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  1. KawarthaAngler

    Late Fall Kawartha Crappie & Perch?

    Good tip. Thanks!
  2. KawarthaAngler

    Late Fall Kawartha Crappie & Perch?

    Thanks BillM. I understand they are quite temp sensitive. In the spring once the water temp is just right I know they move into the shallows. What water temp would play a part of them coming back to shallower areas in the fall? I haven't been on the water in a few weeks so don't know what the temp is at the moment.
  3. Hi there. Anyone do any late fall Crappie or Perch fishing in the Kawartha's? I've done spring Crappie fishing and guys will talk about it (and some of the fishing shows cover it) but don't hear much about late fall. A friend of mine mentioned it to me a couple years back. I've tried it a bit and not had any luck. Anyone try it and have luck? If so, any tips? Thanks!
  4. KawarthaAngler

    Boat Carpet installer suggestion request

    I live in the Peterborough area and started to look into getting boat recarpeted a year ago. I found there weren't any places that wanted to take on such a job. I ended up doing the work myself and doing it in pieces. So far it has gone well. I purchased my marine carpet from https://www.jtsoutdoorfabrics.com/ I talked to a couple local flooring stores and they only sell outdoor carpet. It isn't the same. It doesn't have a rubber backing and it doesn't have a tight weave. Definitely purchase quality marine carpet if you go that route. One of the stores I talked to told me a fellow asked them to recarpet his boat. Because it is so much labor I was told that even though it was only approx $400 in material the bill was still upwards of $5K. It just depends on what type of boat you have and how much is carpeted. For me, I'm just replacing the carpet on the horizontal parts that I walk on. Those are the areas that are a problem. The sides of my boat are fine and so I'm not doing the sides (it's a Fish & Ski boat, so every damn inch of the inside is carpeted). I could not get same colour so I picked black which now gives the boat a 2-tone look and it looks fine. I found I need to replace the wood because its rotting. I didn't plan for that, so that adds to the job. I just use the old piece as a template and cut a new piece. Just need a jig saw, a scroll saw and a power drill. There are lots of YouTube videos on this. They are a good resource if you want to give it a try. A couple pics from when I was doing the bow section.
  5. KawarthaAngler

    Samsung tv power on issue NF

    Got a used 50 inch tv that I just took in for a servicing because it would not stay on. The fix was re-soldering connections on the power supply. $100 job. A lot less $ and wasteful than looking at a new TV.
  6. KawarthaAngler

    1st year of guiding done.

    Regardless of industry ... when dealing with the public, the hardest part of the business is ... dealing with the public. Congrats on a good year #1.
  7. KawarthaAngler

    Swim Bait Rod Choice

    Keeping specific brand choices out of it ... I'd say any 7"2 or a little longer medium heavy, fast action would do a great job.
  8. KawarthaAngler

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    A few years ago I took an Ultralight reel I purchased in the late 1980's to them since it was a bit stiff and I wanted to resurrect it from the dead for crappie fishing. The fellow there (could have been Chris) said ... "wow, this is an old one. not sure we would have any parts for it". I said to do whatever they could to bring life to it and left it with them. A couple days later I got a call to pick it up. They were able to clean and lube it and replace a couple bearings that he said he could find that would fit. The total cost ... $11. LOL
  9. KawarthaAngler

    Shimano Reel Service worth it?

    For how little it costs to have an expert open the reel up and replace parts that either should or could use replacing, and have it all cleaned and lubed up .... I think it's worth it.
  10. KawarthaAngler

    Otonabee river musky tips

    I landed a small muskie on the Otonabee river along a weed line throwing top water just before sunset in mid August. It was one of the many areas where there is a shallow, lillypad loaded bay. I simply stayed along the outside edge and was throwing weedless jig hunting for bass. This one evening there were a few splashes in the lilypads and I said to my co-angler "I think muskie have come into the shallows to feed, I'm going to throw a top water along the edge" ... 2nd cast and BAM. Landed a small muskie. I haven't been back on the Ontonabee since ... but that was my experience.
  11. KawarthaAngler

    More fishing fines laid!

    https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/8915529-five-anglers-fined-for-fishing-in-fishing-sanctuary-at-lock-19-in-peterborough/ And one of these guys was caught doing the same thing 2 years ago! I can't believe it. For someone like that, fines aren't enough. They need their photo included in the paper/media for embarrassment to them and their families. Then they may stop.
  12. KawarthaAngler

    The wierdest place you met for buying

    Many transactions at places like Tim's, shopping mall food court, Gagnon Sports, Starbucks. Have had a couple people come to my home for large items such as selling a car, selling our old kitchen cupboards, selling an old Johnson 20hp, etc. They all went well. Weirdest was many years ago I went to a home to look at an item for sale and it turned out I was at the wrong house. But the person was renting the home or the basement or something ... can't recall. Anyhow ... the woman thought I was there to look at the rental. It took a little while before I realized something wasn't right and that I was at the wrong house. Kind of funny but where it got weird is she didn't want me to leave. I said I had to go since I'm at the wrong place and she said no, stay and actually grabbed my arm to stay. There wasn't anything creepy about it (and it wasn't like some fantasy where she wanted to 'shag me') .. LOL ... I think she was really desperate to rent the place out and wanted to sell me on it. That was an odd one.
  13. KawarthaAngler

    Father and Son Part II: Montana (photos)

    Looks like you have a photographer in the family.
  14. KawarthaAngler

    Fish'n Canada Season 2

    Watching these old shows is hilarious. Their mutton-chops and mustaches and tight white shorts are rock'n every video. LOL
  15. KawarthaAngler

    Looking for 17-18ft aluminum

    https://www.boattrader.com/ and Kijiji are great spots to do some research on what's in the market. Being fall ... may get a better price.