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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, my dad just recently got back into the country after a while and seeing that friday is a holiday id like to take him fishing is there any open water near lake simcoe or cooks bay ? he wants to fish for jumbos or pike when i was a kid we used to fish the bay in Adeline Park for jumbo perch does anyone know if thats open or still frozen over it would be nice to go there with my dad like the old days any help is appreciated!
  2. Be careful out there guys. A Quad went through the ice this morning about 100 yards off shore on cooks bay. I'm hearing the driver is safe. With the recent snow covering the ice it will be difficult to spot the sketchy ice.
  3. Earlier this week I was trying to figure out where and when I was going to go fishing this weekend, with both the Sportsman show and Bass Pro being in the early days for their spring fishing classic. Midweek Jeremy84 and myself decided that we were just going to go for some perch. Jeremy informed me that new was going to bring his girlfriend and I was planning on bringing a co-worker, so we said we were going to book/rent a hut on Cooks Bay. As we had rent from Terry Goy a few times in the past, this is where the story gets kind of funny, we both thought the other person was going to be booking the ht so neither of us called. So getting back too today, I went and picked up both my co-worker and Jeremy and we wanted to get out for first light. Jeremy informed me his girlfriend would no longer be coming along. We headed up and both had a Homer Simpson D'oh moment when we realized didn't have a hut booked. When we got out on Cooks we went to Terry Goy's hut to see if he had any open and no luck. So we asked a another operator and he said he'd see what he could do. So as we waited we noticed that one of the food huts was renting huts this year and asked them Family Ice Cabins if they had any available for the day, and luckily enough they did. He only charged us $40.00 a person and we were on fish for pretty much the time out. It was a slow start but with in the first half hour in the hut we started pulling out perch, nothing wroth keeping so unfortunately I have no pictures. We did have no exciting moment, after answering nature's call i got back into the hut only to see the tail end of a fish near the hole i was fishing out of. We have still have no idea what it was but at this point their were no perch in site. I think it was a big Herring. We only fished to 1 O'clock because Jeremy had to be back for 5 and we all wanted to check out the sales at Bass Pro. However we probably caught somewhere between 60-70 perch. So all in all it was a great day and I'd booked with this operator again
  4. Cooks Bay I wonder how many will try walking on it this weekend ok might take a little bit more cold to make it safe
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