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  1. SWEEET SNOW DAY, I hope so, NO SCHOOL!!! jodan
  2. Nice pics and Nice report jordan
  3. Nice fish. W2G, Looks cold out there . jordan
  4. Nice fish thanks for sharin W2G on the first ever whittie jordan
  5. Nice nice. W2G. i bet u were pretty cold out there today. jordan
  6. It is called fishing Fanatics. And i know the guys who run it and they r really nice guys. jordan
  7. NOw thats a sweet gig u got going there catch them and eat them on the spot. Nice report, and looks good. jordan
  8. WOW that is crazy i have never seen one before, did not even know there was such a thing. Crazy i learn new stuff on this board everyday. jordan
  9. Nice report and pics, and fish. W2G jordan
  10. jordan


    Welcome aboard Bassman jordan
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