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  1. Good luck to you and your health. enjoy your travels/other toys.
  2. Transport Canada. Not required for boats powered by 9.9 hp or less. Online transfer. You will need bill of sale, name of previous owner. Be prepared to get a letter from Finance Ontario asking you how much you paid as they want the HST.
  3. Thanks guys, so easy peasy then. Hardly any different. I run stabilizer in all of my seasonal gear
  4. For you guys running 4 stroke OB’s, are your annual maintenance costs somewhat reasonable? Does winterizing take much more than 2 strokes? I’m assuming I’ll change required but no fogging? Do they self drain when out of the water so there’s no freeze/expansion issues? I like to run to November.
  5. I just found out I’m eligible for vac now, I’m getting it.
  6. This works well, just be sure to wipe paint off if it builds up because it finds a way to creep around to the back. Don’t let the brush strokes hit the blade too heavily or you have to clean it often.
  7. And these are the people that keep us suffering. Selfish, careless a-wipes. so we gotta wear masks, sanitize hands, follow rules. This isn’t about govt control or a new world order people. It’s a pandemic. A light one at that. It could be so much worse. But no, those who don’t do their part by their own justifications help drag this on forever...killing more small businesses and driving the dollars into mega corporations instead.
  8. So true. I think we’ve all seen businesses wither away because they didn’t stick with the times or adapt to changes. Granted, Covid 19 caught so many off guard, so to prepare for that was probably not possible (speaking of the first year). but we’re in this now year two and probably going to be lingering effects for the next few so immediate action on counter strategy is vital for those who’s clientele have been greatly reduced and will likely to be over the next few years. I.e. marketing strategies, package options, value added services, etc. Thinking outside the box instead of trying to plug away as usual may not only help survive the times but also build the business into a much stronger, profitable one post-covid. I wish all business owners luck. So many have folded already.
  9. Spae-Naur. No online, they still operate out of the dinosaur era, but their phone service is good. They have oddball stuff nobody else has
  10. +1 I just ordered clecos, pliers and rivet removal tools and they shipped it to me in like 3 days. Great service
  11. I recently discovered Tony Joe White. Digging Polk Salad Annie, Boot Money, Keep going and many more. I got a Spotify account and it’s really got me listening to a lot of stuff.
  12. I couldn’t agree more. I think I posted them a while back. I love the slide work and strong vocals
  13. Wow no light pollution in your area? I can’t believe the detail
  14. I think it would be a good strategy for those who normally cater to Americans to start using social media and other means to shift their focus on securing Canadian guests. We stayed on the French twice last year. The lodge owner had some decent interest by using social media and word of mouth. I don’t know if they were booked solid but I believe they were quite steady.
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