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Best Steelhead Fishing Day Ever With My Grandpa! (lots Of Pics)


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Hey Guys


Went out to a trib today to try my luck for steelhead (sorry can't reveal the location would be happy to share but took me a while to find these spots and If you head down to any ontario trib you will hook into steelhead for sure). I Caught a few before but never with my grandpa. Me and my grandpa got there around 8 a.m, as soon as we get to our first spot I see a steelhead and cast there right away and as soon as I do my first drift with a spinner WHAM! Fish on! Fought for a good 5 min and then got off! Discouraged we kept fishing the pool but nothing else.


Head to another pool and my grandpa tosses a spoon and hooks a little guy for about 10 seconds and loses him too! Wow I am thinking we are gonna get skunked and then for a good hour no fish nothing!


Move further down and I finally hook a nice hen and land her after a nice fight! First fish landed and I feel good already I usually dont land a lot of steelhead. My grandpa is excited and we take a quick pic and back she goes.






Head down to another stretch of the creek and I can see a few fish stacked up and as soon as I cast the small spoon WHAM! Fish comes flying out of the water this is a nice one! Hold on only 8lb test mono but a nice 10 ft shimano rod and reel so after tyring him out I finally land him. Nice male don't know the weight but it was a big fish and all I can say is wow steelhead are STRONG fish! Quick pic and back he goes.






Then my grandpa finally hooks another huge male and after fighting him for a while he finally lands him and I snap a quick pic and he is very happy, he has never landed a steelhead before so he wont forget this one! I quickly put him back and the water is ice cold.





We move further down the river and I hook a small hen but she comes off 1 min into the battle. Then I hook into another male and these fish are like frieght trains once they start peeling line you cant stop them. I was scrambling to catch up to the fish and fell! Thought I lost him but he was still on! Another nice male!





I noticed once you hook one or two fish in a pool the others dont bite anymore. Then my grandpa got tired so he had to take a break so I went on my own and landed a small male and this one was on a pink roe bag. The only fish that hit roe!






Overall I would say best day of steelhead fishing I have ever had! Great to be out with my grandpa and he cant stop talking about how he landed his first steelhead! Great weather (partly cloudy the water was fairly clear and the key to success was changing the presentation from spoons to spinners!)

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awesome report!!!nice to see grandpa got into some fish. sure wish my grandpa had good legs he had both knees replaced and is an avid fisherman but when the weather gets cold he can't take the time in the boat and walking is outta the question or standing and casting off the shore. He actually had to cut his deer hunting short this year because he got some blood poisoning and is still trying to get rid of that enjoy every minute with him your lucky.....

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