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  1. Hack_Fisherman

    Workin' Down @ The Lake

    WTH, I can’t see the pics!
  2. Hack_Fisherman

    Sea-doo Fish Pro

    Well I don’t think this one’s going to help their cause either. If they want to get into Fishing craft, perhaps they should look at truly something useable. Walk around surfaces The ability to run electric once on your spot. I see this as a feeble attempt at stimulating sales. But that’s my opinion people are welcome to like it of course
  3. Hack_Fisherman

    Sea-doo Fish Pro

    Doesn’t bombardier. make these?
  4. Hack_Fisherman


    Even though it is not reported as official, its close enough for me to say its most likely and in which case I'd like to offer my sincere condolences to Kevin's family, close friends and acquaintances (to many of you by the sounds of things). He sounded like a top notch guy and I wish I could have known him. May your fond memories stay strong and help ease the sorrows you my be experiencing. Be safe everyone and live life to the fullest.
  5. Hack_Fisherman

    Sea-doo Fish Pro

    Hmm, looks as if they are trying to cover a new market, but to me, its still too much PWC and not fishing based enough. Having the bench between my legs would drive me nuts when trying to stand. Would be better if the seat dropped down or folded out on both sides to crate a lat deck. (Don't flame me, I don't know whats under the seat...don't know if it is possible or not) And what is their slogan; "Be first on the fishing spots while pissing everyone off on the way"?? Sea Do Fish POo 💩
  6. Hack_Fisherman

    Salmon gear - what and how on the cheap?

    More like middle aged and cheap. My boat needs much love and money But fishing needs to happen too
  7. Hack_Fisherman

    Where is Big Cliff

    This site is horrible to post on often. Hope they fix it
  8. Hack_Fisherman


    This is sounding quite tragic...hope there is a good ending somehow
  9. Hack_Fisherman

    Salmon gear - what and how on the cheap?

    My Brother and I gave it a go today. Nothing in our boat but my brother had a dandy on but it broke off. Got Close enough to the action to get the big game bug. if anyone in the KW Guelph Milton area is selling manual Downriggers, hit me up
  10. Hack_Fisherman

    Huntsville Help!

    That’s awesome, glad it worked out
  11. Hack_Fisherman

    camping with motor boat access?

    If you want provincial Parks, try 6 mile lake, restuole, Emily and wolf island PP’s
  12. Hack_Fisherman

    Smoked a laker

    For me too. Id have to go to the store and buy it
  13. Hack_Fisherman

    Marine grade plywood

    Do you add grit to keep it anti slip?
  14. Hack_Fisherman

    Father and son trash fishing

    Should take the offenders and make them live in the stinking trash heaps of India for a week and see what they think of that
  15. Hack_Fisherman

    Another heads up, TORNADO WARNING

    Problem is that the more severe weather patterns get, the less accurate their modelling software is. The software is designed on historic patterns AFAIK