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  1. Is that tinnermans rock upriver from the French river lodge? More scars on that rock than on a Florida manatee. I think people hit it every year
  2. Very cool! I can’t wait to try this. That 27.5” walleye was exactly the same as my PB on the French. The ONLY fish we caught all day, last pass in, almost pitch dark. Sometimes pays to stay out until the bitter end on a bad day of fishing (and in that case not so bitter)
  3. Excellent good to know thanks. I have 2 choices then, between prop wash area and outer strake (but this is close to the 15” min distance) and the outer corner which I’d be concerned with getting knocked off somehow. I think I’ll gamble with the inner spot as my prop is 7” further out from the transom due to the cmc tilt unit. I don’t know what that will change in terms of prop wash. But I guess I can always move it if it isn’t working properly What do you mean about sharp shooting?
  4. Did anyone put one of these side scans on a riveted aluminum boat? The instructions say min 15” from prop area, about rivet rows and strakes...I’ve got few options... are they really that fussy?
  5. Thanks again guys. I haven’t got any new pricing yet. Every day I search Kijiji or FB marketplace for used. I was hoping to find a 90’s or early 2000’s OMC 60 or 70 as I had always heard they were solid...but perhaps not. Finding 70 Yamahas is like finding hens teeth. But this Covid recession and likely soon to be depression really has me concerned about spending $10k on a brand new toy. I don’t know if I can pull the trigger on new
  6. What year was the Johnny? 2 stroke on that one?
  7. Great looking boat! I run s 16’ aluminum and a 12v 55. I find wind can kill it so I use it in conjunction with the wind and control the drift mainly, then it lasts much longer. Im putting a spare battery in this year so I can go all day.
  8. Congrats on your recovery, I hope it’s smooth sailing for you from here on in. Enjoy your comeback
  9. https://www.greysauble.on.ca/portfolio/arran-lake/# Ive never been. Please post your findings if you go. I’ve wanted to explore this area too
  10. Perfect, I mainly want to know depths when moving around, especially if I’m not all that familiar with the water. Especially the hidden shoals. Thanks again for your help
  11. Truthfully I didn’t read up on it in detail, but now I’m hearing that it might cap out at 10mph but I’ve gone down the internet rabbit hole to find mixed answers. Perhaps we can lean again on @Cosmos or @AKRISONER to weigh in? I hope I don’t have to buy another transducer and y cable. My boat goes ~30mph currently. Hoping to get it up near 40 next year
  12. That’s s great idea, I never considered the US market. And I’d be down with that sometime, I think we would
  13. Excellent, thanks for your input. I was worried if I’d run into starting issues and having 3 batteries in the boat already, I didn’t want the weight or cost of yet another. If the motor alternator man keep it charged while my 2 bank charger can deal with the TM batts, that’s perfect! and man, I’d love to see your boat! Just one helix 7 is worth more than my whole boat!
  14. Hey guys, I hear these take a lot of juice to run all day. Do you guys run dedicated batteries for them? Deep cycle?
  15. Do you have a cracked knee brace? Wondering what caused the crack in the skin
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