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  1. That rumor makes the picture less fun.
  2. On that warm day I already put my boat in the water, but then we had another short cold spell. But not long now!
  3. That was really bizarre. Perfect that it was captured on vid. 😁
  4. Mine is a 7 foot Shimano Crucial medium action rod. It's quite light. I really like it. I think the new Curado line replaced Crucial. I have a 7'2" heavy action Shimano Zodias I use for punching. I love that rod. Its so light yet powerful. Maybe their 6'6-7' medium power would be the perfect solution. They are a bit pricey though but really nice. I did hold approx 7' Abu Garcia dropshot rod in my hand at a recent winter Bassmasters club meeting from a Abu Garcia sponsored pro tourney angler doing a demo .... it was really nice looking and feeling rod. I can't recall which model it was but it felt like it was up there in quality between the Curado and Zodias. Also, the new Daiwa Tatula line is really nice. So much sweet gear ... not enough money.
  5. If your auger isn't at least as tall as you ... then you aren't a true ice angler!
  6. Just a FYI. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/driver-charged-with-mans-death-in-crash-through-lake-ice/ar-BBUDHvk?li=AAggXBV
  7. I was just in Holguin. There was a dude fishing from the beach (on the outer edge ... not near swimmers) at least 2 times I saw. Checking local laws is smart no matter where we go. I don't know the laws down there but have seen YouTube vids of people fishing from shore while in Cuba. I can see them making it illegal in order to promote the government controlled tourist industry and fishing charters. But there are lots of open and private shorelines and from what we saw at our resort in Holguin, and the military (2 young guys) coming through once a day and doing a quick check.
  8. For me, as a kid I had one spinning reel and it was a left retrieve (like I believe most were). So I learned to hold the rod with my right hand and retrieve with my left. In my adult years when I purchased more spinning reels they were the same. When I purchased my first baitcaster I did the same, left hand retrieve since that is what I was use to and it made sense. Then I started watching televised tournaments and saw guys that were right handed like me, cast their baitcaster with their right hand (like I do), then switch hands to also retrieve with their right. That's when I scratched my head and said 'what are these loonies doing?' LOL
  9. Every persons 'normal' is in their own head and unique to every person. Thus there truly is no normal.
  10. Thanks for adding the info. But for those not overly familiar with the Trent Severn and particularly the OP's question, there ain't no Pike in Stoney/Clear. At least not that I've ever heard of ......
  11. I have not been to either but since they are Kawartha lakes ... it can be assumed they are the same as others I've been to. Ice is quite thick now. Probably close to the thickest it will be in the winter. Many Kawartha lakes that are quiet, no current areas are over 12 inches ice. Just like any Kawartha lake, you need to find public access spots and with navionics equipment see where to go that has the structure you are wanting. But be sure that you know the water system or learn about it to ensure that location is a non-current area to have thick ice. As mentioned above, in this Zone, only pan fish are in season.
  12. I wonder if the changes on steel import/export and tariffs with the USA has caused that?
  13. Hope the presentations go well. Thank you for coming to Peterborough for the Ice Clinic. Even though attendance wasn't what it should have been, Wil, Jim and you did a great job of sharing techniques and best practices. Much appreciated.
  14. I completely agree. Laws exist to give direction and morals to those that lack them.
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