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  1. Call the wreckers, they have a network. but is it worth the time and money to get a few bucks more on the sale? what about a body shop pull & fill the dent and re-spraying the door. they can adjust a bit for fade and any difference in colour may not be any more noticeable than a wrecker door that may be faded differently anyway ?
  2. Got a photo? if there’s no crease, you may be able to pull it out with a suction cup or remove an interior panel and coax it out I pushing or levering a piece of wood against it. Maybe with something like a heavy rag over the end so you don’t do more damage. if it is stretched, it will need some more intense massage. And that’s most likely going to require filler & repaint
  3. Can’t help you on a polishing compound suggestion but I’d suggest you look to doing a protective coating afterward or you will have to do it all over again. I recall a product called shark hide or something, might be worth looking into if you haven’t already
  4. I agree. And I think this breed is mentally unstable and should be illegal. let the breed die off. Man created them so it is not like a “natural species” lost. unfortunately, the “tough dog image” types will move on to other breeds that can be dangerous like Rottweilers, shepards, Doberman’s etc.
  5. Or “fresh” maple syrup on the side of the road in the first Feb thaw of the year
  6. Those are some brilliant ideas. I never would’ve considered using my ice tent with pads or the ratchet strap on the cooler/tree idea. Thanks
  7. Depending on the hose size I use the OMC Zip ties that are designed for fuel lines. They have a little bit of a curved seat so that when tight it gives it a 360° seal. I prefer these over the old clamps. They’re easy to cut off and change the lines if need be
  8. That sucks. If they don’t make it right, I’d give them a bad review whoever one could be left. did you pay by PayPal? They clearly did not stick to the delivery schedule
  9. I think after this thread, testing the waters might be best if we camp at a provincial park Where the cooler can be left in the vehicle, and the bulk and weight of gear isn’t an issue because it’s being set up right out of the vehicle, not dragged out in an overloaded boat. if she enjoys that, and then perhaps we will pair down further and do some back country. thanks for your thoughts
  10. Or maybe rethink the size of the rope LOL buggers!
  11. Thanks. I guess their noses are much better than I thought. how comfortable are the thermal pads? Is it worth putting a thermal pad on top of a cot?
  12. hey guys, any tent campers here? Looking for tips on how to make the better half happier in a boat access trip. Any votes for cots for comfort? Pads are a no, I could blame that on her but we are both too old to sleep on the ground on a 1” mat.. (longtime tent trailer and travel trailer campers…never did much tenting) yup…I know, lightweights Also, aside from the yeti coolers, is there a comparable product on the market that isn’t going to break the bank? I don’t know if we’re ready for dehydrated camping at the stage if ever. and before anybody mentions it, I know the coolers are or can be bear attractants. I was thinking we would keep it in the boat under a blanket when not in use? Anybody ever hear of a bear climbing in a beached or moored boat? the rest I’d suspend in a tree. I just don’t want a bear messing up our food supply (planning a 2-3 day outing) thanks in advance
  13. That it!! Thank you. I remember the name Kraken. There’s a black and blue one I’m after too and that’s one of theirs. Thanks much!
  14. JT’s has been great for me to deal with in my boat build. No more storefront so curb/mail only. Their shipping times are very good
  15. Edit oops, I contributed to a re-surfaced 10 year old thread…oh well, I wrote it, so hopefully it’s useful to a new canoe buyer….. I bought a 13.5’ Scott Bushman years ago. Square Stern up to 4hp and heavy cargo capable but what a TANK. 85 lbs of fiberglass is killer on the shoulders, even with the wooden yoke with neck cutout I added. Triple keel. Great for wind blown lakes but a bear for river paddling. it works great with a troller but see above again about paddling. Unsinkable with chambers and sponsons and stable enough to stand in, even in mild river current. if I bought another canoe, it would be a more efficient paddling model that is portage capable (under 50lbs) and not a square stern. I think I’d prefer to mount the electric troller on a side mount as the tiller handle isn’t right behind your back. If I ran a gas tiller, id still opt for a square stern however (over fears of losing an expensive motor on a side bracket)
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