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  1. Boy, what crazy times we live in nowadays! It's been insanely busy trying to maintain a living in these COVID conditions but luckily I was able to maintain my sanity with a fair bit of ice fishing! Missed the Toronto Boat Show, Spring Fishing & Boat Show, Ottawa Boat Show, Barrie Sportsman Show and all the other spring consumer shows. So I ended up spending more days on the hardwater than I have in a few decades, definitely helped me through the winter! Whenever I went out on a foray onto the ice with friends, we always travelled in separate vehicles, had our own huts, gassed up at home and brought whatever snack we needed to make it through the day! Had many stellar days but of course some tough ones as well, that's why they call it fishing & not catching!😂😂 Lots of hi-lites though: Got to fish some new bodies of water but of course spent lots of time on Lake Simcoe! Was able to test and use some great new baits and equipment - Grumpy Bait Company - HT Enterprise - Garmin Panoptix LiveScope - Erie Secrets Sled just to name a few! Got fish with a bunch of great people and guided 6 friends to their PB Yellow Perch! Took part in a fun on-line tournament - HT Ice Fishing Classic finishing 8th for the largest perch and 3rd for the best 5 perch! This event was open to anyone across North America! Anyway, glad that open water season is here and I hope that everyone had a great ice season! Here are a few pics from this last winter!
  2. Anyone here own the Strikemaster Lite-Flite auger? I think that’ll be my next ice fishing purchase. • Full length segmented flight • Heavy-duty steel hex shaft • Twin chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades The Strikemaster® Lite-Flite is designed to be used with any professional quality 18v (or higher) brushless hand-held cordless electric 1/2" chuck drill or StrikeMaster ice auger power head, and features twin chrome-alloy stainless steel Lazer blades. The full length segmented flight is moulded with blend of synthetic resins, with a heavy-duty steel hex shaft and reinforced "T" connection to the carriage for strength. The carriage is formed from engineered compounds for durability. The Power Point keeps the drill unit in place while drilling.
  3. The 3rd annual Canadian Ice Fishing Expo is moving to a new and better venue, Georgian College Building "J" on December 14th & 15th. Should be another great event and this year we welcome Gord Pyzer to the stage, looking forward to his insightful seminars as always! I will be presenting a seminar titles "JACKS are WILD, especially for Lake Simcoe "JUMBOS"! talking about using Jack Spoons notably Slab Grabbers for lake Simcoe's fames Jumbo Perch! We'll discuss Garmin electronics, Navionics Charts & App, Slab Grabbers, line, HT Enterprises gear and so much more! Come visit me at the HT Enterprises booth, identify yourself as a member of this board and the first 3 members each day who do this will receive a "GIFT"! Looking forward to seeing all the avid hardwater enthusiasts there! Admission is very reasonable at $8 for an adult and children under 12 years of age are FREE! Don't you dare miss it!
  4. Hi all, We have had fishable ice here for about 3 weeks now but this was my first outing by quad. Only about 4" of snow on the ground here so chose the quad over the sled, better on gas. The lake I went to is accessible from our shore across the lake and through the bush/skidoo trails, always a fun ride. Had to be a bit mindful when I got there as early ice can vary from place to place. We have 12" on our lake and I'm taking the ice road to work now, but the lake in the video is a different animal to Wabigoon lake. It is deeper and tends to freeze later. Also with the North/ South orientation of the lake it tends to freeze first at the access point and up to a week later in the main basin where I fish. After some checking turns out like most of the lakes here it froze over in one night as the thickness was 8"-9" of clear black ice at the landing and in the main body. Fishing was good and I got a limit within an hour and a half, lots of missed bites too, good fun.
  5. Buy now and be ready for next season! I have a new 8" ... so no need for this one. This came with a pop-up hut I recently purchased. Located in Peterborough. $50. O.B.O.
  6. Hi, Got into ice fishing this past winter (finally ... have been meaning to for years but finally got off my butt). Anyhow .. for next winter I want to invest in a proper and safe Bib and Jacket. I see there are only a few PDF rated Bibs and Jackets. I see one or two on Amazon, I saw one last night when visiting Sail. I think Canadian Tire may have something as well. I wanted to get some input on what people have purchased and if they are happy with the comfort and warmth. Thanks!
  7. I was able to get out to Shades Mill in Cambridge last weekend and we had 12" of ice. About 1-2 inches on top were not the best but solid clear ice the rest. Likely due to the slight thaw a couple weeks ago. Managed to pull in a nice pike.
  8. A good compilation from 2017. Love the these videos. A Little different from some other fishing channels. Fishing For The Rest of Us Top Catches 2017
  9. Was invited to go on a trip up to northern Quebec with 4 other guys to do some sledding and ice fishing. The trip started in Ottawa and I went to rendezvous with a buddy and another one of the guys on the way to Montreal. Now, I only knew one of the guys going and the age group range was from 26 to 52 so I thought this could be interesting lol. After meeting up with the guys and loading sleds and gear we proceeded to Montreal to meet the last two of the group. Some more shifting around gear and loading sleds and we were on our way. We left Montreal around 6pm Friday and the plan was to drive through the night to Baie-Comeau to pick up another sled. This drive was 10 hrs long and pretty exhausting after having worked all day but we made it. Man was there ever a lot of snow, we were getting the itch to be on the sleds!! After loading up the last sled we drove the 4 hrs north on the 389 to Manic-Cinq where we stopped and had some dinner. Next morning we drove north to an access point to lac Manicouagan where we unpacked ans hooked up the gear for the 1.5 hr sled ride into the cottage on the island. At this time we were in -37 weather with 5' of snow on the flats and 7 feet in the bush. Not a trail to be seen anywhere, it was bushwacking all the way. Each sled had a trailer and some of the gear we brought in was a 6500 series Honda generator, 25 jerry cans of gas, food, fishing gear, clothing. Everything you need to survive in a cabin on an island in the north with no power or running water. Oh, and beer! We arrived at the cabin and then proceeded to cut the trail up to it in order to get the gear up. Then dinner and some laughs looking forward to the next day doing some riding. The fog was what happened when the door opened when it was -51 out lol, it filled the bottom 2 feet of the cabin. Next day, riding, so awesome. And some fishing, no fish caught lol. I think they had gone south for the winter lol We spent 4 days in an absolutely amazing place. Some more pics.
  10. Hi folks, I posted some pics of my sled design, and it worked so well, I decided to see if I can sell a few... There are infinite options available as far as height, width and length along with platform, seating, tie down methods etc. etc.If you can dream it Ill try to build it. These are super light weight and break down and set up in about 90 seconds, they are perfect for apartment/condo dwellers, people with small cars or anywhere space is a concern $200 range base sled with skis average size is around 40" long and around $275 with straps and slats. These are designed and built to be lifetime sleds. PM for more details Sheldon
  11. Was wondering because I have a several 18v, even 20v drill for work and access to a buddies augar... also is the plate necessary or do the small adapters work as well?
  12. Looking to head out on an ice fishing trip this coming February. I'm willing to travel within 3-4hours of Algonquin provincial park and looking to rent a cottage of some sort. The group I'm going with is looking to target pike through the ice the whole week we are gone. Any lakes or river with good pike ice fishing anyone would recommend? Thanks!
  13. Hi OFC, Happy New Year! So I just bought a new hut (Clam XL4000T), heater, rod and more to get ready for the ice and I'm itching to get out there. I'm planning to go up to Little Lake in Barrie on Saturday with three buddies and we have been keeping an eye on the forecast hoping for good ice. The boys are a little nervous about ice safety (especially after this rain) so I'm hoping I can gain some insight from some who may live in the area or frequent the lake. Can anyone confirm how much ice is currently on Little Lake? Anyone planning on fishing it between today and Saturday? Because I'm organizing the day trip I feel responsible for my friends' safety, so I just want to have some confidence that there's enough ice under our feet. Thanks in advance, FF17
  14. I have never fished Bay of Quinte and would like to give it a try this winter; when we hopefully get some "safe" ice. I don't know the area at all; so I have no clue as to what area to head to or where there is access points where I can park my truck? My snowmobile trailer is also my fish hut, when I get to the lake; I can strap the skies to the wheels and haul the hut around with the sled. So if anyone can make a few suggestions for access points I would be very appreciative. This is what I'll be hauling around; but it'll be laying on the ice when I put the new drop axles on it. Dan
  15. https://www.facebook.com/fishing.vidz/videos/759586980841620/?pnref=story
  16. These pictures came up on my Facebook 'memories' notification today for this day 5 years ago when jack was just one and a half years old. It was his first ice fishing trip with me. We made his snow machine helmet with a kiddies bike helmet and some see-through plastic we found in the house and cut to shape and stuck on, I remember how proud he was to be wearing a helmet "just like dad's", he used to call the snow machine a "snowmean"….man I love him! Happy new year! Simon.
  17. Hi all, headed back down the road to Eagle lake for a short late afternoon session which did not disappoint. The bite was good ten days ago and even better this time around. Got enough for a fish fry each. all the action from 15' to 13' FOW. Jigs and minnows with 6 inches of ice. Happy Xmas to you all, thanks to Roy and all the admins for the unenviable task of keeping this place together and avoiding world war III on a regular basis. Tight lines and may Santa be kind Simon.
  18. Hi guys. I recently purchased a cottage on Haliburton Lake and was wondering if anyone here has ice fished this lake before? Any tips or locations worth checking out? I can't wait to get out there! Thanks in advance. Chris.
  19. Anyone looking for Lithium ion Augers, CTC has them on sale this week, pretty much sold out already, but they'll give you a rain check. They're $150 off. Besides, my shoulder and back don't like the recoil starting anymore and I sold my 1992 Jiffy 30 for more than what I bought it for brand new. $181 in West Baraboo Wisconsin.
  20. Well as some of you know from one of my status updates, that I have been working on my own take on the smitty sled. Here is a back story to start, last year I bought a pelican 45 sled from Canadian Tire and after a season of using it i found out that i acquired more gear then the sled was able to hold, plus it was the biggest one i could get in my then Nissan Sentra. Flash forward to this winter now with a F-150, I could justify getting the Pelican 60, but seeing everyone's ideas and reports on their take on smitty sled I figured I'd take a stab at it and including price of the sled and material used I spent under $100.00 on this project. I spent between 3-4 hours on it I used the followig 1 pelican 60 snow trek sled Canadian Tire $54.99 got it on sale boxing day,,i think that was the price 1 pair of cross country skies from play it again sports $19.99 8 - 1" screws and 2 - 1 1/4" screws I striped everything off the top of the skies, then striped then sanded the bottom of them to make them smooth again. I then place both skies on the ground the proceeded to screw the sled into (onto) the skies. I used the "dimples" on the bottom of the sled to screw threw into the spot where the boot lock thing was on the ski. After i had it assembled, I foolishly grabbed interior paint because i wanted to re paint the skies, not realizing it was interior painted the skies. Later that evening my father came and asked me what type of paint I used i showed him. He then laughed at me and told me that I would have to sand and strip it down again. After removing said paint I decided to keep it bare and just wax it, but my mistake did give it a nice colour. Here is some pictures of my handy work, I'll have a secondary report once I take it out for its first spin on Simcoe this weekend
  21. Earlier this week I was trying to figure out where and when I was going to go fishing this weekend, with both the Sportsman show and Bass Pro being in the early days for their spring fishing classic. Midweek Jeremy84 and myself decided that we were just going to go for some perch. Jeremy informed me that new was going to bring his girlfriend and I was planning on bringing a co-worker, so we said we were going to book/rent a hut on Cooks Bay. As we had rent from Terry Goy a few times in the past, this is where the story gets kind of funny, we both thought the other person was going to be booking the ht so neither of us called. So getting back too today, I went and picked up both my co-worker and Jeremy and we wanted to get out for first light. Jeremy informed me his girlfriend would no longer be coming along. We headed up and both had a Homer Simpson D'oh moment when we realized didn't have a hut booked. When we got out on Cooks we went to Terry Goy's hut to see if he had any open and no luck. So we asked a another operator and he said he'd see what he could do. So as we waited we noticed that one of the food huts was renting huts this year and asked them Family Ice Cabins if they had any available for the day, and luckily enough they did. He only charged us $40.00 a person and we were on fish for pretty much the time out. It was a slow start but with in the first half hour in the hut we started pulling out perch, nothing wroth keeping so unfortunately I have no pictures. We did have no exciting moment, after answering nature's call i got back into the hut only to see the tail end of a fish near the hole i was fishing out of. We have still have no idea what it was but at this point their were no perch in site. I think it was a big Herring. We only fished to 1 O'clock because Jeremy had to be back for 5 and we all wanted to check out the sales at Bass Pro. However we probably caught somewhere between 60-70 perch. So all in all it was a great day and I'd booked with this operator again
  22. Headed up to Gull Lake this past Sunday for the Chris Brock Show (haha sorry Chris I couldn't help myslef). After a short sled ride from Deep Bay my buddy and I were fishing by 8:00. It started off super slow and any marked fish did not seem interested in anything we were throwing at it. Tubes, spoons and single hook minnows were not doing the trick. Every fish I tried to bring up quickly lost interest. After a couple hours Chris came back to check up on us. This is when the action started picking up. My buddy landed his first Laker and after a few miss strikes I was finally on the board. Chris ended up pulling a walleye out of the hole he was fishing near by. A couple more fish came out the hole and a couple beers went down. Just when we were wrapping everything up for the day my buddy hooked into a Ling that he was praying for all day. When he was pulling it out of the hole it spit the hook and slowly sank back to the depths below. All in all we had a great time and I will be going back for sure. Chris was great fun and super helpful. He picked us up, brought us to the hut, got us some minnows and even let us use his fish finder. Awesome dude and a steal of a deal. We got our limit of fish, good times and home brews. Looking forward to the next adventure! Thanks Chris. Pictures to come.
  23. It seemed like Lady Simcoe froze instantly over night last week which is good news for all us hard water lovers around the area. Not saying that the entire lake is good to go but the places that I fished, you couldn't ask for better ice. Pure black ice...other then the odd little pressure crack (which aren't big as of yet). I didn't put in the hours out there that I would have liked due to work commitments but it was still great to get out there and shake off the cobwebs from the deep water sticks. I was recently added to the www.kamooki.ca field staff team so I was dying to try out their Smartfish lure. It was raved about at ICAST and it caused quite the stir in the depths of Lake Simcoe this weekend. My first laker of the season came on the Herring pattern! Man, I missed the ice! Here's a few from the weekend. Kamooki Smartfish Herring Bass Magnet Lures Glo Shift'r Shad Cheers, Colin
  24. Hi, First Post Ever - Just looking for some input. Hoping to get out to the eastern side of Scugog this weekend to do a little walleye fishing. Most of my time is spent up in Haliburton ice fishing for Lake Trout. Not looking for anyone's honey holes..I'll gladly put in the legwork myself as I've done before. Just looking for overall depths and structure as I have some pretty good maps of the lake. Steve
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