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Found 14 results

  1. It seems like a lot of pike are getting into the Kawarthas now... not sure if it’s a good thing tho? Here’s the vid of our fishing catching day ? https://youtu.be/kVUu4xlVqv0
  2. Here’s a vid link of our day on Rice Lake from two days ago! It’s been up and down fishing with the yo-yo weather https://youtu.be/EScAJ3TUPxk
  3. Hi all, Snuck round the corner for a sneaky one hour session before work. Fish were being very picky but got a few and missed a few.
  4. Hey all, Just an FYI that the public registration just opened for the Stoco Lake Crappie tournament. There are about 20 spots left. Awesome event, great payouts/prizes. Register ASAP as this tournament fills FAST. www.stocolakecrappie.com
  5. A good compilation from 2017. Love the these videos. A Little different from some other fishing channels. Fishing For The Rest of Us Top Catches 2017
  6. Hi all, Got out for a couple of hours on Lake Wabigoon this morning. Instead of sledding out I went further up the lake and drove out of the Reserve's landing to almost the middle of the lake. 24' FOW, light action rods with spoons and minnow heads. Started slow but at 11am it went nuts and caught a bunch of crappie, a tullibee, a jumbo perch, a huge Jackfish, and some sauger and walleye. The sauger and walleye were small but I ended up keeping the ones that blow out their swim bladders. Nice bunch of fish for my neighbour, I don't have time to clean or eat them as I am heading to the Caribbean in 2 days for 2 weeks of sun, sand, family, and FISHING!
  7. dI was up this past weekend to zone 15 and figured with all the preceding cold temps, there maybe might of been a chance to get on the ice? We arrived Saturday late morning to blueskies & -20C. With zero wind and the sun reflecting off the snow covered lake, it was the warmest -20C I've ever experienced. At first peek, the lake looked promising. No open water and the preceding winds took a lot of snow off the ice Unfortunately, upon further review under lower light conditions, some sketchy looking ice came into view We've been very successful in landing pike through the ice within 15 - 20 metres of shore, but the crappie like to hang under the ice 300 metres across the bay I did get down to the dock on Sunday and drilled a couple of test holes. Both were a solid 3 - 3.5 inches of black ice. But given that I have a limit of fall pike in my freezer, and we hadn't heard a single boom or zipper over 2 days, I wasn't remotely considering checking the ice any further out. We're back up on the weekend of 6th and with continuing cold temps and little snow in the past week, I might make it across for a feed of crappie. In the meantime, I better thaw some pike and make room in the freezer Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all........... Slayer
  8. Hi all, Had a day off, plan was crappie in the morning, head back to the house for lunch, pick up the dog and head out again for walleye in the evening, worked great, love it when a plan comes together! The ice is worse than I thought, drilled a couple holes in the morning and although there is 18"+ it is honeycomb already for the most part, auger went through it like a hot knife through butter, guess its down to the thaw we had earlier in the year and then almost zero snow since without a mother thaw afterwards. the crappie decided to show up on my spot on Wabigoon really late, oh well, will be hunting them in the boat pretty soon. The walleye I caught in the evening were at another lake just up the road. I usually quad all the way there from my house across the lakes and skidoo trails but wanted to take Roloff with me so we trailered up there. Landing was toast and had to travel half a click to find ice strong enough to walk out on, drilled a couple holes, same deal as Wabigoon, 18" of honeycomb sketchiness, lol...so I jumped on the quad and pinned it to my spot. Got 4 walleye, one female 3 males, not anywhere near their spawning ground yet, which was a good thing for me as there was no way I was going near the creek! Here's the video as usual.
  9. It's been a while since i've posted. I liked to save up pictures for a season and then get enough to make a decent report. Its been a colder then normal spring here with a lot of rain. I have been fishing with the kids a lot and they have caught many new personal best fish including carp, channel and flat head carp and largemouth bass. We had a lot of fun and most of our fish were let go. This is my personal best flathead catfish. She was caught on a 1/16 ounce shad dart with 6lb line. Put up a crazy fight and took me about 20 minutes to land. This was my daughter's personal best flathead. She caught this on some corn bottom fishing for carp. This is my son's personal best channel catfish he caught on a small shad dart. He was struggling to hold the thing up. It put up a nice fight in the current. Another channel cat caught on a 2 inch twister tail jig. This is my son's biggest bass that we caught this spring. She was caught while we were fishing for crappie with a 1" gulp minnow on 4lb fine. It was an intense battle and we were able to land it! We let it go after a quick couple of pics. We don't have a bass season down here. I'm helping him hold the fish for perspective. . Another nice bass on a 1" gulp while crappie fishing. We also caught some nice shad! This was the biggest one that we landed this season. Nice american shad! We also caught some nice carp too on shad darts and light line! This one weighed 23lb and it was a long battle that we won! We also caught some nice crappie too! My first spring smallie. It was nice to get out on the creek!
  10. Hi all, I still haven't got my boat in the water yet, waiting for some boat carpet to arrive. But I have a good buddy with a new boat who has taken me out a couple of times. We headed out on my home lake to get some crappie and were not disappointed. All up shallow, hitting live and plastic baits. Got into some hammer handle pike too which were infesting the crappie areas and even trying to take crappie we were reeling in. We tried for bass too, Vibrax spinner in fire tiger was very effective.
  11. Some friends and I got out to my favorite Kawartha Lake this weekend for some shore fishing. It's been a bit of a slow spring so far compared to last year at the same spot. On the plus side, I haven't seen many anglers either, so we haven't had to share our spot with others as much this year. We did get some nice fish, but with long droughts in between them. We ended up with a half dozen walleye, a couple of hefty OOS smallies (promptly released, no pics), and quite possibly the biggest crappie I have ever seen in person (16.5", 1.9#). We also saw a 36"-40" musky cruise right by the shoreline, it was quite the sight! All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend fishing with friends and family. We didn't take too many pics, they are tough at night sometimes, but it's not a report without the porn (sorry for the crops but trying not to advertise my spot ):
  12. Well, I haven't posted a report in a long time. So, I'm gunna spend a few minutes typing here. Fell free to skip my rambling, and just look at some pic of the season Crappie so far!! 2014 has been a rough year for me. Some of the guys here know my deal. I don't want to get in to the fine details. But basically, I decided to leave a very toxic relationship with my wife. Had to sell everything, and start from scratch. But I have a new girlfriend, and some blinding lights at the end of the tunnel!! So enough with the old, and on with the new right. A new ice fishing season that is!!!! The weather has been funky this year. But I have a lake that's "local" which tents to lock up early, and ride out the warm crap. I went out 3 weeks ago, and there was 5.5" is some spots. Thinnest was 3.5". It was a solo trip, and I showed up at 11:30, fished for an hour, and went home with 2 slabs. I have only fished this lake a few times, but I have a really good feeling about it. So my plan was to hit it a few times this year early season, and really put some time in trying to find some spots. I went back with Jeremy84, on Christmas eve. Fished the morning, in the rain. Left with 25 decent fish. Found out that my new girlfriend LOVES fresh pan fried Crappie. She actually asked if next time, she can just sit on the counter and eat them as they come out of the pan!! My kind of woman!!!! Fishing in the rain was interesting. There was 4" of snow that melted fast, and lots of rain coming down. So the water was just pouring down the holes like a funnel, like a toilet bowl. White foam swirling around in the hole.. All the crap washing down the hole was causing interference on my fish finder. But we got in to some fun action, so it was well worth it! And a morning on the ice with Jeremy is always fun. He's a classy character to say the least!! Crazy enough, there was up to 7" of clear black ice in some spots. Thinnest was 5.5". It was warm all week, and not good ice weather. I went back today with Livinisfishin (Jay). The ice took a beating. On average, it was 2" thinner. But still safe. We worked the schools all morning before figuring them out. I ended the day with 17 keepers, and a bunch threw back. It was a prefect day out there. The weather was great. And Jay was slammin the fish, and having a blast! It's always fun seeing big slabs being hoisted with ultra light rods. There's only a few days now before the real fishing season starts. But I have enough crappie in the freezer for 3 meals, and my jigging itch has been officially scratched!!! I think my next outing will be an evening pickerel fish next weekend. I few from my first outing, in the pan. 3 weeks ago. 4.5" solid black, Somewhere in Simcoe County Re-stocking at Cabalas The haul when I was out with Jeremy84 on Xmas Eve Nothing big. But still with the old elblow lock pose. The boy is growing like a weed! Morning warmth My tackle all rusted. So I spend 2 hours washing it. Bought a new waterproof tackle box to stop that from happening again. The haul from this morning. The biggest was just shy of 11". Couple pound of meat. Some for lunch tomorrow, and some for later this season. One a side note. I bought a ice transducer for my humminbird 565. $120 at Cabalas. $90 at canadian tire. Exact same unit. Cabalas also does not carry waterproof tackle bins.... I am actually not happy with their fishing section at all. Hopefully my next report will be some big old early season muskoka pickerel!!!
  13. Never met my mother's father, the man who passed on his bum chin. In fact, other than a faded picture in memory and some sentimental genetics, sitting here today I can't even think what his name is. A soldier in WWII he left this earth 20 plus years before my time, and nothing has ever been said. However, until this past April my step-grandfather was there my entire life, and although it seems as if I only knew Norm just a little more, until his long struggles with lung disease took his last, hard breath, he was there. The spring came in angry. After our family laid Norm to rest on the 2nd, the first few weeks of April life kinda sang off like some lousy country song. The 3rd I picked up a bug which really zapped the energy for about 2 1/2 weeks. The truck engine done died, just after having a front-end diff installed, and the wife's car went in twice too leaving me without a vehicle for nearly two weeks. My buddy Kev lost his best friend, at far too young an age. Too much winter augering, I picked up a stubborn epicondylitis for the first time which still doesn't want to go away. While transferring a critically injured patient to Ottawa in the ambulance, a triple IV pump broke off it's pole landing on my knee, this leading to a week of no good. And come May things didn't improve either, for I was left no choice but to cancel out on a fly-in fishing trip to the Attawapiskat, and then later in the month I received word that friends and past co-workers lost Dustin and others when an ORNGE helicopter went down in Moosonee...... On the work front I had one of those remarkably trying days. Male in 20's, small car smoked from behind at high-speed, basically detached his head or rattled his brain to bleed. Impossible to describe all of what three of us needed to do to keep him alive long enough for me to transfer with him and the Medics to the city. The toll on this one was exhausting... How was the weather, did it suck? Hardly noticed. Been awhile it seems since writing anything, so maybe best to prepare for a long-winded one. Been stock-piling spring photos too and like always, rather than post weekly, when finding a long days downtime I'd rather just pick out some best pics and package it all up. This here be the spring recap.   Before all the woes, fishing was off to a great start. Spring steelheading was something new, and of all the fishing this past while, it's those days with friends Mike and Luke, and some great bows caught, that could very well be a highlight of the season. Walking the river, placing the cast, controlling the drift and seeing that float drop is definitely an all encompassing, different kind of cool fishing experience. Time this year was the most rewarding yet, and the hope is to build on that with trips ahead. Really quite appreciated these fish and days fishing, and considering the horror stories of "loogans" and lined banks of anglers, on our trips we found more than enough free space to ourselves. Some favorite fish...   During the down and out weeks after steelie fishing it got into my head that it was time to sell the WarCanoe. Pulling off the winter tarps there was some first wood rot in spots and work to be done. Summer sun is hard on a wooden boat, trailering not much easier, and the waters down here are full of strange fungi spores which get into the wood and expand. It came to mind that up in the northern cold, running rivers like it used to, is the best place for a longer life and it's end of days. So, up on Kijiji she went... and I waited... and waited. A few fellas showed interest but, not really, and some were just too far away to come and get it. Again the hope was it would go north, and one guy from Waskaganish seemed to really want it. No sale once May arrived, when it was almost time to start hitting the walleye I couldn't take it. Keel and splash guard rot got routed or cut out, repaired or replaced, a couple dry trouble spots on the gunnels took some touch-ups and a gouge in the canvas was filled with some fiberglass. Honda slapped on the back and the WarCanoe was ready to go another year, and in most respects now I'm quite happy with that. No pavement, no cell service, no guides, no luxuries along the way, we've got some amazing history exploring the WarCanoe and I, traveling and fishing the northern rivers of James Bay.   It was about a week before May when fishing resumed. Kicked off those days with lakers. When the weather forecast looked alright, my buddy Pat and I took off for Lady O to try our luck on some big pan greasers. The previous year with my father we came up empty during an insane midge hatch, well low and behold we timed it again perfectly to fish this years even more insane midge hatch. Wind saved us from digesting swarming bugs with our eyes, but the fishing was tough again. However, did manage to make it worth the trip with one tank. Won't be the last time fishing lakers on that stage.   Trollin' and riggin' is always great, but with some summer plans for that, it's nice to take advantage of ice-out casting opportunities when available. Sight fishing and chucking lures to shallow cruising laketrout, it's really quite a rush to have your offering creamed by a charging fish. Having some fun playing them out on light gear and seeing them swim away unscathed (except the odd BBQ'er) into their frigid waters is hard to beat. The numbers of fish can be awesome too. This window always closes fast, yet with a couple friends along it's definitely worth peering in for a look. This spring Huddy and Patty joined me in the Lund and the company was surely welcome.   What would be spring without a little crappie fishing. Table fare they're great. Sociability they're perfect. Fun factor is high. There has to be no easier fish to catch during the month after ice out than crappies so, why not hit 'em up? This spring took off on tour several times to have my father, my oldest friend Fraser, usual suspect Patty and new buddy Doug join along. A solo trip with perfect timing actually turned out to be the banner day of all though, for during four hours one afternoon, anchored, another boat circling, I had the chance to experience the best crappie numbers in my life. If it wasn't every cast, it was every second cast a fish came over the gunnel. When I called a buddy up on the way home to tell him about it, we just had to meet on the road so he could raid the well a little and steal enough of a meal for himself. Some new spots, some old, it'll be filling to revisit these spring grocery stores in the future. Strange story before crappie fishing with Doug is we both showed up at the launch with our boats. A gentleman, being closer to home he returned his while I took the hour and a half wait to come good on a promise with an old friend. At a nearby school Caroline teaches Kindergarten, and she asked me to stop in and speak with the kids about nursing, healthcare and the North. It was a remarkably feel-good morning. I had been reluctant to do this for some odd reason, but kids are little people that I often see at work by the 100's each year, so upon arriving at school I found my cool. This class though, thirty of them at once, all energetic, inquisitive, individual, wild and coming right at me with hands raised, questions to ask, stories to tell and things to show, it is exhausting stuff and my hat goes off to teachers who do this day in and day out for our children. During our visit the kids learned some Cree words, heard some northern and nursing stories, and were taught a little about CPR. Then it was off to meet Doug and that was equally great. An exceptionally nice dood. Two walleye openers this year, division 18 and 15 are a week apart. Plans to hang out for a day with friends up in 15, for the 18 opener I just slipped out a short while to get a fix. This spring the eye fishing is a little off-keel. Wonky weather and water temps could be to blame? Maybe it's water snakes eating up the supply? But seriously, of all the fishing in the past month, the eyes have needed the most work to get results. No skunks but an almost happened... and so even though the fishing has been tough, rather than quit and sell the gear it'll just require more time and fine tuning. Gotta respect the eyes around here, they're often a serious challenge.   In preparation for summer trips I usually hit the vice on a couple rainy days each spring. This year so far, about 30 smaller 1/4-ounce bucktail jigs have been tied, a couple big 5-inch & 1-ounce laker jigs have proved tasty, and more inline bucktails will need to be finished. Sniffing laquer to dizzy, sneezing from fur and feathers, and this season swatting skitters in the garage, it'd almost make more sense to maybe try and jump on some wagon to a couple ProStaff deals rather than suffer the work hazards of producing things for myself. That said, when I peg giant speckles, pike, or lakers on one of these hand-tied creations, it'll be worth it. Continued...
  14. Hard to believe that 2013 is almost half way through. This forum and its members have always been helpful to me when I've had questions and whatnot. It's always a pleasure to share photos we all love. I don't really post much anymore... so here's what I've been up to since the beginning of 2013 to make up for my absence. First ice. Always head out for panfish as we wait for safe ice on bigger water. This year, my buddies and myself decided to do some exploring with new water and it didn't disappoint. Lake trout. Once Simcoe freezes over, we usually stick with these aggressive fish until season closes. This year was special. Truly the year of the lakers. Got my PB, and the numbers of fish caught was amazing! Everything seemed to work. Definitely my best season on the ice for lakers hands down. Even managed a "rare" whitefish that have seemed to disappear! Last ice. More slab crappies. Spring steelhead. After winter laker season closes, I usually dedicate my time on the river chasing fresh chrome steelhead. Trout opener. I'm not a huge fan of fishing for spawned out dropback steelhead. With the late spring we had, I was hoping for more fresh fish, but all the fish caught were rather dark and on their way back down to the lake. Still got a good number of fish and had a good day on the water. Spring crappie. I've been going after crappie for about 25 years now. Seems like the fishing keeps getting better. Or maybe I'm getting better at it. Back when I was a little kid, my dad used to bring me out around Georgian Bay and Simcoe areas - they were the only areas where crappie were available. Now that they have spread throughout the Kawarthas, we have endless options. I managed my PB this spring. A feisty fish that measured 15.5". On this day, the fish were everywhere...but were very finicky. My buddy and myself carefully creeped up on these fish in a quiet electric powered sportspal canoe and we still had a hard time getting them to commit. Finally, we found out that the solution was to downsize.... significantly. I wish I had my 5wt fly rod...would've got a lot more fish with that for sure. Anyways...fishing over about 10fow and the fish hit at 6" beneath the surface. Thought it was a bass at first. We shouted and hollered as the fish came into the canoe. Good times. This year, a lot of 13"+ fish were boated. We've made it our mission to avoid dinks/crowds and specifically target larger sized slabs. I've also made a new goal recently - I want to get into white crappie. I know they are found in the Niagara area and more southwest. If anyone has got any tips or suggestions, let me know. Spring walleye. I was taught the technique of the bucktail last year. It looked so awkward at first and I had a hard time picturing it in my head how it would work. But the results proved it was the way for weedy walleye! This year was the same. Although I spent time with plastics and cranks as well. Lots of slot sized fish and a few bonus bigger sized ones. Spring pike. Always fun casting for pike with cranks and jerkbaits. Unfortunately, no monsters this spring. I'm not big into muskie fishing and have never went out specifically for them. Usually always get at least 1 or 2 accidentally while targetting other species. Perhaps I should give it a serious go one of these days. Spring carp. As spring comes to an end and summer begins, the crappie/walleye/pike fishing seems to go bland. Just doesn't excite as much as earlier in the season. Best solution is to turn things around and go for big carp! I've only been out once this year, but the excitement with the screaming runs and the tough fights these fish put out will draw me back in for sure. These fish don't get enough credit. I'm always a believer in changing things up and keeping it interesting....which is why being a multispecies angler is the way to go! You can see behind me in the following pics - 2 guys in a nice bass boat...drifting the same run over and over again trying to hook up with some walleye. Each pass they made, we were battling nice carp while they watched. Didn't look like they were having much success. Made me glad I was on the bank with a couple buddies, chatting, eating, sleeping, and most importantly... catching nice big carp! That's it for now. Bass is just around the corner. Topwater is one of my favourite ways to fish for them. I can't wait. I'll have to dust off and prep my frog setup. I didn't get a chance to head out for resident trout either. Hopefully I will get into some of that before the vegetation gets to be too much. More of this to come in the following weeks.
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