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  1. Thanks for all the responses. AKRISONER I know what you mean. see them all the time to with the busch and worm containers. Usually during trout fishing there's a pile hidden under some rocks. Dave Bailey A radical approach is probably what it would take to even make a dent. even with the deposit people will still leave them around but then beandust would be able to make $12.00 instead lol
  2. Random thing I wanted to check with other anglers. I know what with Covid no one wants to touch things outside currently, but in general, How many people clean up their area or surrounding area while they are out fishing? I wanted to check cause almost every fishing spot no matter where it is seems to be littered with drink bottles/cans and timmies/fast food wrappers. Also there always seems to be an abundance of leftover line just littering most spots. My friends and I try to clean up the area and usually end of bringing a bag of garbage to throw out later. Does anyone clean up their fishing spots while they are there or before they leave?
  3. Not too much ice left here in KW. Creeks are flowing.
  4. I got to fish nipissing (or SANG!! as my buddies and I like to call in) a couple years ago when we did an overnight trip. We mainly got walleye but my buddy caught a perch while making up bacon for breakfast.
  5. I saw 2 MNR officers this year. one on cooks bay and one on little lake
  6. Check out this video from the guys at fishing for the rest of us. I have fished for perch on simcoe before and usually stick to cooks bay but i'm usually out in a pop up hut. this year though it seemed to be the year of the dinks but on one of my trips we managed to bring home about a dozen caught 150 or so for our group that day. Nothing massive mind you and barely reached 11 inches with the biggest one but still some nice fish. I find some of the bigger jumbos dont taste as good anyways.
  7. I have to say my first fishing card was the one with a smallie on it and it is by far my favourite. It still sits in my wallet behind the new one which is boring but at least better then the blue one before it. cant be bothered to put some kind of fish/animal on it but i guess thats what happens to card budgets. I did have a printed page for the first month then got the new one in the mail in feb.
  8. Fishing in and of itself can be very relaxing. I have 2 friends that are very hyper active and talkative, but you put a fishing rod in their hands and point them at a lake/river they relax, focus and become mute. At least til a fish appears lol.
  9. My 2 cents is that the leafs should get rid of nylander and keep marner as he is the more creative player that creates sooo many scoring chances out of nothing. as for the playoffs, I'm just hoping the leafs can push through whoever it is and make it to the second round for a change. If its gonna be boston again, someone make the boys learn from the last couple tries and maybe they can at least knock them down.
  10. Hopefully we can figure something out soon to help stop them. seems the first step is people researching and agreeing on a solution instead of just delaying. Also floater I expect if you use it in large quantities then maybe the fishyness will start to seep in lol.
  11. So far the only things I've tried for trout were inflated worms with a bottom rig like this video and some small bobber fishing. I heard from a friends father he's used some small insect baits and flys before for trout and did ok. Also I have fished some small rivers or "ditches" but to me it's more about just enjoying nature and whatever kind of water you find yourself on. I live near a small feeder creek that only really has minnows in it and even just fishing for some minnows can be a relaxing time.
  12. Hey thanks for the tip grimsbylander. I haven't had a chance to check out these style of frogs with the compartments so wasn't too sure about it. I still like my regular frog cause it is pretty weedless when retrieving. I'm still pretty new to fishing and haven't tried to use a pop r before. I'm very limited on the lures I use/buy and some can be a bit pricey.
  13. Hey everyone. I tried inflated worms for steelhead the last couple years and had my best year yet this past spring. I know there are other options but not sure what else might work as good for me. Usually fishing in small creeks/rivers. Also, just wanted to share this video from FFTROU since they covered inflated worms earlier this year. Tight lines!
  14. Hey guys. So normally I fish the regular style frog with a soft body and twin hooks on the back and it has worked good. Just curious if anyone has tried the hybrid frogs in this FFTROU video? They have weedless treble hooks which I have not tried yet. But it's interesting that it can be a multi purpose lure. Is it worth the switch? Thanks.
  15. I love trout fishing. first year I went I tail hooked one and spent 20 minutes wrangling him in and another 20 minutes reviving him.
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