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  1. I have the Hardwater bib and jacket and they are great! You'll be very happy with them. I had first purchased Large size and they were too big on me. Had to step down to Medium, which fit like a glove as well.
  2. I spent a couple hours walking the floor Monday and sat in on a couple of sessions. I enjoyed my time and thought it was a good trip.
  3. I got mine at BPS in North York. But that was a few years back.
  4. Thanks for the details. I emailed the event asking since my tickets were purchased online and are standard admittance. I've had a reply, but I'm afraid it failed to answer my simple question of how do I change my ticket to include the Monday 9am closed door. The person that replied implied that I just have to show up since there is no additional cost. But they were quite vague and gave me no details. I may have to simply call and talk to someone. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I was looking to attend the Monday 9am "The Pro Bass Tour Academy" session. I was given a couple tickets to the show for my birthday and I believe they included one of the early sessions. How do I know if the ticket I was given indicates I have access to the 9am session? If I do have a ticket to the 9am session, how do I get in since the show doesn't open till 10am? I can't find any info on this on the official website. All I can find on the website is "Purchase of a Closed Door Seminar Ticket grants admission into that day's show". Thanks
  6. I had my Lowe Fish'N Ski done by Ron's Canvas in Ennismore, just a short drive from Peterborough. I know it isn't Barrie, but his business has decades behind it and is known for quality. I've been very happy with mine. It's 3yrs old now and still holding up like new. https://www.ronscanvas.com/
  7. The ice at my dock looks at normal levels for this time of year. But yesterday when I looked to an open water spot against shore/docks where I'm familiar with the water height ... YES, I then saw it is high. I've always thought of installing some time of measuring device at my dock ... just to observe out of curiosity.
  8. I live on Upper Buckhorn and haven't noticed any fluctuations in the water level. After big rains in winter ... certainly stronger current through bottlenecks such as Gannon Narrows, but that's all I've noticed. Maybe I need to be more observant. :)
  9. Guys have begun ice fishing on south Chemong Lake, just north of Peterborough.
  10. stop talking like that ... you're making me want to renew account for another year!
  11. That's odd. I've had it on my phone for a few years now and haven't renewed it for well over a year and it runs fine. All I'm missing are community edits/updates. But where I live and fish ... the lake depths and hazards don't change so I ain't missing a thing. I use it when ice fishing and walking around looking for the spot to drill. I use it when a guest in anothers boat and I want to mark a spot. I use it when having lunch with someone and talk about a lake comes up. It's great.
  12. I walked into the Ptb store after work (approx 4:30pm) and picked up the Buddy heater and a couple other 1/2 price sale items. No problem with inventory.
  13. That is not a Netflix scam. That is a scam artist using Netflix as a disguise. In the same fashion I get emails about my bank account being frozen (at a bank I've never had an account) or my Apple account having an unauthorized purchase (which it didn't). The scammers try to fool many into clicking on their bogus links in the emails. Watch out!
  14. That vid was very interesting. Thanks 🤜🤛
  15. I've been happy with 4th gen Apple TV as well. My parents were impressed and got one as well. It has the Apps (and many more) you are referring to so that you get those shows.
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