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  1. Hey all! We're heading up to Antler's Lodge near Mattawa with the family and will have LOTS of fishing opportunities on the Ottawa River. Thinking open water walleye and rocky ledge bass and pike. Anyone have any suggestions for lures and/or techniques you've had success with in that region? Right now I'm thinking swim jigs and crankbait trolling for walleye and for the bass and pike soft plastics or stick baits. Any ideas are more than welcome!!! Thanks everyone! :D
  2. Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about muskie fishing in Go Home Lake. Under the MNR review it says that muskie are present in the lake as a major species, although I have heard no news of anyone ever catching one there, and have never seen one there myself. Wondering if anyone has any input about this seeing as the lake is technically a layoff from georgian bay and the gibson river.
  3. Im heading out to Emily provincial park in a few days and am going to try out some fishing while I’m there. If anyone has had any experience with musky or walleye. I do have a canoe so I’m not going to be strictly fishing from shore. Thanks.
  4. Heading to Killbear in a few days for my birthday but from everything I’ve read the fishing there isn’t great but that’s all from years ago. Anyone been there recently and had any luck? Thanks.
  5. Thinking of buying a 50 Gallon fish tank and putting a bass in it, but i am wondering what i should feed the bass, other then minnows, leeches, worms, bugs and beetles... Hoping I am not the first idiot to try this and someone would be able to give me some decent advice
  6. Hey, I am up at my cottage right near Tobermory for the next week and am looking for a good spot to go pike or bass fishing nearby. I would preferably fish from shore but I do also have a fishing kayak so that could be an option. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks.
  7. 141F7AD9-036B-417F-B607-33CA500BF9DF.jpeg
    Went out fishing for only the second time this year and first time with my brother. Less then ideal conditions for top water bass but this year has been pooched anyway so there wasn’t much to be done. All of my son’s fish were caught on a black plopper and my brothers’s on a white popper.
  8. I'm looking for great bass fishing spots, smallmouth or largemouth, that are on a shore as I have no boat. Specifically within 1.5 hours outside Toronto. I usually go north from Toronto to get away from Lake Ontario where the fish are cleaner and safer to eat. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
  9. I am spending some writing up reports from old trips and re creating some other ones for my site In 2008 5 of us did a boat in trip to Island 10 Lodge on Lady Evelyn Lake It was the start of a 10 year journey and 4 of us are still doing these trips together You can read the report here https://www.northernjacks.com/post/things-that-go-bang-in-the-night Cheers Andrew
  10. Hi folks! After a trip to Ohio two weeks ago, I have fallen in love with fishing! On land, I caught a bunch of bluegill in a quarry and one snapping turtle (accidentally). I live in Mississauga. My family and I have taken up the hobby and we're having some serious trouble catching anything! We have an Intex Excursion 5 dinghy with a solid floor and trolling motor. The majority of our fishing is from the dinghy. We've tried the Credit River in Port Credit, Erindale Park on land, the cove at Lakefront Promenade park and Mountsberg Conservation area. In all those spots, the only fish caught was a young Pike as a miraculous "one last cast" with a red devil at Mountsberg in Campbellville. I know that the Credit is well known for its great fishing. We also camp yearly at Balsam Lake Provincial Park. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions for an enthusiastic but slightly frustrated beginner angler and her family? When I caught bluegill, all I needed was a hook and a worm and swarms of little fish would come. I'd catch fish in less than a minute. I can't manage to find any panfish in my spots. I don't even see ANY fish. I fish near structure in search of rock bass or other smaller fish and I haven't come across anything. I'm using artificial baits with an appropriate hook. I also recently bought jig heads and grubs. I know that all fish are different and different baits and hooks and methods will attract different fish. I'm primarily interested in bass, panfish, perch, and rainbow trout. My brother is more interested in walleye, musky, pike. Any and all bait/hook/tackle suggestions are graciously wanted and any spots or methods would be greatly appreciated. I really want to learn and I really want to catch fish!! Thanks in advance.
  11. It seems like a lot of pike are getting into the Kawarthas now... not sure if it’s a good thing tho? Here’s the vid of our fishing catching day ? https://youtu.be/kVUu4xlVqv0
  12. Hey guys. So normally I fish the regular style frog with a soft body and twin hooks on the back and it has worked good. Just curious if anyone has tried the hybrid frogs in this FFTROU video? They have weedless treble hooks which I have not tried yet. But it's interesting that it can be a multi purpose lure. Is it worth the switch? Thanks.
  13. Hi gang, lots of un with my family and friends this passed spring and summer. Here's a video recap, I hope that you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6Ed8WyRs
  14. 559793612_photo(73).JPG
    Recently caught @ Wilmer Trout Ponds, 313706 Hwy # 6, Durham, Ontario.
  15. 1112312069_photo(11).JPG
    Looking for trout, bass, perch? We have them all. Visit http://ontario-fishing-ponds.com . Great family fun. Open all weekend. Cash Only. Bring your equipment. No season, no limit, no fishing licence required.
  16. 81968095_photo(43).JPG
    Lots of trout caught at the ontariofamilyfishing event held at Wilmer Trout Ponds in Durham, Ontario.-313706 Hwy #6. Great spot to bring the kids.
  17. Well the bass opener was a bit like Christmas in summer for my 2 kids. They didn't sleep too well the night before and woke up early the day of. Grey skies and light rain were not a surprise but the number of boats were. The bass opener has not really been a thing for me so I haven't fished it. I'm not sure if we fished any spots that hadn't been pounded already that morning but we did just fine. My daughter spent much of her time fishing a drop shot for panfish but did get in on the topwater action the rest of us were enjoying. My son has been on me for a while to use a bait caster and I finally got him one of his own (both my brother and I reel right, my son left). My hope was he'd use it for a bit and not get too frustrated right away and slowly pick it up with practice this summer. Instead, he used it the whole day and only switched to his spinning rod to give his hands a break, and had 1 backlash the whole day (I had 2). Apart from the constant action the other key to a great day out was enough food in the cooler to keep the 2 kids happy. I swear they're part racoon. No surprise the panfisher with the first fish, also the most fish and the most species, six. (and she chirped the rest of the boat the whole day) First fish on his baitcaster. All of our fish were on topwaters except for the kids panfish. I tied up double drop shot for her just for this photo opportunity. The back of the boat ok as well. He experienced hand cramps near the end of the day. Taking a break from the panfish to nail bass on a topwater like the big boys. Good day. Good day 2.0. We got enough fish to lose count and even had a couple of pike on top as well.
  18. Hey there, I am new to fishing and new to Ontario and I will be up in the Midland area this weekend. I am hoping that someone could give me some suggestions as to where would be some good spots to fish and what I should be fishing for at this time of the year. Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  19. Hey y'all, I'm wondering if anyone has any juice on Horwood Lake (Timmins district). My brother and I won the early bird draw at Perchin' for MS this year - so were headin' to Horwood Outpost with Richard for 7 days at the end of June! I'm sure we'll have no trouble puttin' together shore lunch - I'm specifically interested in 411 on CPR fish - BIG 'eyes, Giant 'eyes...and goliath gators.... I'm also interested in trying to piece together a whitefish bite...and smallies! We've got 7 days, so we're gonna cover a lot of water. I'll be bringin' all the outfits - bottom bouncers, boards & counters, all the casting outfits, etc etc. Presentations, I've got covered... I'm wondering more about patterns. Thought I'd throw it out there and see if I get any great tidbits - cheers!!
  20. A good compilation from 2017. Love the these videos. A Little different from some other fishing channels. Fishing For The Rest of Us Top Catches 2017
  21. Hi all, headed up to Lac Seul on Friday to shoot some birds and catch some fish. The grouse were playing shy but I got lucky on the way out when I spotted 3 right at the landing, did not see another single grouse apart from those. I wanted to target bass and they did not disappoint. I also target some walleye which were less enthusiastic than the bass but abundant none the less. The Bass were shallow, the walleye deep and the grouse DELICIOUS!
  22. I have a trailer up in Ennismore on Buckhorn. This past weekend was the Theona Park fishing tournament - 16 teams. I've entered the last 3 years rotating partners between my dad, my brother and this year a family friend. This season has been a weird one. Catching in unconventional ways compared to the norm. The heavenly spots that you visualize catches on aren't producing. There's definitely been quantity this year but nothing of substantial size. A normal day is anywhere from 4-8 1lb largies. Despite all of this I had a good gut feeling about the tournament. We had a smallie spot in mind that we knew we needed to hit first but it was going to be tough knowing others knew about it as well. Sure enough someone had beat us to it and within 45 min landed himself what had seemed to be a 5lb. smallie. This sent us for a whirl and really crushed any excitement we had started out with. We started working a small patch of reeds around that spot and an hour and a bit in landed our first bass (3lb) on a white swimmer. We worked up a shoreline not far from that spot and while my friend was working the back of the boat out into more open water I was hitting the shoreline with a wacky, something that hadn't been working for me all season until then. I landed two 4+ lb. largemouth on that worm and just like that we felt like we may be in the running. The last few hours were near dead and the last 2 bass caught were just to fill the limit and add to our overall weight but I was really hoping on that one bass to maybe even take biggest fish. It was close. At weigh in we had a total of 13.6 landing us 3rd place! Largest fish went to that guys smallie at 4.85. My largest fish was just under him at 4.6. All in all it was a great day and the first time I've ever placed in a tournament or caught that quality of fish in a day. It really made up for a not so exciting season on our lake thus far.
  23. Ok, perhaps I am totally out to lunch here, but I have a serious question for all of the bass anglers out there. Is it just me and my friends, or has there been a massive sharp decline in large sized bass and even species over the past 2 years. Here is my hypothesis and supporting piece of evidence. Hypothesis: The record cold and winters that we had 2 years ago severly impacted the population of aging bass and in some northern locals nearly eliminated populations of largemouth bass. Or a natural culling cycle is occuring. -In the years 2008-2013...it went without question that in the Pointe Au Baril area, i could consistently catch largemouth bass in certain honey holes that I could frequent. No harvesting of bass was ever done in these spots, nor did I ever witness other anglers specifically targeting these fish in these locations over a 6 year period of time. That was until last summer where I became totally perplexed by the decline in the largemouth population in the Pointe Au Baril area. Last year I caught a grand total of 2 largemouth bass in an entire year. -The MNR was conducting a study in the Pointe Au Baril area of fishing rates and catches for the entire year. I routinely ran into the MNR every weekend I angled for the entire year. The one student (I cant recall his name now) was in the boat every weekend and by the end of the summer his weekly visit to my boat always included some additional fishing talk. I sure enough inquired to him about bass catch rates and he indicated that out of the entire year, he had a grand total tally of 4 largemouths being caught in the entire PAB area by all anglers over the course of the entire year. (incredible) -My main fishing homie has a spot on upper buckhorn. He consistently fishes every single weekend from bass opener until thanksgiving. Last year his largest fish was a 3.5 largemouth bass. The trailer record for the entire year was 4.5lbs and I would put their family catch numbers for the year well over 800. The pattern has held this year and he has yet to break the 4lb mark. In previous years it was without question that him along with with father and dads best friend would consistently boat 4lb bass with at least a few 5lbers all the way up to 7 lbers on an annual basis. - I spent approximately 45 hours this past week targeting smallmouth bass. I would estimate that myself along with my fishing buddy boated over 60 fish over the course of the week. Out of these 60 fish, the largest was 3lbs 1oz I was just reading a report and noticed that fisherpete said he fished rice this past weekend and caught 25 fish and the biggest largie he could muster was 3lbs...Ive also had some PM conversations with other members here that consistently boat big bass and they had indicated that the size of fish was way way down. so I put this out to all you bass fishers out there...is something going on? Is this just a natural cycle? Did those 2 unusually cold winters do something or am i just cookoo? Where the Nicklebass at Tho?! holla at me!
  24. My brother doctored his sunfish lure. Before: After: No coffee, just a 3:30am wake-up call when you're 7 and going fishin'.. First bass of the season and someone's photography skills are not up to snuff. Brother bass Not sure if this one was looking for love? Or a meal? For a moment he thought he had the bass of the year. All 3 of us had hits on the sunfish but my brother was the only one to get a bass in the boat. Still not peak slop frog season anyway but had to try 'em. We fished only topwaters and did well for numbers but getting the "big ones" in the boat didn't work-out. The jr. angler was having a tough time getting his hooked fish into the boat but finished the day with the biggest bass landed.
  25. Well here we go, for me the season of 2015 is done. 2015 Was a fun year for me covering a little bit of everything. Ice fishing late January and Feburary, great success on the creek this spring with the Rainbow’s. Walleye wasn’t amazing but the two times I got invited out by my friend Glenn we caught some fish and had awesome weather to do it in. Bass opener soon followed then one two week camping trip and a 6 night trip in September. All in all I can’t complain too much I got to fish lot’s and enjoy my summer. Didn’t break any PB’s this year except a big trout but aside from that I sucked. Didn’t catch any 5lb+ smallies on the inland lakes I stay at. Largemouth this year were bigger on average but no giant’s, some nice low to high 4lbr’s breaking 5lbs once. Maybe next year well break the PB Largemouth and find that 7lb’r I’ve been searching for. With my last trip out back in September fall has been slow just working and picking up things for the boat project next spring. We finally got away from the rental so should be able to fish a extra week or two next summer. Rental’s are expensive so the 14’ deep and wide open floor style boat I picked up will be perfect for the smaller lakes. On with some pictures now! First trip out for 2015 was Rice Lake Ice Fishing. We mainly were after a few cold beers and some good food from Rhino’s but got out on the ice for a few hours managed to catch a little over a dozen Perch and Sunfish. Was a good “ice breaker” after many weeks of cold and snow. Back to basics, no wind so had all I needed lol. Decent Perch Got out on Lake Simcoe for 2 trips out with a hut rental operator. Caught lot’s and had to bring lunch and tackle was awesome! Clean fish always a nice treat Trout opener soon followed. I was surprised this year how busy the creek was, decided to wait until the first weeks in May, less fish but no crowd and could actually enjoy a hour or 2 down there tossing small spinners and crankbaits into the pool’s. Here are a few pictures from my trips out. Dozen’s of these guys, fun fish New PB, no scale or tape I would guess 7-8lbs the fight was intense on the 6’6 Light Fast Spinning Rod. I did good work keeping the fish on deffinately test’s the “light” equiptment. And another Beauty little trout love this shot Walleye then opened up next. My first of the year haha dink from Rice Lake always happy to catch a couple there. Another day another pair to take home 2015 Lineup ready for war with bass season around the corner, lineup always changes have added another rod and reel I think since then Bass opener wasn’t great. I got out with another friend of mine on Clear Lake for the day. We caught dozen’s of bass many small smallmouth and a few walleye also that day. I hooked up with the 2 only decent bass that day. After so much open water and rock I convinced my friend to steer the boat into a backbay that was shallow. Not a 10 minutes in I hooked up with a nice chunky largemouth. Made my day had me wanting to be on my home waters in Eastern Ontario right at that moment love slop and heavy cover. Next trip was first 2 weeks of August. Lot’s of pictures I choose some of the better pics. First of the trip, morning fish on the jerkbait out deep Not many frog fish this year but here was a pair My papa came with us on this trip. This was his first bass and ended up being the biggest of the trip. Went 5lbs 9oz and is his new PB. Life took us apart for 6 or 7 years so now that things are good again I expect to take more trips with my Papa, Dad and Uncle in the future. Still mad he beat me haha not next year! Very thankful he brought me into fishing when I was very young. Every morning I love throwing the popper around. Didn’t produce any size this year. Caught lot’s of nice bass like this one but no piggy’s this year. Lot’s of these 2-3lb class fish on the plastics and jigs. They sure do love that 3.5” TRJ Big fish from pads close to deep water. Love that new Aldebaran 50HG incredable reel very strong. Every summer I tangle with a few of these here was the biggest of the trip Swim Jig’s were a important addition to my techniques this year caught big fish and lot’s of them. Good for covering vast weedy areas, I used this on outside edges and when going from slop bed to slop bed anywhere I could, even sinking it deep and fishing it like a crankbait worked well on tougher days. More Largies from the deep on jerkbaits Few smallies too finally showed up Got off shore this year learning to visually follow weedlines, flipping a jig down them worked in the afternoons pretty good got to expand on this more next summer My dad and I wanted to start a tradition with my uncle and friend out where we go fishing. So here was the deal. 2 boats Dad and I vs the other two guys(locals). We did cooler’s with running bilge pump’s(Home made livewells) and went for a 4 fish limit. We set out at 5am and had until 11am so 5 hours made for a quick derby. Dad and I only boated 6 fish that morning I think with 2 in the well. We won and took bragging right’s for the summer with 8lbs 10oz the other guys had 4 fish for 7lbs 10oz haha. Nobody caught a kicker and we had basically 3 2lbr’s with one bass around 3lbs. Can’t wait to do it again always fun a little competition Last round was my trip I took back in September. We went for the last 6 days and it was fun. Fish were biting and I did pretty good. First morning, cold but got a nice smallie to come up and crush the spinnerbait Another spot another Smallmouth Only got 1 bass from slop this trip was nice to get one pitching the plastic around Back to my friend, the Jig Big fish of the trip Spinnerbait bite was strong, was happy to come across it After the rain And another Last outing for me was a fun one. After a tough 1 bite morning I was mad at the fish. I went out solo after breakfast until 3 or 4 that afternoon. Burning a spinnerbait on some weedlines produced nothing but Pike, did the jig in the same spots and came up empty. Abandoned my gameplan and went shallow and to a channel where there might of been warmer water. Sure enough I found decent slop and dead weed in the channel so we got onto a stretch of maybe 3 or 4 bites in a hundred yards. These 2 were nice so they got seats in the livewell. Made me happy and I turned a terrible day into a good day, was nice to put pressure on yourself and when you can be successful it all becomes worth it. https://youtu.be/c4qaz8wZzDg This summer I got a GoPro so am just starting editing and making little clips. Here was one I put together from my trip in September. Can’t wait to do more of this next year, thanks for reading and viewing all the pictures everybody! Be safe this winter and good luck to everybody in 2016 MTBF
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