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Found 8 results

  1. Please send advice I’ve fished both lakes and nothing so I’m in need of advice for regular and ice fishing
  2. Started the motor in the driveway today. Plan is to get it wet this Friday. IMG_2720.MOV
  3. A good compilation from 2017. Love the these videos. A Little different from some other fishing channels. Fishing For The Rest of Us Top Catches 2017
  4. Check out this review for some Fish Slayer Baits by Fishing For The Rest Of Us.. Reviewing a couple of plastics they offer. Fish Slayer Baits Review
  5. Thinking of buying a 50 Gallon fish tank and putting a bass in it, but i am wondering what i should feed the bass, other then minnows, leeches, worms, bugs and beetles... Hoping I am not the first idiot to try this and someone would be able to give me some decent advice
  6. Hello All, Some may have heard, but my good friend Christine Cope landed a monster 55" muskie this past Saturday while fishing Lake St. Clair. Not only is this fish long, but it is fat and such a clean-looking specimen. I put together a short write-up detailing the catch after talking with Christine yesterday. You can find it here: http://www.wideopenspaces.com/female-angler-lands-monster-55-inch-lake-st-clair-muskie-pics/ Good Fishing, Justin
  7. A good day fishing but a frustrating one as well. Lots of action but a few musky follows that ended in no hook-ups and a group of gar that we couldn't get to bite left more questions and a lot of what ifs. First fish of the day was a smallmouth out of 12 fow on a double 10. Since we've established that the suspending husky jerk works we tried just about everything else in the box. White x-rap Perch crankbait Live target herring
  8. im surprised there isnt a thread for all of your best pics, the gallery isnt loaded either. lets start a thread with all of your best pics, credit goes to dozer for thinking this up on another thread Cheers, Enjoy
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