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Found 14 results

  1. Here’s a little vid from last week on lake Simcoe with two awesome you g buck anglers! Video link below ? https://youtu.be/AM0r1YU3Vrc
  2. Hey guys here’s little vlog report on some Perch on lake Simcoe ! ? https://youtu.be/2_RtaFdCZ0U
  3. Check out this video from the guys at fishing for the rest of us. I have fished for perch on simcoe before and usually stick to cooks bay but i'm usually out in a pop up hut. this year though it seemed to be the year of the dinks but on one of my trips we managed to bring home about a dozen caught 150 or so for our group that day. Nothing massive mind you and barely reached 11 inches with the biggest one but still some nice fish. I find some of the bigger jumbos dont taste as good anyways.
  4. Hey Guys, my dad just recently got back into the country after a while and seeing that friday is a holiday id like to take him fishing is there any open water near lake simcoe or cooks bay ? he wants to fish for jumbos or pike when i was a kid we used to fish the bay in Adeline Park for jumbo perch does anyone know if thats open or still frozen over it would be nice to go there with my dad like the old days any help is appreciated!
  5. Well.. I have for you a video from this past Saturday on Lake Simcoe, ice fishing for lake trout. At the beginning of the day, I hooked up immediately and it looked like it was going to be a stellar day. However, the action for me was all within the first hour. Nevertheless, I got some good footage and was able to get this video up. Have a gander, I especially enjoy the sonar footage
  6. 16 inch perch from Virginia beach. That's a 2 litre bottle
  7. Today, a buddy and I decided to put some miles on the ATV's. We drove past the middle grounds of Lake Simcoe but never really found a good bite. Out in the middle grounds, it reminded me of the hardened lava fields in Hawaii.......only this was jagged pack ice with more pressure cracks then we've ever seen. Brutal to drive over. I managed to pick up a few nice, fat lakers out there so it made the drive well worth it! The fish were super picky today but tricked them with a little sparkle and flash of the Bass Magnet Lures 4" chartreuse Tinsel Tubes. Colin
  8. Since I was on-call last week, I really could only hit the ice for a limited amount of time due to work commitments but still managed to get a few topside. The pressure cracks are very tricky this year so be careful out there but the ice in general is great! First whitefish on the Kamooki Smartfish New prototype colour from Bass Magnet Lures New prototype colour from Bass Magnet Lures Cloud-o-herring Colin
  9. It seemed like Lady Simcoe froze instantly over night last week which is good news for all us hard water lovers around the area. Not saying that the entire lake is good to go but the places that I fished, you couldn't ask for better ice. Pure black ice...other then the odd little pressure crack (which aren't big as of yet). I didn't put in the hours out there that I would have liked due to work commitments but it was still great to get out there and shake off the cobwebs from the deep water sticks. I was recently added to the www.kamooki.ca field staff team so I was dying to try out their Smartfish lure. It was raved about at ICAST and it caused quite the stir in the depths of Lake Simcoe this weekend. My first laker of the season came on the Herring pattern! Man, I missed the ice! Here's a few from the weekend. Kamooki Smartfish Herring Bass Magnet Lures Glo Shift'r Shad Cheers, Colin
  10. WOW Seen on another site. This is UNREAL http://www.mississauga.com/news-story/4567225-mississauga-man-fined-for-poaching-cisco-on-lake-simcoe/
  11. How detailed is the navionics gold for lake simcoe.Is it better than the app for tablets and is it worth the $
  12. Me and a few friends went out for the first time yesterday to go for some perch off Snake Island. There was a lot of slush and water, my right foot got wet first thing in the morning. We checked the depth, chainsawed a sexy block, threw up the tent n dropped a line. First 5 mins there was not a single fish in sight. Then it started.... We couldnt stop pulling perch out. Most of them got thrown back in(keep in mind well over 100 made it out the water.) For about 5-6 hours it was constant action. Seen quite a few down there with some serious shoulders. Couldnt get all the big guys to bite since they were sketchy and the smaller ones were contantly going for the offerings, but we did pull nice ones out(size of and bigger then a "fish juice" bottle.) The herring showed up. All they did was harass our ammo.. Me and another guy caught 1 each accidentally(Keep your waders on, we tossed em back in.) Almost wish we could catch em, they have attitude. Either way, left with about 15 8''+ perch. Was a good time
  13. http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/2013/07/05/mnr-unveiling-new-boat-washing-station-at-barrie-marina-on-saturday MNR unveiling new boat washing station at Barrie Marina The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the City of Barrie have joined forces to help stop the spread in invasive species throughout provincial waterways. A new boat washing station will open for public viewing and use at the city’s marina on Saturday and boaters will get a chance to learn how to clean vessels properly and prevent transporting species to other waterways. “The purpose of it is to educate boaters about invasive species, so they can clean their boats entering Lake Simcoe and leaving Lake Simcoe,” MNR biologist Greg Lunn said. “Lake Simcoe actually does have a number of invasive species and we don’t want to see them transported to other lakes.” When foreign species are introduced to new waterways, many of them out number and compete with local inhabitants which can result in lower populations of regional species. “They compete and breed fast and generally displace our native species for habitat and food sources,” Lunn said. “The main concern is when they’re leaving because Lake Simcoe is predominantly acting as a source for invasive species.” Some species include: zebra mussels, Asian fish tapeworm, sea lamprey, European frog-bit Eurasian water milfoil and flowering rush. The station will draw water from the lake before going through a pressurized water system on land where boaters are encouraged to wash and thoroughly inspect their vessels. “It uses pressurized water to clean off any larval zebra mussels (and others species) that may be on the trailer, on the boat or anywhere they may cling to,” Lunn said. “A lot of the time it’s hard to see where they cling to so it’s important to wash the vessel.” Boats will have to be washed one at a time, but Lunn said the station doesn’t have size restrictions and can accommodate small to large boats. Boaters can visit between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to learn more about washing boats and how waterways are damaged by foreign species, but also how transmission can be prevented. “It’s to continue to increase the education among the anglers and boating community and stop transmission,” Lunn said. “There will be educational pamphlets, materials and decals for the people who utilize the boating station.” MNR staff will be on hand to answer questions and give out free fishing lures as tokens for those interested in learning more.
  14. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone knew when the Lake Simcoe ice fishing derby is. I know there are a few that happen, but I was looking for the one thats out of Virginia Beach. Went to it a few years back, so im not 100% sure its still around. Thanks
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