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  1. Pretty slick idea. Thanks.
  2. Are you terrova guys using a mount to secure the shaft when not in use? I see ram mount makes one but I've never had the need to use one. This shaft seems to bounce around a bit more than my trolling motors in the past.
  3. It's a old 16'5" deep v. I'll wait till I get some time in skinny water to see if I want to cut it or not. Now to find some batteries.
  4. Thought about Aikman's. Wasn't sure if they were authorized. It's fine in deeper water but running shallow it will stick up quite a bit. More of a obstacle vs. problem. A 45" shaft would have been to small for my deep v.
  5. Picked up the terrova, 80# 60" shaft Nice looking unit, comes with the gps puck. To my understanding, if you cut the shaft yourself you lose your warranty. Any dealers in the GTA that would do this?
  6. Do you guys in rural Ontario not get the option for unlimited bandwidth? That's crazy and makes little to no sense to me. I pay $96 tax in for a unlimited 10gb fibe connection, basic tv and home phone. Price is locked in for 2 years. Once they raise the price I'll call in, complain, and repeat.
  7. So I understand that the Terrova was redone in 2017 with bluetooth and a better iPilot system. I'm looking at sail's website and they have the Terrova 1358894 but when you check the minn kota website with the same model number you get a different image. The one on the minn kota website displays the GPS heading sensor. Are all models now coming with the sensor? To my understanding it's to help with the jog feature. Any of you guys on here have the newer 2017 model? How do you like it? I'm assuming the one on the sail website is the current version. https://www.sail.ca/en/minn-kota-terrova-80-us2-ip-bt-449754 https://minnkotamotors.johnsonoutdoors.com/freshwater-trolling-motors/terrova
  8. I've tried about 5-6 different flouro lines on different baitcasters.. can never get the hang of it. 30-50# braid on all my setups now, spent too much money to be dissapointed with flouro. Sometimes I'll throw on a 2ft flouro leader. Fishing any heavy cover 100% braid.
  9. boombap


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    I am selling a Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 50# 12v with iPilot and a 48" shaft. The trolling motor was purchased new in 2016 and I added the iPilot in 2017. It's in good shape and has low hours. Comes with iPilot remote and I'll also include the original head with the foot pedal. Could throw in a 2 year old 27 series deep cycle battery for $50. $1000

    1,000.00 CAD

    , Ontario - CA

  10. Honestly man, these day's it's hard to go wrong with either Humminbird or Lowrance.. especially when comparing the lower end units like you mentioned. If your just looking for a simple graph with some extra options it's hard to beat what you have picked out. A lot of guys will argue this like it's chevy vs ford vs mopar in the 70's.. brand loyalty means nothing nowadays and all units have ups and downs. For the money this is hard to beat https://www.cabelas.ca/product/107619?productVariantId=298593&gclid=Cj0KCQiAsJfhBRCaARIsAO68ZM7YxfmaUjvC06a8537HlWtnLEA_Qdw43Y5sufSgR5WdoKpRHtwaK00aAsosEALw_wcB
  11. Check out flash logic starters. Have had mine in for 3 years and no issues. Cheap too.
  12. Mine's a 2009 mercury 50 elpto.. had someone tell me it may do more harm than good.
  13. I've always wondered.. is fogging oil really necessary? I run seafoam every other tank and always use shell 91.
  14. Do it yourself man.. it really is easy once you get the hang of it. It's not worth w.e your going to pay a shop to do it.
  15. x2 Use a outdoor plywood from HD and a good 2 part epoxy and call it a day.
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