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  1. Amazing work. If you’re selling any (glows or musky) please pm me
  2. Thanks guys, ordering a dozen from Best Lure. They look great. I’m not paying big bucks for old Lyman’s. At least not until I know what I’m doing and “the must haves”
  3. Thanks guys, good to know. And might be worth signing up on FB
  4. Excellent point, I hadn’t considered that. I did notice they were pulling back in current
  5. Thanks, I wondered if that’s what they were doing
  6. Thanks we were using the depth counter. We did turn off the alarm and set the notification to large fish only. I guess we have to learn to read the signature marks and rely on that
  7. Hey everyone, my Brother and I have just started using downriggers with a new Helix 7. We are having issues with the cannonball being picked up on sonar. Comically, the first time out we thought the river mouth was totally stacked with fish as the swells had the cannonballs triggering a fish alarm...whoops. We were out Monday when we figured it out and low and behold, we could not locate fish with the riggers up. We noticed guys zipping around with front trollers down. Not sure if they were using them with that new isteer or whatever you call it, or if they are using it for a front mount transducer. Wondering if a front troller mount transducer will help solve the downrigger interference issue or if there’s simpler measures we could take? Thanks in advance
  8. With new supply being cut off/unavailable, and used prices being unrealistic, are there any companies producing something similar? My Brother and I have been trying our luck for chromes on Lake O and Huron and I would like to start picking up Lyman type lures. But there’s a LOT of other fishing stuff I want and need and $50-75+ each is a no from me.
  9. Thanks, I can’t get into 13k + tax on a new motor and controls. Not in these uncertain times. Etec is off the table too. Might be cheapest option but they blow up. The wife’s car needs replacing in the next few years. I can’t have payments on payments. But as it stands, I’ve since dragged home a few motors. The first came on a boat that I’ve since flipped but I ended up picking up another, newer motor in better shape. I’ll be bringing up the older one to good shape this winter and move out the slower one in the spring. Because of the junk motors I ended up with earlier this season, I’m now looking for parts motors to play Franken-Johnny-rude with over the winter..1975-1999 60/70hp
  10. Congrats on those 2 beautiful muskies. I’m still dreaming of even one like that...
  11. All great suggestions. I agree with others on coils. have you done a decarb? is your hull getting fouled? I just bought and sold a water stored aluminum boat that looked like it sat on the bottom of the ocean for 50 years. You mention gas is not bad, but is Premium right for your motor? Premium burns slower, regular is actually hotter, faster burn. I don’t believe ethanol fuels are the killer everyone complains about if you use stabilizer and use the fuel within the season. I’ve never had a problem on any of my motors. Lastly, is your boat getting waterlogged? (Could any of your floatation foam or floors be sucking up water causing extra weight, or leaf/debris plugged channels trapping water from getting to the bilge)
  12. I was at a lodge on the French in July that was booking up decently for the fall. He said one of the others was was nearly closed due to most of is business being American patrons. I hope that most of the lodges like this were able to rebook with Canadians to see the season through. Seems like everyone north of the border was so hungry to get outside this year after the lockdown. Ive never seen so much boat traffic (around my area anyway) I suggest lodge owners start advertising to get as many Canadian bookings for next year just in case
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