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  1. KawarthaAngler

    For you drone fliers

    I completely agree. Laws exist to give direction and morals to those that lack them.
  2. KawarthaAngler

    For you drone fliers

    Well then ... it's pretty priceless then. :)
  3. KawarthaAngler

    For you drone fliers

    For $25 ... keep your expectations low.
  4. KawarthaAngler

    A day on the ice, a day on the river

    Cool. Thanks!
  5. KawarthaAngler

    A day on the ice, a day on the river

    Is that the Milwaukee M18 or M28 hammer drill? I think the M18 is most popular but the M28 is only a little bit more $. I'm looking into that for next winter. My gas auger is quite heavy
  6. KawarthaAngler

    2019 HT Ice Tour-FREE Seminars

    Coming to Peterborough!? That's great. I'll be sure to pass this along.
  7. KawarthaAngler

    Wheres the report

    Some of the Kawarthas are OK. Just the dead end bays where there is no current. Huts out on Chemong at Rotary Park today. I was out on a different east Kawartha lake yesterday. 6 inches there.
  8. KawarthaAngler

    Ya gotta see this! Jaw dropping Martial Arts display

    Impressive stuff. I'd like to get all that broken wood afterwards as kindling for my fireplace!
  9. KawarthaAngler

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    I enjoyed my visit to the show. Hopefully as the years pass it will grow. It would be nice if there were more vendors there. Maybe a combined show of ice fishing and winter hunting? That may result in more diversity and a greater attendance. Just a thought. I posted several pics on my Instagram account. ->
  10. KawarthaAngler

    Fall/Winter steelhead

    Wow. Impressive. I want to try some late fall and early spring stream fishing. Got the rod ... just need to get the bib + boots and some proper tackle. Hope to give it a try in a few months!
  11. KawarthaAngler

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    Yup. A friend and I should be for a couple hours after lunch on Sat. Looking forward to the outing.
  12. KawarthaAngler

    Ice Fishing Training

  13. KawarthaAngler

    Ice fishing show Barrie

    A true Angler goes to any show they can ;) Looking forward to checking it out. Not much else happening on December weekends anyways.
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I have been to Sail in the past and found their float suit inventory to be poor.
  15. I don't live in the Toronto area but will be there 2nd week of Nov to fly in and out of Person Airport. After my return flight to Person I want to stop in at Bass Pro and pickup my first hard water float suit. I really like the Striker suits with Clam being my 2nd choice. Has anyone on the forum visiting the T.O. Bass Pro recently and reviewed the Striker/Clam float suits they may have in inventory? Thanks!