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  1. Johnny D, cool stories and my condolences to you & family
  2. Hack_Fisherman

    50 Point Conservation Area + Kelson Beach

    If I recall, 50 point is popular spot. Another half hour down the road is Bass Pro Shop’s and a big shopping mall if the weather goes south. On route to there in Jordan is an abandoned ship once converted to a pirate ship replica, it now half sunk burnt and rusty but neat to see
  3. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    I appreciate that offer. As it turns out, I have purchased another full unit complete with pedal from a member here. Did some A.B. testing. Turns out it wasn’t my pedal after all, it was the unit itself. I’m quite thrilled that I was able to purchase this unit. Because now I have a good motor and two working pedals. I’m going to keep the spare in the boat for good measure also I found out four wires is for 24 V. Two wires is for 12 V. Just in case anybody else runs into the same situation Thanks guYS
  4. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    hey guys, anyone know why this is a four wire system if it’s 12 V? I’ve got two power leads and two black. One of the red and one of the black has a blue stripe
  5. Hack_Fisherman

    Ontario fires

    Good news finally about parry sound 33. They have made good progress and Some residents were allowed to return home
  6. Hack_Fisherman

    Ontario fires

    I don’t know about you guys, but the severe weather patterns we have been seeing scares the crap outta me. What are we facing in the future???
  7. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Thanks. I noticed the pedals were all from newer versions. Shame they can’t be adapted.
  8. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Isn’t it? I was sitting at a traffic light heading in elmira and saw a young man at the light with a horse and buggy selling maple syrup. A bad storm was coming, and he was standing there looking at intently while checking the weather (assuming) on his large smart phone/fablet. No word of a lie
  9. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    Thanks for the idea. My coworker knows of an old order mennonite who’s supposed to be electronics wiz. Go figure! If I can’t fix this or find a pedal for it I might just go and see what he can come up with. I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on an antique, but I sure can’t afford a new one!! Especially when I have to re-power with another Outboard soon and want a really nice fish finder... New floors and carpet and seats and a transom. That doesn’t even address the work I’m trying to get done on the old wooden classic in the pictures background. That one gets peanuts and hardly that
  10. Hack_Fisherman

    Greased the new toon

    Oh that is cool. By the way, your regular catches are lifetime fish for me. Those are awesome fish. I’ve never really looked at one of these rigs before. Did not know you could use flippers. I might have to get me one of those rigs. I can’t seem to catch anything around here with a powerboat. Might be time to go back to the quiet lakes.
  11. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    I think I got a real mouldy oldie. Maybe first Gen? Anyone know where I would begin to test whether the pedal is gone or it’s the motor ? I’m not that much of an electronics guy but do have some basics and a digital multimeter
  12. Hack_Fisherman

    Ontario fires

    Best of luck to you. I hope they and mother nature can knock this one into submission.
  13. Hack_Fisherman

    Simple 2" square tubing for trailer extension?

    Most welding shops will sell off cuts for cash. Even better deal 😊
  14. Hack_Fisherman

    Greased the new toon

    That rig looks cool! how long does it take to set up? Are the the sponsons double chambered? how well does the troller work in windy or breezy conditions? what is the purpose of the footwell being open to the water? Could a mesh or screen floor be added? (For people like me who tend to who tend to drop stuff)
  15. Hack_Fisherman

    Minn Kota Power Drive 50 - troubleshooting

    That’s a lot of good info guys thank you very much