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Aluminum or Kayak for Fishing


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I’ve fished out of a kayak, I’ve fished out of a 14 foot sportspal square stern, and I even have a heavy duty inflatable kayak for fall steelhead.  A 14 foot tinner outclasses them all as far as I’m concerned.  I have a Great Lakes boat, a tinner, and the inflatable kayak.  I got rid of the sportspal and the Nucanoe 2 person kayak that I had.  Nothing wrong with them, just not as capable!

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haha I am like Drifter. 16.5 footer, 2-12 footers, 8 foot jon boat, 2 kayaks, canoe and a pedal boat...each has a time and a place. So if you can't do both a kayak and a tinny, and the purpose is exlusively fishing (not paddling etc) I would opt for a small tinny. I tend to bring a LOT of gear when I go and a tinny allows for it to come along

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Not enough information to give an opinion and really what do you care about what others think.  Go with what you like.

Missing info: 
1. Do you want a 12footer to throw in a truck?  Do you have a truck?"
2. Do you want a 14 footer with a fixed gas motor?
3. What\where are you fishing?
4. What is wrong with you kayak?  Do you have to trailer it or do you have a ton of convenience.

Kayaks can be rigged to the hilt.  Down riggers, 6 rods trolling, fish finders, nets, cooler, motor and can still be stood up in.  Never seen a foot controlled trolling motor on one though.  It is insane how much stuff and what can be hauled up on in a kayak.  No limits, even a basic kayak can have most everything you would want.

Aluminum you don't have to physically exert yourself to fish, can be bashed about, can be more stable, you can bring a friend in the boat, you can stretch your legs, take a kid.

Grass is always greener on the other side but I bet when you get there you will miss not having the smell of gas, exercise and being close to the water.  The fishfinder can setup will probably be better and the trolling motor will allow more finesse. 


both, yep, have both.

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I had a 12 foot boat and that particular one felt like I was sitting on the floor of it.. theseat was way to low and some of the Jon boats will feel the same way unless you add a raised seat. I also have a sportspal pointed that I used to fish from but I hope to trade or sell in order to get a 12 foot flat back to take to moose camp.. my sit on kayak does the trick in for some cases but I can't carry much..

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