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  1. Please send advice I’ve fished both lakes and nothing so I’m in need of advice for regular and ice fishing
  2. My brother claimed that the MNR poisoned Maclean Lake to kill all the mosquitoes and that as a result the Lake was now devoid of fish. I grew up fishing there and want to know if this information is correct?
  3. Me and a couple buddies are gonna head up to ragged lake in Algonquin park in a week I was wondering if y'all had any suggestions on what to use for bass and trout?. I've tried Rapala's and other diving baits with minimal success on the trout front, and little to no success with the bass in the park. love to hear some suggestions thx
  4. Hi all, I am Kashan born in 2000 and caught my first fish at the age of 6. How were your first experience with fishing catching?
  5. Rapala Riverrat Centerpin Float Fishing Reel. Originally bought it brand new from retailer and only used the reel two times. Nothing wrong with the reel, just decided to upgrade to a more expensive reel. Comes with original box, bearing removal tool, carrying pouch, and prespooled on the reel is 15lb clear backing with 15lb high visibility yellow main line. Retailed originally for $400. Does not include a fishing pole. Bearings are very smooth and the clicker is strong. Will ship for free. Asking $200 but am open to offers. Will ship through mail for free within reason. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message me about it.
  6. I finally had a window of decent weather to take my daughter, her pup as well as my pup. This was my boys first time in the boat and he enjoyed it thoroughly. The target, big Channel Cats. Sadly the big girls didn't come out to play. We weren't fishing 5 minutes when we were into a double header, my daughter's was a Cat and mine a was Bowfin. The next 30 minutes was constant action but few fish over the gunnels. The end result for a few hours of fishing was, 1 Cat, 2 Bowfin, 1 Pumpkinseed and a scruffy Northern.
  7. hello i am new to this board and i am looking for information on musky fishing in the mill lake area of greorgian bay. or the McGREGOR BAY area. i am going to take my first trip to Georgian bay to musky fish and any info would be greatly appreciated. thank you frank
  8. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about muskie fishing in Go Home Lake. Under the MNR review it says that muskie are present in the lake as a major species, although I have heard no news of anyone ever catching one there, and have never seen one there myself. Wondering if anyone has any input about this seeing as the lake is technically a layoff from georgian bay and the gibson river.
  9. Hello Once again, 7 months ago, is where I last left off. The beginning of 2021 a year of promise had just arrived. Vaccines developed, a chance to end covid on the horizon, and a lockdown greeting us in the new year. The winter weather taking its time to arrive, me waiting for my home body of water to lock up had me itching to learn a whole new world of fishing seemed to slow time down to a crawl. Between completely re-doing all of the electronics in my boat including the wiring and house projects, I was keeping busy. Being locked down as many of you can attest to is a strange experience, but one thing the ice offered this winter was a sense of “normalcy”. Right off of the jump, I apologize for the heavy doctoring of the following report photos, but I feel like my new home water is wayyyyy more prone to pressure and the peering eyes of the internet. As such, if you want to talk fishing the area, and I know you/you are a long time board member, my DM’s are always open. I’m not one of these crazy guys who wont tell a soul about what colour bait he likes to use, I love to talking fishing, I just don’t like giving everything away to strangers and lurkers. This report is somewhat different from the past, it has a wide range of species included maybe even enough salmonids to wet the whistles of a few of the guys that don’t like me because I drive a bass boat So without further adieu its once again AKRISONER’s (EH-KREE-ONE-ERS) (Scott, that’s me as many of you know now) semi annual review! Ice Fishing…it may have saved me from insanity. It may have also saved you from insanity as well. Here is the beauty of ice fishing in a world where social distancing, health measures and lockdowns prevents you from hanging out with your buddies. There is perhaps, no better way in the world to distance from someone while being able to maintain a mask less, normal conversation then standing out in the middle of a lake, 30 feet away from your friends ice fishing. Everyone brings their own gear, you show up, you are normally spread out apart from each other anyways, and you land your own fish. So that’s what we did, Finally, my friends could drive to the lake, and ice fish as if covid didn’t exist. Man, did it feel great to be fishing with my buddies again. At times I realized we spent hours just standing not even fishing, just standing out on that ice shooting the poop like the good old days. Below us though was a fish…one that I had only targeted a few times in my life prior, one that peels drag from the depths, and hits your bait so fast and hard that you don’t even get a chance to see it show up on your sonar. Lake trout, the ultimate ice fishing fish as far as I have experienced thus far. A trip out, a skunk, a couple of lost fish, another skunk and a return to the lake for redemption the following weekend finally had me stick my first laker on my home water. If I could figure some things out, this was going to be a very fun winter. A promise to my girlfriend that if we moved in together that we could get a kitten I went home that weekend to meet Lenny, or as we affectionately call him now 5 months later…the devil. He is a terror, and I’m fairly certain his cuteness is the only thing keeping him alive most days, that and the fact that eats spiders and house centipedes to my girlfriends relief. As I type this, I just had to go to the kitchen to investigate a crash, Lenny had gotten into the recycle and pulled his used food cans out of the trash lol. More cold weather, a bit more reading, better ice, no wind thing set up beautifully for a mid February weekend of lake trout ice fishing, and deliver did it ever. The fish long but very lean. I’m thinking the population of escapee rainbows is having an affect on the lake trout and their population of eating fish. More on those bows later. Back home, more snow and wintery weather I made one of the scariest boat related decisions of my life. Recessing my foot pedal. Now, most will say, why is it such a big deal…well how does cutting a 2x1 hole in the front deck of your boat sound to you lol. From what I could tell, the procedure seemed simple enough, the instructions even indicated that boat brands such as ranger are known to have stringers running the width of the boat that would need to be addressed. So I drilled the holes and said a few prayers and went at it with the jig saw. Things were going smoothly until I hit a section that really really seemed to slow the jigsaw down, then it basically became right impossible to cut…then I noticed smoke billowing out from any of the “cracks” (behind access panels etc.) from the boat. I immediately started to panic, oh god I’ve lit my boat on fire! Scrambling to try and cut a notch into the section I had cut so that I could fit a hose into the hole to fill the boat with water, I finally punched a hole with a circular saw and saw that there wasn’t a fire, but the entire hull had filled with a thick mix of burnt fiberglass and marine plywood smoke. It did not smell good at all. Finishing the job with the circular saw, I realized the culprit. I had a 2x4 lengthwise stringer coated in fiberglass staggered off of centre on the front deck. A weird construction to be honest, but man was it absolute hell to notch out and fit the tray into. Who knows if I have fatally weakened the structure of my boat, its been fine thus far lol. My boat which I had finally managed to clean up after all of the wiring I had done, was an even bigger mess than before lol. I vacuumed that dust up for hours. Things were coming along with the boat, a few work trips to Timmins Sudbury and Pembroke filled in the weeks Carling has a brand new beautiful covered outdoor rink that on one of my work road trips, I stopped in at my parents and had the opportunity to skate for the first time in over a year (I normally play hockey twice a week, thanks covid) While on this trip I finally also got to see what my parents had been telling everyone about their new place, my dad saying it reminded him of being back on the farm, my parents had their very own herd of deer. The most my dad counted was 50 head, this particular day I counted 28. I spent february continuing to fish those lakers and us rookies started to get the swing of things more and more as the season wound on. The end of March was arriving and the temperatures spiked, the ice was getting eaten up fast. We went out for one final trip on the laker grounds. We left the snowmobiles at home on that sketchy spring ice and hiked it. Fishing was somewhat slow, and the ice was getting cooked. It was interesting knowing during that last walk through 3 inches of water that boating season was coming. I was ready for it! Sure enough 5 days later, the weather got very warm and I decided to throw down a wildcard and go launch the boat in Hamilton harbour. Owning an old boat, the great mess. Heres me pulling the boat out of the garage for the first time in the year, as you can see I didn’t make it more than 10 feet out of the garage when my trailer lights all failed lol. (ended up rewiring the entire boat trailer a few weeks ago) We got skunked, but i got to officially throw a jig on randal reef...who knows how radioactive that jig is now. It was awesome to be out in the boat again and testing out the new Garmin system. We even found a sunken boat on the panoptix. My birthday came and a gift from my family was a high speed polisher, I touched up the old skeeter and was honestly blown away with the results. Before and AFTER Trout opener arrived and I spent a couple of weeks wading around, watching my friends that centrepin and throw hard tackle catch a few trout while I got skunked fly fishing…again lol. I still haven’t figured out how to catch rainbows and browns on the fly. Everything I read tells me I’m doing things for the most part right, but clearly I am not lol. I headed north once again with the boat, spent a weekend getting skunked fishing shallow for rainbows and lakers, I clearly had no clue what I was doing. A long time OFC member then shot me a tip related to his success, so I put it to work…and boy did it ever work. I even added to his tip…the panoptix seriously was a complete game changer for the type of fishing. Id scan around, mark the fish off in the distance, cast to them and catch them. My best trip out I caught 10 by myself over the course of just over an hour. Wild! Lake trout have quickly become one of my favourite fish to target. They are ferocious strong as all heck fighters, can be caught in deep water and will aggressively smash your bait. My brother even managed to stick his first ever laketrout. A trip planned a year earlier to celebrate a friends sobriety, A promise made that I along with another friend would go with him on a trip to crown land south of Timmins was finally getting truly organized. I tuned up the old Suzuki (you may recall the thread with me looking for parts) gear was packed, trucks were loaded and off we went for walleye opener in the near north. The fishing, wasn’t the “greatest” we did catch a limit one day, We also got to catch a few in season northern bass. Some of you may remember that late May snowfall we had in the GTA. Well it was -8 where we were camping, and lets just say the gear I was in was not made for that kind of cold. To say that night was long and uncomfortable is an understatement. Funny enough by the end of the trip we were fishing tarps off in shorts. We managed to catch a few snot rockets in the mix, but truthfully my favourite day of the trip was getting up before sunrise, and seeing one of the most beautiful mornings of my life. Needless to say that experience up in the bush fishing out of a beat up old tinner, grinding out bites changed my perspective on things. It also taught me a bunch about fishing up north. Sometimes the old school, simple, slow techniques will outfish anything you will every throw at the fish. Almost as if the fish have become accustomed to the old French logger ways. Humbled is an understatement. Back home, a few more lake trout to catch Bass season (the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion) was coming. I had a lot of gear to get back into the boat, cleaned up and rigged. A family friend hosts a small derby every year for the guys and I. We throw a few bucks down, fish all day, go home eat steak drink beer and make fun of each other. Its what I live for, its literally my favourite thing in the world to do. Heres a photo of us waiting for blast off Dave and I didn’t catch any lunkers, but a 3 and a half pounder plus enough fish close to 2, including a late 1lb cull got us the dub. This hilarious photo is the result. And then, back to my home water for a 10 day stretch on my new stomping grounds. The fishing is different, its more technical, and you really have to pay attention to what’s going on. I think overall the fishing is tougher than pointe au baril ever was…but I feel like the quality of fish when you find them can be higher. There is still soooo much more to learn about the area, but I’m not as depressed as I once was about leaving PAB. Especially when you get this kind of by-catch up shallow on a crank bait. To this day one of the best fights I’ve ever had, it jumped with no exaggeration out 30 feet off of the front of the boat 6 feet in the air twice, and then ran me 30 feet off of the back of my boat then into my motor before we landed it. Insane. My parents ate it for dinner and said it was delicious. I tried a piece (I’m not a big fish guy) but it was pretty darn good. I found me a secluded bay loaded up with largies eating frogs Then Jake and I decided to go on a mission. I’d known about this back lake’s existence, Id caught a small largemouth through the ice on it, id even hear rumours that it held very large fish that were “no good for eating because they are full of worms”. Ill let the photos do the talking. A 24lb 5 fish bag of largemouth in 4 hours of fishing eating hollow body frogs, chatterbaits and whacky rigs. We legitimately culled a few close to 4lb fish in search of bigger bites. I don’t know, but I personally don’t know if I’ve seen a bag of largemouth this big come out of anywhere in Ontario, at least openly talked about. As you can tell, I’m keeping details to an absolute minimum . I’m hesitant to share much about this special place but I figured id share them with you guys that like a bit of fish porn. The photos are staying cropped tightly and blurry lol but I’ve got the real ones for a framed photo on my wall. This to me is my Mike Borger’s Algonquin Brookie spot. I don’t register with a provincial park upon accessing, so the details don’t exist lol. After that day on the water Jake and I vowed to not touch the lake again until next year. We are leaving it be. I don’t know if I will ever experience a better day of largemouth fishing in my life. My goal for next year will be to stick a 6lber out of there, theres gotta be one if there are that many 5 and a halfs willing to eat. That’s where we land, I’m 4 days out from fishing the biggest tournament of my life the anchor bay Bassmaster. I don’t know if anyone here is partaking, but if so make sure you say hello, I’m of course in the old white 17 and a half foot skeeter! Until next time!
  10. Heading to Killbear in a few days for my birthday but from everything I’ve read the fishing there isn’t great but that’s all from years ago. Anyone been there recently and had any luck? Thanks.
  11. Hey OFC . Used to be active on this board about 13 years ago. Never really left but had been lurking for a longtime . The worst kind of member! Life went sideways and addiction got the best of me. Been clean for over 4 years now and busy fixing the 3 ringed circus that was my life. Finally figured it’s time to get back at er now that 2 of my boys are in university and it’s just the weeun at home. Reconnected with my old buddy Meeps and he got the musky fever back in my life . Been losing more big girls than I’ve landed , which is frustrating but I’m still on em and consumed with the thought of a 50” plus. Still early in the fall and lots of trips planned , I think I’ll get that 50” in the net soon! Pictured is a nice fish I got after losing 2 that day, Meeps was quick in the water and did the net work for me, held her up quick while I snapped a pic and back in the drink she went. Musky fishing is some sort of psychological mind F@(£ , from watching videos and trips to the local shop, online orders , countless hours on the water throwing lures as big as my dog and all around being consumed by these fish, I think I got the bug bad. The wee man has really caught the fishing bug and has been on me to catch his first Salmon , we’ve been down to our local spot a bunch and he just hasn’t tied into one yet. This morning while he and his buds opted to head out for smallies , I checked in with the apps and saw that there was a minor moon phase and wind conditions in my favour so back down to the local I go. Chucking spoons for a good 3 hours with not a whiff , decided to throw on the ole Rapala and first cast had a big girl smoke it. What a fight she put up. A bunch of runs and acrobatics and she finally hit the net. Some how I managed to have the front trebles in her , Thank God, as you can see she snapped that rapala in half. All in all the fishing has been great and amongst these crazy times I can always find my solstice down at the water. I’ll keep posting and appreciate all the members who have been doing so for years. Tight Lines J.B.
  12. Hey, I am up at my cottage right near Tobermory for the next week and am looking for a good spot to go pike or bass fishing nearby. I would preferably fish from shore but I do also have a fishing kayak so that could be an option. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks.
  13. Please click Here to view the petition on change.org. Hello Everyone, I have started a petition to try to allow boat launches to be open to people who will be fishing (with some social distancing restrictions). I am hoping the fishing community can help obtain some signatures and share the petition. I am not sure if this will make any difference, but it is worth a try! Thanks!
  14. Hey there, I'm new to the community. I will be staying at a cottage on Whitestone Lake over Christmas and hope to have suitable ice to fish with a group. This is a yearly tradition however we are new to the cottage and lake. Main question is how are the ice conditions in the area right now. With two weeks until we go it can only get thicker so I'm trying to see what the worst case would be (current conditions). Anyone been inthe area lately (near Perry Sound, Whitestone, Dunchurch)? we take ice safety seriously I normally go out there with one other guy on foot and auger some holes to take a measurement of the thickness. In the last three years we have had good conditions for a full ice rink even so I'm hopeful. Anyway if anyone know what the ice is looking like in that area (whitestone, perry sound, dunchurch) it would be greatly appreciated of you could share.
  15. Latest post is up https://www.northernjacks.com/post/disconnecting-outside Its a little different. Recently I have realized how often I check my phone and don't pay enough attention to what I am doing Flip side of that is when I am enjoying any of the things I love to do outdoors like fishing, kayaking, camping or even golfing I never even glance at my phone. I mean on our fly in trips if I use it its as a camera only. Since I generally feel much better after one of these trips and do some of my best thinking it made me think of the health and wellness benefits of just getting out there and disconnecting Cheers Andrew
  16. Thinking of doing a road trip first week or so of Nov., (I'm wide open to suggestions but I have to be back here for Nov. 14) thinking Myrtle Beach and some pier fishing for a few days but I'd consider other destinations. Looking for a navigator, I'll supply the car (2019 RAV 4) and fuel, we split motel costs/driving; dutch treat for food and other expenses. If you are interested let me know. I'm a non drinker, (don't care if you do as long as you don't get nasty or stupid) non smoker (don't care if you do but not in my car or motel room). Room for one only.
  17. Over the last few years I have really gotten a kick out of writing trip reports. I certainly don't think of myself as a writer but after some encouragement I have taken the time to build out my own blog. Full disclosure its more of an outdoor blog than a fishing blog (although will definitely slant towards fishing) Wanted to share with this community as this site is where I first got the writing big so to speak when we were researching our first trip many years ago The goal is to average between 1 to 2 posts per week Also feel free to request content here or pm me Site is northernjacks.com Cheers Andrew aka Gordy
  18. I haven’t had a lot of luck in Hamilton, and haven’t found any spots in Ancaster, can anyone help me find some spots (looking to bass and trout fish). thanks
  19. Check out this video from the guys at fishing for the rest of us. I have fished for perch on simcoe before and usually stick to cooks bay but i'm usually out in a pop up hut. this year though it seemed to be the year of the dinks but on one of my trips we managed to bring home about a dozen caught 150 or so for our group that day. Nothing massive mind you and barely reached 11 inches with the biggest one but still some nice fish. I find some of the bigger jumbos dont taste as good anyways.
  20. Hello fellow anglers, I have decided to try my hand at a side project to build apps for fishermen. If you are a fishing charter captain or run guiding tours, it would be really cool if you could take a few minutes to fill the linked questionnaire (hosted on Google Docs). There are 14 questions in total. You could probably complete it in less than a minute. https://docs.google....m?usp=send_form I would be happy to keep you updated on what I build. If you like, feel free to leave your email address at the bottom of the questionnaire and I will respectfully be sure to only contact you if/when appropriate. Much thanks in advance! EDIT: In answer to fishindevil's question - no, this is not an ad for Google. I am just an independent programmer, who hates his day (office) job, and hoping to get into building apps for fishermen. I am a fisherman myself here in Ontario. I have a boat on Scugog and was at Balsam for several years fishing for mostly bass and walleye. I am hoping to provide services to fishing charters and guides, hence the survey to do some research. Thanks!
  21. Does anyone know any good fishing spots in Depot Harbour in Parry Sound? I'm looking for off shore fishing, Any help in very much appreciated. thank you Justin
  22. Hello guys, I am planning to spend my next weekend in Algonquin Park. The two days I am going to spend hiking and fishing and there is no other plan other than these. So I am searching for a place to stay in and around Algonquin Park from where it will be easy for me to go hiking and fishing. So here are my questions, Can someone please suggest me a lodge or cottages in Algonquin Park near to any fishing spot? Do you think Killarney lodge will be a good option? I heard, only lures and worms are allowed in the park. Can someone please confirm this? Also, How is the trout season going on? I know it is already the end of the September, but can I expect some good catch? Lastly, please share me some simple but good trout recipes for outdoor cooking
  23. Recently caught @ Wilmer Trout Ponds, 313706 Hwy # 6, Durham, Ontario.
  24. Lots of trout caught at the ontariofamilyfishing event held at Wilmer Trout Ponds in Durham, Ontario.-313706 Hwy #6. Great spot to bring the kids.
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