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  1. Yea, the " upper Grand" is considered by many to be a lot farther up than Bellwood. Above hwy 89 it still exists. Unfortunately due to poor planning and cash coppers tile drying their fields, its a dying fishery. 25 years ago I could catch natural specks fly fishing. Now, carp, small mouth bass and bullheads. Sad tbh.
  2. Moore gets pretty small quickly imho.
  3. Lol, no. I never said it was a load or a road, more like an old track. I noticed it when studying topo maps of the area. Plotted it on my gps and well, yea, drove to a put in spot and followed the channel to Little Miss. Yea, it was there. Mind you this was back in the early 2000's. No bushwacking involved, got there in my 2wd cargo van hauling a boat. My gps has never lied to me, it just takes some research and faith. If it didnt work out, we would have continued on to the big Miss.
  4. Nice spot. We were able to drive there. Camped on an one of the islands. It was interesting. Great fishing and the only place I have ever been where every five out of ten walleye were brought in with a bonus pike eating the walleye. 2 4 1.
  5. Done buddy, no welcome wagon for those new to the town?
  6. Good to hear Ron, you are a pillar in the fishing community and I am proud to count you as one of my friends.
  7. Yes indeed, it was nice to be out fishing again as it has certainly been a long time coming for me. Great to spend some time with friends as well, the catching part is simply the icing on the cake (as opposed to the ahem....icing that fish shot all over Terry, opposites attract?). Thanks guys!
  8. Is it time?

    1. Dano


      Hi my friend, it's been a while.

    2. irishfield


      10 years since I asked if it was time....:D:D

    3. Dano


      Yea, I think so Wayne. 

  9. Thanks again everyone. I have to share this with you. I just woke up from one of my fever induced "naps" and the only dream I can recall is that a bunch of us were ice fishing up north (the usual cast of characters + a bunch more) off of Waynes dock and we tied into a school of walleye, one after another, everyone was catching them. I can guaratee I wouldnt have had that sweet dream had it not been for this thread. Thanks to Wayne & all who replied once again. Wayne, hold off on that nurse uni untill I am better please as I have no energy for even that these days...
  10. My deepest condolances to you and your family Rick.
  11. Thank you all so very much, you dont know how much this means to me. It has been a frustrating road and reading this has certainly lifted my spirits. I am at Ferns place now and she is doing a fine job of being a nurse but I find it difficult as I am quite an independent individual who hates being a burden for anyone though she insists she doesnt mind, I am a very fortunate man that way. I feel lucky to have my friends here too, and thank you all again for the prayers and thoughts.
  12. No doubt Canada played to lose, it ceratinly wasnt just the netminders fault. The whole team right from the centres (centers) on down were sluggish and lacking fire. Good for the Swedes, they outplayed them.
  13. Yup, typical, happens to me all the time too Joey, so take solace you are not alone. Every time I go a gov't centre (center) of some sort things go awry as sure as the sun rises no matter how much prep work investigating I have done. The worst part? You have absolutley zero recourse other than another letter to your MP that will be ignored.
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