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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, I'm new to the community. I will be staying at a cottage on Whitestone Lake over Christmas and hope to have suitable ice to fish with a group. This is a yearly tradition however we are new to the cottage and lake. Main question is how are the ice conditions in the area right now. With two weeks until we go it can only get thicker so I'm trying to see what the worst case would be (current conditions). Anyone been inthe area lately (near Perry Sound, Whitestone, Dunchurch)? we take ice safety seriously I normally go out there with one other guy on foot and auger some holes to take a measurement of the thickness. In the last three years we have had good conditions for a full ice rink even so I'm hopeful. Anyway if anyone know what the ice is looking like in that area (whitestone, perry sound, dunchurch) it would be greatly appreciated of you could share.
  2. Hi, Got into ice fishing this past winter (finally ... have been meaning to for years but finally got off my butt). Anyhow .. for next winter I want to invest in a proper and safe Bib and Jacket. I see there are only a few PDF rated Bibs and Jackets. I see one or two on Amazon, I saw one last night when visiting Sail. I think Canadian Tire may have something as well. I wanted to get some input on what people have purchased and if they are happy with the comfort and warmth. Thanks!
  3. As per usual they had the boaters safety exam booth at the sportsman show, so I said what the heck ill try it because you only have to pay if you pass. Keep in mind I've never looked at the book or any kind of study guide.. Walk in there write the 50 mc test in 15 minutes and pass with an 80. The test is a joke in my opinion. When it's to get a licence to drive something that could potentially kill you and/or other people you'd think it would be a little more difficult. Some will say that I probably had background knowledge or have been around boats a lot, which is partially true, but to be honest I still couldn't even tell you which side is port and which is starboard. Tonight I'm gonna sit down and read the actual book to learn the information, just wanted your thoughts.
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