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Found 2 results

  1. 20180217_142541.jpg
    I picked up a new sled this year, a skidoo expedition le 900 ace and so far so good. I've put almost 1400kms on it so not bad for a first year and limited snow. I would have to say I'm so please with my purchase, it is a perfect sled for what I wanted it for and it has performed flawlessly above my expectations. Watching the weather forecast the last week or so I was bummed about the prospect of this rain ending the year and after checking the trail status on OFSC website, it looks like this last weekend was the time to go. On Saturday morning my friends Lynn and Kevin and I headed from Ottawa to Deep river where we started our ride. We took the A trail up to Mattawa and had lunch at the Mattawa golf course club house. The hills and scenery were awesome, the trails were in mint shape and the day was beautiful, couldn't ask for better. We headed back to the park and ride in DR and after all was done we did 280 kms over about 7 hrs. We talked about going again Monday to give ourselves a day of rest but a quick check of the weather brought on the possibility that if we didn't go Sunday we might not be able to go Monday. So, up bright and early Sunday and drove to Deep river again for another ride, same place but mix up the trails a bit. Ater a fantastic 5.5 hrs on the trails we had gone 190 kms. The weather was awesome, could not have asked for better. 470kms on the sleds and 800kms on the trucks. Here are a few of my favorite pics of the trails over the 2 days.
  2. 5a79e58412acf_Copyof20180127_072254.jpg
    Was invited to go on a trip up to northern Quebec with 4 other guys to do some sledding and ice fishing. The trip started in Ottawa and I went to rendezvous with a buddy and another one of the guys on the way to Montreal. Now, I only knew one of the guys going and the age group range was from 26 to 52 so I thought this could be interesting lol. After meeting up with the guys and loading sleds and gear we proceeded to Montreal to meet the last two of the group. Some more shifting around gear and loading sleds and we were on our way. We left Montreal around 6pm Friday and the plan was to drive through the night to Baie-Comeau to pick up another sled. This drive was 10 hrs long and pretty exhausting after having worked all day but we made it. Man was there ever a lot of snow, we were getting the itch to be on the sleds!! After loading up the last sled we drove the 4 hrs north on the 389 to Manic-Cinq where we stopped and had some dinner. Next morning we drove north to an access point to lac Manicouagan where we unpacked ans hooked up the gear for the 1.5 hr sled ride into the cottage on the island. At this time we were in -37 weather with 5' of snow on the flats and 7 feet in the bush. Not a trail to be seen anywhere, it was bushwacking all the way. Each sled had a trailer and some of the gear we brought in was a 6500 series Honda generator, 25 jerry cans of gas, food, fishing gear, clothing. Everything you need to survive in a cabin on an island in the north with no power or running water. Oh, and beer! We arrived at the cabin and then proceeded to cut the trail up to it in order to get the gear up. Then dinner and some laughs looking forward to the next day doing some riding. The fog was what happened when the door opened when it was -51 out lol, it filled the bottom 2 feet of the cabin. Next day, riding, so awesome. And some fishing, no fish caught lol. I think they had gone south for the winter lol We spent 4 days in an absolutely amazing place. Some more pics.
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