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  1. The time has come to finally try one of these out. There’s a bunch of sellers on eBay selling them new for a great price. Quite a bit cheaper than what I would pay here. Most are 2018 models.. don’t think there’s been any changes to them. Anyone know if these are legit? https://www.ebay.ca/itm/2018-Shimano-Curado-DC-150-151-150HG-151HG-150XG-151XG-low-profile-fishing-reel/323717407930?hash=item4b5f0fa4ba:g:qbMAAOSwqNJbY8Xa
  2. Gluvit is great stuff.. used it on a old build years ago. 5200 is also great.
  3. Maybe I’ll give it a shot In theory.. if the boat sat with water in it for 45 mins and the bunks were dry then the rivets are probably fine.. yeah?
  4. Here’s a couple.. I thought about using a come-a-long and a strap and tying it off to the beam in the garage but ehhh that kinda worries me.
  5. Nice boats guys Figured I’d ask this here before making a new topic. Ive recently discovered a good amount of water getting into my old deep v aluminum. It’s a riveted/welded hull. I put some water in it last week and the only spot I could find that was leaking was where it was missing a rivet. I replaced it with blind pop rivets and 5200. My issue now is that there’s a line of rivets where the boat sits on the bunks. When I had water in it the bunks were bone dry so I’m assuming they’re not leaking. Is there an easy way to lift the boat off the bunks to have a look?
  6. Still cant get over my $80 parking ticket at the gilford parking lot years ago.. I paid for 5 hours.. was 30 mins late. Needless to say I never paid the ticket.
  7. The first day out in some decent wind and your going to regret not going for the 24v.. just my opinion.
  8. Kayaking the kawarthas instead of a boat this opener.. cant wait
  9. To all the people claiming rust ate the vehicle... did you rust proof? I hear people complaining about rust all the time.. but never thought to rust proof. Krown, fluid film ect.. the stuff works if applied correctly. My '12 ram is spotless.. I've seen '15s rusted out already.
  10. Have my 2 group 31's front and center on a 16.5" aluminum deep v.. works great.
  11. I’ve had expensive cables go out quicker than cheap ones. Do yourself a favour and buy the cheapest you can find.
  12. I guess for the same reason guys take a pic before releasing it.
  13. Think that’s the one I saw.. it has a clamp yeah? Seems ok. The ‘tournament’ one mentioned above seems like a gimmick
  14. Any idea how the new rapala ones are? Seems like a decent deal
  15. What year spotlock? My 2017 terrova is dead on. My old power drive was a hit or miss. edit: the heading sensor that the new terrova/ultrex comes with has nothing to do with spot lock
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