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  1. enjoy the fresh 70 until the gas engine ban in 2035 something.... 14 years to go LOL. They'll stop selling tcw-3 in 10 years, btw Huh?
  2. True, but I’ll miss the touring factor. We go to a lot of the provincial parks and often spend a day (or more) road tripping the area. Maybe keep the canoe after all and bring the car (and canoe) on a tow dolly for trips to new areas or “city” based trips etc.
  3. our tent trailer is so small we’re knees to knees at the dinette, which is the only place to sit. We looked at lots of trailers at the RV show but I want to bring the boat too. buying a 3/4 ton truck daily driver to tow both a 5r and a boat is out of the question. (Nor do I want to tow a train) So I think C class is the right size fit for us and my thoughts are if we really enjoy it over the next 2 years we would possibly commit to buying newer to go further out.
  4. Thanks Cliff, I really appreciate that offer. I definitely need something that’s running, driving, stopping and looks structurally sound as a starting point. Non running is a dealbreaker. Good point about the sitting forever thing. I hear the domestic 2 way fridges are not cheap (if I can even find matching sizes etc). I’d definitely want one that runs on both propane and 12v
  5. Thanks, I’m hearing similar things. Our old, basic Coleman was better built than later years. Roof, canvas etc.
  6. Geez, is the RV pool just as crazy as the boating situation right now? I thought about picking up a cheap 80’s or 90’s C Class (Think cube van chassis) to fix up. Prices are anywhere from ok to right stupid. But the wife is done with the tent trailer and I’d rather tow the boat now anyway, so now on to something I never considered until now. Anyone running an older rig with moderate success? I’m not afraid of mechanical repairs or substantial restoration work, but I don’t want a an absolute money pit turd of a project. there seems to be some decent, lower mileage picks out there that by mileage, should have substantial life left. (Save for age related things like deteriorated plastics, rubber etc) My preferences tend to be by what I can afford out-of-pocket. I don’t have payments and I do not want payments. If anybody out there has run both old and new and the answer is buy new or forget it, I need to know this LOL. (Somehow I think it’s going to be the latter)
  7. Look at it as a new chapter. Book is not over yet. Enjoy the hell out of the new one
  8. Congrats on your purchase. Also on the decision to keep the Yammy. I wouldn’t have traded it for a new merc either.
  9. Sign up on AOMCI (antique outboard motor club) they have a forum called “ask a member” you won’t find a better resource forum for old outboard motors than there. Be careful removing the upper screws until you know which one. IIRC, some old OMC lower units had three screws and one was to position or secure something inside. Removing by mistake made it a real hassle to resemble said item good luck with your motor, hope it works out
  10. Ok, so perhaps just a winching thing...would a bigger winch, electric winch or roller trailer, roller bunks or slicks be enough to offset those concerns? I don’t know your needs but I think there’d be enough wiggle room to offset the weight difference depending on your budget?
  11. Both are nice. But I much prefer everything offered in the Crestliner. Much better on the compartments and control panel layout. And while I generally think nautolex is a better overall product long term, the carpet in the Crestliner looks nicer. is there that much weight difference and where does the heavier weight difference really impact you? (Launch, towing, roll around dry storage Ie; garage etc)
  12. If you still have a chance, try trolling deep for eyes. Guys were up there last week and did ok downrigging eyes. Ask at the lodge.
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