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    Hi my name is Alex and im a fishaholic.

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  1. Hello, been a while since I last posted. Last time I gone fishing. Hope fishing is catching for everyone. If what I remember this community is the place to ask where to go, techniques, sun moon phases and everything between. This was a great community, I'm positive it still is. Planning a trip around Burleigh/Peterborough/Kawarthas area this Wednesday. Shore fishing, hope to get into lg bass, maybe some sm bass, pike, perch, carp if above isn't going. Can someone recommend me where I'd have best chance to get into something. Not looking for exact spots, basically an update on where is hot. Been a whole year since I been out. Excited for this chance. Thanks, Good fishing. Aleks
  2. if your catching a lot of fish you dont want people to follow you
  3. its gonna be awsome with hedu, hes a tough matchup cus he can do a lot of things well, cant wait....
  4. if you dont know SIMCOE ANGLER , you know URBANANGLER, if anyone is willing to give us a lift it would be appreciated...
  5. for an electric motor boat one day is 80, half day is 50, is there a possibility, since its a 2 day event to have for both days?
  6. very true, could be a possiblity, thanks for reminder.
  7. July 10-12, i saw the post in the other section and brought it here so we can discuss. Looks exciting, i wonder if boat rentals will stay same price.
  8. stupid bird has good taste, looks like a pickeral walleye? i havent posted in AGES ummm Yea
  9. Good Evening Ric, my fishing expedition has been grounded for the last several months, im sorry I can not provide you with a more detailed report :)

  10. Hey Alex, How've ya been? Hitting any open water lately?

  11. If u mean the red ring of death thing, then no my system doesnt have RROD
  12. i bought it off a guy who bought a lot of them and is selling individually, although the system was working fine for the first week! thats when it decided to take a crap on me, the warranty expired about a year ago, so thats that
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