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  1. Boaters World There is one here in Peterborough, close to me. I just walk in and they order it if its not in stock. https://www.boatersworld.com/
  2. I've always wondered where the name Pickerel came from so I Googled it. I came across a couple of websites that illustrate they are two different fish and the fish we see in many photos from southern Ontario (the great lakes, Kawarthas, etc) are not Pickerel because Pickerel is a different species. https://northernwilds.com/pickerel-vs-walleye-setting-the-record-straight/ I was wondering why Walleye is also called Pickerel. Another search brought me to a site that simple said many decades ago Walleye were misidentified as Pickerel and as parents passed the name of the fish as Pickerel onto their children, and then they grew up and passed the name along to their children ..... the misnaming stuck. Anyone have insight or wisdom on this?
  3. Not everyone can identify fish accurately from a distance. When we purchased our waterfront home 5 years ago we were down at the dock talking to the people that sold us the home. The woman knew I was a Fisherman and said "I've seen big trout swim by the dock". This is on Upper Buckhorn lake. Enough said.
  4. I saw those at the locks as well and wondered what was going on. Thanks for the info!
  5. Damn! Leave some for the rest of us.
  6. I've been fishing ... but nothing like that!
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I have decided to go electric next season so I must sell this bad-boy. It has been a great auger. I put a new blade on it this past January. The blade cover and gas cap are new as well. Located in the Peterborough area. $200 O.B.O.

    200.00 CAD

    Peterborough, Ontario - CA

  8. View Advert 8" Strike Master Chipper Auger - Great Shape! SOLD Advertiser KawarthaAngler Date 04/24/2019 Price 200.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds
  9. If your boat isn't worth much (which is subjective and a personal decision) I guess insurance would help in other areas such as theft, should someone smash into you (i.e. if you travel the Trent Severn and something happens in the locks), etc. But for a seasoned boater in a non-congested water system ... it is a valid question to ask yourself should you have the $ to replace your boat if something happened to it. My Fish & Ski boat has a value of approx $10 - $12K. We insure it as an extension of our home policy through Co-Operators. It isn't much (maybe $400/yr .. can't recall at the moment) but we are on the Trent Severn which is heavily populated, has thefts in the night and I do go through the locks from time to time.
  10. Damn! That's more than many cars!
  11. I got a good deal on a Fenwick HMG spinning rod. I found an excellent deal (almost half price) on a Live Target top water popper (was in a sale bin). Also found some ZMan soft plastic I have trouble finding in this area. Depending on what you are looking for, there were deals on gear. I almost walked away with another Zodias rod because the one BJ's had was discounted really good.
  12. Agreed. I think everyone that attends shows has their own expectations because of what interests them or what they are looking for. I think like the Barrie ice fishing one, it's a small market and area it appeals to ... so may be tough to grow. But I hope they succeed. I was recently talking to the marketing director for one of the large manufacturers of fishing gear and was told that they and other manufacturers are pulling out of setting up booths at the trade shows because there isn't the ROI anymore with everyone doing their own online research and looking for deals at the resale booths. This person said they plan on partnering with some of the larger resale booths going forward. I thought this was an interesting approach.
  13. I should be there Sunday morning. I went last year and was impressed. It was larger than I expected for the small town of Lindsay. It's a small show so can do it in an hour or less. It's much more than just a fishing show (I'd prefer to see more fishing there but that's because it's my main focus). They have some hands-on stuff for the kids as well.
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