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  1. Actually it wasn't meant as a slam towards shootings. I guess I omitted the part about what my reference was to. My reference was to the humor in the Michael Moore documentary 'Bowling for Columbine' where he showed that in some areas when you go to the bank and take out a loan you get a free rifle. It was shocking to watch this in the documentary. My comment was meant to be in reference to that. Here's the snippet ->
  2. Everyone that's on a forum like this knows the muskie technique. The problem are the cottage rentals that come up for a few days or a week or two. They go jigging for fish with the kids and end up hooking a muskie and don't know the do's and don'ts. 1) This happened to an acquaintance of mine just 2 weeks ago. He was at a rental for the week on Lower Buckhorn and sure enough out fishing with his two young kids he hooked a muskie. He said he got it to the boat but didn't know what to do. He said there was a seasoned angler close by that came over to his rental boat and helped. In this case I expect it ended OK for the muskie. He said he learned about holding it for recovery/rest time, etc. 2) I know a cottage resort owner and once I witnessed (it was after the fact) the weekly rentals catching a muskie and bringing it back to show everyone, handling it wrong, out of the water too long for pics, etc. The resort owner showed me the dead muskie from their shoreline (it floated back not long after it was released) and it was huge. Very sad. He told me it happens from time to time. The 'cidiots' (some call them) are clueless to how delicate the monster of the lake is once it has been caught and handled. I think more education for the short stay vacationers would help.
  3. If you go a little further down in the States you get a free rifle with your 30 bucks of gas. LOL
  4. Agreed, but .... without a crystal ball, I don't know how anyone could be present to catch someone in the middle of stealing a boat, motor, ATV or into a cottage. Most of those acts can be done in less than 5 min.
  5. Good to see them on the water. https://www.kawartha411.ca/2019/07/10/two-boat-operators-charged-on-area-waterways/
  6. That guy yelling and hitting the cruiser in his tinny is pretty funny. The video shared of the large cruiser running over the 3 people fishing was terrifying.
  7. Luck ... yes, most certainly. Impressive sizes ... no. The tournaments I've been in and those that i've monitored the results ... guys have been saying it's been a tough bite and the numbers coming in are certainly smaller than normal for this time of year. But the general consensus has been 'hit/miss' everywhere. With the very late spring, normal patterns are not the case this year.
  8. If live bait is allowed ... large minnows. Big ones. Large bass will smash them if you are in the spot.
  9. Hi. I have an older 82lb 24V MotorGuide Digital Tour. Serial: 9B655880; Part No: 9BT52GCAF Yesterday something happened and now the trolling motor stays on all the time at 100% power. I was using it during a normal low RPM run for only a few minutes and then it stopped working. I knew my batteries couldn't have suddenly died since they are both pretty new and were fully charged. I thought 'what the heck' and turned the variable speed dial on the side of the pedal, stepped on the pedals on/off switch but nothing. I flipped the switch at the top of the pedal that is for constant on or for using the pedals on/off and nothing. I unplugged the power and plugged it back in and WHAM! 100% throttle and no way to adjust speed or turn the unit off. So I had to unplug it. Anyone with experience in this area think which part has gone bad that I have to replace? I was guessing the potentiometer assembly? I don't think the switch at the top that controls constant on or allowing the on/off of the foot pedal is bad and I don't think the variable speed controller is bad because both do nothing now. Thank you!
  10. Now would that be dairy or soy or coconut or almond or lactose free? LOL
  11. Well I thawed my first package of white bass and cooked it up last night. It was a success. Because I was worried about a fishy taste (from the fear people put in me on this forum) .... I cut the filets up into small 2 - 3 inch pieces and I beer-battered them and fried in a little oil. 5 people include me tried them and they all said "this is good". I did notice a strong fishy smell on my hands afterwards, so could see that if it was just pan fried with some spices ... many may say it's too fishy. But doing it the way I did went over well.
  12. Page 6. Under the "Deemed Licences" header. https://files.ontario.ca/on-con-188/ONCON-188_MNRF_CR_ontario-fishing-regulations-summary-v2.pdf
  13. Just placed my first order. Online shopping cart worked well (added stuff, deleted stuff, left the checkout to make a change and then went back to it and everything was still there, etc). Used coupon code ONTARIOFISHINGCOMMUNITY and got the 10% off. Then got an email that I got a small shipping refund due to my order being small and light. NICE! I too like to shop local and support local as much as possible ... and I still will on certain items. Just depends on the item since my local shop sometimes doesn't have what I'm looking for.
  14. Not a bad idea. My father has a smoker that he has yet to use. Maybe this could be what breaks it in. :)
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