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Found 8 results

  1. The 2020 HT Ice Tour kicks off at Gagnon Sports in Oshawa on Thurs. Jan. 16, 2019 at 6:30 PM Please come on by if you are in the Durham or east end of the GTA. We'll be talking HT products, Slab Grabbers, Navionics, Garmin electronics, Daiwa gear, Freedom Tackle and so much more this evening. Along with tons of ice fishing info, there will be a bunch of door prizes, snacks & refreshments to make it even more tempting. Hopefully we have some safe ice by then!
  2. The 3rd annual Canadian Ice Fishing Expo is moving to a new and better venue, Georgian College Building "J" on December 14th & 15th. Should be another great event and this year we welcome Gord Pyzer to the stage, looking forward to his insightful seminars as always! I will be presenting a seminar titles "JACKS are WILD, especially for Lake Simcoe "JUMBOS"! talking about using Jack Spoons notably Slab Grabbers for lake Simcoe's fames Jumbo Perch! We'll discuss Garmin electronics, Navionics Charts & App, Slab Grabbers, line, HT Enterprises gear and so much more! Come visit me at the HT Enterprises booth, identify yourself as a member of this board and the first 3 members each day who do this will receive a "GIFT"! Looking forward to seeing all the avid hardwater enthusiasts there! Admission is very reasonable at $8 for an adult and children under 12 years of age are FREE! Don't you dare miss it!
  3. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go down to Lake George in New York state to compete at the TBF (The BASS Federation) Semi-Finals, the final step before the Nationals. I was a little disappointed to hear that the event was to be moved from Lake Champlain to Lake George but that changed quickly when we arrived there! It is one of the most beautiful lakes that I have ever fished. Surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, it was deep and clear with the water a green-blue colour and the fishing was not too shabby either! I had a pretty good event and ended up in 5th place overall out of 68 boaters! I weighed in all Smallmouth Bass and caught them all dropshotting in 30-45 FOW! They all came of 2 different sizes of Z-Man Trick Shots and the Ultra Tungsten drop shot weights were key to maintaining contact with bottom. It was a very "technical" lake and I relied heavily on my Garmin EchoMap Ultra electronics units to locate fish. The Garmin G3 LakeVu mapping with the Garmin & Navionics data was unbelievably accurate, once I figured out the deep pattern, I could literally follow the charts on my electronics and pick out fishing holding locations. It was so much fun, video game fishing for these Smallies, many of them especially on the 2nd day were caught right beneath my boat right off the graph! Other keys to my success was Daiwa gear and my Sunline fluorocarbon leaders which were critical on this crystal clear deep lake. Congrats to all of the top finishers especially the top finishers on Team Ontario, Joe Rodrigues (Boater) & Will MacFarlane (Non-Boater), who will now represent us at the Nationals! During my second day, I even managed to catch my Personal Best Pickerel, Chain Pickerel that it is! The New York state record is 8 lbs. 1 oz. and this one was in the 7 lbs. range! If anyone is looking for somewhere not too far away for a great fishing vacation, I would highly recommend this body of water and hope to get back there myself soon. the drive through the mountains to get there is also stunning! Now here are lots of pics...
  4. Has anyone here fished up on Gouin Reservoir in Quebec? Just saw that Navionics has partnered up with the management team up there to update the sonar charts. Pretty cool that you might be able to go to a fairly remote location like this and have 1 foot contours showing on your Navionics mapping chip! https://www.navionics.com/usa/blog/post/a-partnership-to-update-gouin-reservoir/
  5. Just curious how many members are taking advantage of this new feature on the Navionics app, the Fishing Depths Shading! You can select up to 5 different depth ranges to shade in different colours! This was tremendously helpful to me and my partners as we plan for tournaments and are looking for new areas of a lake to scout! Your mobile or tablet Navionics app must be up to date and as well as your Navionics+ subscription. I've attached a few screen shots of some popular Kawartha lakes.
  6. Just went to check a map out on my android navionic app and now required to login etc. with offline limited abilities. This was incorporated in the latest update I assume. They just keep pushing and pushing and pushing making users wish for a substitute app. We all had to re-buy the app a few years back and then get options taken away and then re-introduced as Purchased add-ons. They went as quickly as possible to a subscription plan to squeeze more cash out of us for life... Just waiting for these paid plugins to be splashed on my screen constantly while trying to figure out a map: Notification of your birthday $9.99 Notification it may be windy $3.99 Notification of Daylight $2.99 Notification its getting dark $2.99 Change title screen to custom photo $10.99 Change fonts: $5.99 Notification of yearly subscription due $10.99 Automatic Renewel from your bank account $19.99 Sorry, venting. Navionics Canada Lakes apps from years past just worked...
  7. Hey everyone, I recently picked up a Lowrance unit but I'm not sure which map pack to get for it. I'll probably only fish in Ontario with it so I'm just wondering what's the best option for me and what do you guys use?
  8. Has anyone used capability of the Navionics+ system to update via personal sonar recordings yet? I've had the Navionics+ system since the first day it came out in Canada and uploaded a number of recordings last year but the capability to update with the recorded data wasn't available yet in Canada. It is apparently active for this year and I uploaded some recordings last night but was wondering if anyone else was using this. If so, have you noticed improvements in your data? The area I recorded on already has 1ft contours but some spots were not very accurate. Wondering if anyone has seen improvements by doing their own recordings. Suppose there is really no downside of recording and uploading all the time as long as you have unlimited data transfer on your internet connection but it does take some time and effort which might not be worth it if there is no benefit.
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