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  1. Maybe i need to go to a fishing lure and hockey card trade show.
  2. Yep only 10 lures or so. Sometimes slightly different sizes or a variation. Maybe i am not patient enough. What can i say? I have a decent amount of lures and i do work them but things get slow and i go back to old faithfuls and start catching. I bet there are those that fish far fewer lures. I even do that when fishing with a friend, we change it up to learn, a fish gets caught and and they say "what did you catch it on?" And it is usually a favorite. I dont watch a lot of fishing tv but when i do...Dave Mercer. I dont see him needing a lot of tools. Some lures are good for multiple species so why restrict myself unless it is for the fun of targeting something.
  3. Totally unfair and wrong of me to label a whole line. I have a coupe of perch that did ok. A cluster ball thing with little fish in it didnt do anything and a bait ball thing blah. Another piece of rubber sunfish not so good. So no live target hate but they cant all be winners...ot maybe they are and i didnt implement them right.
  4. The old saying lures were meant to lure people to buy them. Mostly true. I haven't had great success with Live Target stuff but I am sure many have. I swear I catch 90% of my fish with about 10 lures. When I am not using one of those 10 I am not catching. Live target makes my list.
  5. The one in the original picture is a bowfin though??? Beady eyes, strips on the tale, short snout, stubby enough tale. ??????????
  6. Super tough and belligerent boat companion. They don't like complying.
  7. What high school are you teaching at today?
  8. Look at the picture in the original post.
  9. Yep. I have caught 2. A giant claw through the head is the only thing a bowfin understands.
  10. I added you to my message ignore list ptownhowie so you can stop sending me messages of all your "accomplishments"
  11. At least quote correctly: "I think you are nuts to put a bowmount on a kayak"
  12. I didn't call you any names but that isn't stopping you from claiming I did. Basically, I took the time to provide an experienced and intelligent response and you guys come out all fist thumping on the warpath calling me a liar and claiming I am the type of poster that ruins boards. Quite set of statements there. You didn't even have the courtesy or awareness to say what type of fishing and where you were doing it or other details. I have nothing, zilch to prove to you (or that other poster). I don't care about your claimed resume or your age as if age makes you a better, more intelligent or wiser person. I have no idea why you have gone off the deep end but it definitely points to a mental health issue.
  13. No they offensively put. I did the guy a solid, looked up his kayak and even found a good you tube video for him. I have experience he just didnt like that his question wasnt going to evolve into some great thing with lots of responses. I doubt he even watched the video because he didnt bother to post more details about what he is doing. He can do what he likes.
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