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  1. I’ve had expensive cables go out quicker than cheap ones. Do yourself a favour and buy the cheapest you can find.
  2. I guess for the same reason guys take a pic before releasing it.
  3. Think that’s the one I saw.. it has a clamp yeah? Seems ok. The ‘tournament’ one mentioned above seems like a gimmick
  4. Any idea how the new rapala ones are? Seems like a decent deal
  5. What year spotlock? My 2017 terrova is dead on. My old power drive was a hit or miss. edit: the heading sensor that the new terrova/ultrex comes with has nothing to do with spot lock
  6. My helix 5 gps does the same.. could it be a bad battery? My group 24 battery starts my 50 merc and runs 2 helix 5’s. I’ve noticed if I run the finders for a few hours then crank the motor they both turn off.
  7. Seems to be the norm nowadays.
  8. Traveled to Europe many times, they are a lot more lenient than it would be to bring that fish over here. I don't see any problems for you or your friend.
  9. Run a gps/di helix 5 at the console and a basic helix 5 up at the bow, cheap and simple setup.. its been great. A helix 7 si will probably happen next year.
  10. You looking for SS or plastic? Installed some of these recently https://www.ebay.com/itm/Slam-Latch-for-3-4-door-RV-Motorhome-Boat-Drawers-Cabinet-door-PUSH-TO-CLOSE/132462556850?hash=item1ed76236b2:g:RMsAAOSwMEtaU-ab:rk:11:pf:0
  11. You definitely want to use a fuse.. anderson plugs are working great.
  12. I have a bass pro branded one.. I've had it for a few years but starting to question if it works properly. It was stored in a compartment that got a lil wet over a long weekend and it didn't inflate. Wondering if it's a water pressure type deal that inflates it or what? Either way, good deal for a mustang auto inflate.
  13. Happened to me multiple times. I dealt with it all of last year.. no more. My MK plug is now only covering up a hole.
  14. Anderson plugs installed.. had to order a cheapo crimper off amazon. Nice plug, should last a long time. A good option for anyone looking.
  15. The problem with lining it up isn’t so much the actual plug.. but the mounting plate with the small tooth/indent that the female plug has to lineup with. I always had a problem where the screws came loose on the mounting plate and the male plug would just spin and not engage. A shame too because they were so close to getting it right. The 6awg adapter needs some type of clip/bracket to hold the wires in place so they won’t loosen over time. Got the suggested plug in the mail today.. looks good.
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