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  1. There are charging stations popping up everywhere. The price of fuel alone negates the price of the vehicle. Im not too big on the falcon-wing doors, but the overall design is super slick.
  2. As a plumber, I pay for electrical and drywall mudding. Man I hate mudding.
  3. Pex is great for installation and is way better than copper in terms of heat loss. If you can get away with straight runs and sweeping bends, you're apt to have better flow than using 90s and tees. Google pex manifold will show an infinite amount of images. The easiest explanation is that it's a 3/4" inlet (in this case anyways), and what would amount to a 1" chamber, with a series of 1/2" outlets down the chamber. As you'll see in the images, it can get pretty crazy with the amount of pipe that can be used! The fitting he's talking about looks like this. Keep in mind I'm on my phone... 1/2" 3/4" __ |__ 1/2" Finally, here's a guide to waterpipe sizing here in Ontario. It's just a quick guide but does the trick. http://www.oboa.on.ca/events/2010/sessions/files/410.pdf Edit: For clarity,the tee should be 3/4" on one side with two 1/2" outlets.
  4. As a rule of thumb, you should run 3/4" to the last 2 fixtures served. If you"re using PEX, a manifold is the way to go for even distribution throughout a bathroom group. Like aplumma says, your bucket (hot water tank) will fill much faster with a 3/4" line. Also, when using PEX, use the least amount of elbows/tees/couplings as possible. The ID on the pipe might be 3/8", but the insert fitting is about 1/4".
  5. I like a good IPA over most and, while Canadian brewers are making great beer these days, the Americans have it down to a science! The problem though, is that the LCBO has a very rocky relationship with our friends down south and, unless the guy doing the ordering is a real beer guy, most lcbos won't carry a real good selection of American craft beers. Not the biggest problem though. Like I said, Canadian brewers are making some awesome IPAs these days!
  6. Was going to say the same thing. Great site for finding quality beer and learning a little more about what you're consuming. That being said, the Warsteiner Dunkel is probably the closest thing you'll find to the Hoynes. Beeradvocate also recommends the Becks Dark. Me, not so much.
  7. The release vid really shows how big that thing is. I can't even imagine... WOW Thanks for posting that Lew!
  8. if it were up to me and I was going to spend the money anyways, I'd probably be searching craigslist or kijijii for a good quality vintage. you can't reproduce the sound of wood thats aged 40-50 years. That being said, singingdog is absolutely right. My daughter plays an Epiphone Hummingbird, which doesn't sound as good as the Gibson model, but nice tones at the same time at a fraction of the price. But the real surprise was the Yamaha 12string that she has. Was around 600 and the sound is out of this world! My wife has an Ovation 12string that probably cost more than twice that and it doesn't sound as good as the Yamaha. That being said, she also has a Larrivee that gets way more attention and sounds amazing. I've got an Epiphone Masterbuilt that's seen better days, but I just make noise.
  9. Well, the grandslam certainly didn't happen. Weather was crazy today. Think the lake is beginning to turn. Temp was between 48-49 and aside from one smallie from 25fow on the first spot, it was very slow today. I tried all the late season spots and marked a few, but didn't even get a sniff until the last spot, a great late season shoal that drops from 8-30fow. Spent a good hour there and probably got between 12-15 smallies. First one almost yanked the rod from my hands! All fish were suspended off the shoal and parallel casts with moderate pauses were key. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow!
  10. My house manager let me have a cottage retreat this weekend. Was so pumped, got the boat ready, it's pouring rain. Gotta wait it out an hour, hope the bite is on! Going to try for the grandslam bass, walleye, musky and pike. Ill settle for some fat fall bronze but a guy can hope, right?
  11. Nice fish SD! All i can think about these past few days is how id rather be up there catching smallies than at work. Wouldn't you know it, weekend doesn't quite look the same. Nice haul!
  12. According to Kathrin Schrouder, the fisheries biologist who confirmed the record catch, Gasicel plans on having the fish mounted. Had it not been a potential state record, [Gasicel]told me the fish would have been released unharmed, says Schrouder. In this day and age, who gets a skin mount? Just silly IMO.
  13. Harper, in his time, has silenced science, turned Canada into a warring country and done everything in his power to turn our natural wonder into a pipeline. Let's not forget he was ONLY 46 when elected. Oh, and how many times did he prorogue parliament when things weren't going his way? How many of his hand picked ministers walked out on him? Even Flaherty, who was his most trusted advisor left. Flaherty, who told him the income split was a bad idea on grounds of discrimination and that an income tax deduction would serve The People much better. Who's proposing this now? Not Stephen. Trudeau may be young and come from a privileged background , but so was Kennedy. At least he has passion for what it means to be Canadian. He finished school, do some research people. Worked for non-profits and travelled the world. Harper had never done these things prior to being Prime Minister. It's time for a change.
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