 2 stroke, anyone hear of any legislation coming or in the works? I have 4 of them and don’t want to get stuck with motors I can’t take anywhere.
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