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Found 2 results

  1. Hi folks, I posted some pics of my sled design, and it worked so well, I decided to see if I can sell a few... There are infinite options available as far as height, width and length along with platform, seating, tie down methods etc. etc.If you can dream it Ill try to build it. These are super light weight and break down and set up in about 90 seconds, they are perfect for apartment/condo dwellers, people with small cars or anywhere space is a concern $200 range base sled with skis average size is around 40" long and around $275 with straps and slats. These are designed and built to be lifetime sleds. PM for more details Sheldon
  2. Well as some of you know from one of my status updates, that I have been working on my own take on the smitty sled. Here is a back story to start, last year I bought a pelican 45 sled from Canadian Tire and after a season of using it i found out that i acquired more gear then the sled was able to hold, plus it was the biggest one i could get in my then Nissan Sentra. Flash forward to this winter now with a F-150, I could justify getting the Pelican 60, but seeing everyone's ideas and reports on their take on smitty sled I figured I'd take a stab at it and including price of the sled and material used I spent under $100.00 on this project. I spent between 3-4 hours on it I used the followig 1 pelican 60 snow trek sled Canadian Tire $54.99 got it on sale boxing day,,i think that was the price 1 pair of cross country skies from play it again sports $19.99 8 - 1" screws and 2 - 1 1/4" screws I striped everything off the top of the skies, then striped then sanded the bottom of them to make them smooth again. I then place both skies on the ground the proceeded to screw the sled into (onto) the skies. I used the "dimples" on the bottom of the sled to screw threw into the spot where the boot lock thing was on the ski. After i had it assembled, I foolishly grabbed interior paint because i wanted to re paint the skies, not realizing it was interior painted the skies. Later that evening my father came and asked me what type of paint I used i showed him. He then laughed at me and told me that I would have to sand and strip it down again. After removing said paint I decided to keep it bare and just wax it, but my mistake did give it a nice colour. Here is some pictures of my handy work, I'll have a secondary report once I take it out for its first spin on Simcoe this weekend
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