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FREE & Legit OEM Outboard Manuals for Download/Print


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I posted a few weeks back looking for an outboard manual. I ended up getting the screen shot I needed (thx to Big Cliff & BC Jr) but I continued my quest to obtain the entire manual for '91 Merc 115. So after continued & dogged determination, I found the following site deep in my google search results and happy to share with everyone here.


The site:



The facts:

- Original OEM service manuals in their entirety

- Owners manuals & marketing manuals as well

- No sketchy registration required

- NO COST :) except for cost of printing

- Does not work on mobile devices. You'll need to acces via desk/laptop

- Download & print max 25 pages at a time

- Print to PDF to save $$ but still restricted to 25 page limit

- All major OEMs available for HP & years back to 50s/60s through current (I think?)


I am a happy owner of a 379 page printed & bound manual @ zero cost :) :) Printing & binding was no cost as a major printer OEM is a client of mine :)



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