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  1. Already tried that. Number is out of service
  2. Title says it all. Any help is appreciated! Thanks, FF17
  3. Congrats! Great looking fish I’m still trying to crack the code for catching big bass on lake o...looks like you’ve got it figured out!!
  4. Oh and I also caught my first Muskie on Sunday, after many many failed attempts over the last few years. My first fish on the new boat! 42” and 15.5lbs
  5. So far have managed to get a lot of work done to the boat and it has been running great. Here are my latest additions: -fully replaced casting deck at back with single piece of plywood wrapped in nautolex vinyl (pics below) -swapped out old minn Kota Maxxum for a newer motorguide wireless 24v 75lb -removed two old humminbird fish finders (and an absolute mess of transducers on the stern) and replaced with new lowrance hook7 tripleshot -mounted four Scotty rod holders and ran wiring for my Scotty electric downriggers -added USB charger and ran wiring -added blue sea systems fuse panel under helm -added 50amp circuit breaker for trolling motor -purchased new cover from Canadian tire took the motor in for a tune up at Randy’s Outboards in Georgetown and it’s running great. Only issue I’m having is with the trolling motor but I think it’s because I have two different size batteries (one group 27 and one group 31) of different ages (one brand new one 3 years old) so I’ll have to sort that out. Thanks again for all the help. FF17
  6. They have some good deals on Lowrance too. Likely going to pick up the Hook 5 SI/DI/Sonar/GPS...it’s on sale for $473.99
  7. It doesn’t but I’m going to redo the whole back casting deck with vinyl. The previous owner tried to add more storage, but when you lift up the two compartments he added they are both full of buoyancy foam. Plus the vinyl is peeling where he made all of his cuts i don’t think I’m going to have the front piece lift up/fold back. Instead I’m going to put in a hatch over the battery which is directly in front of the engine.
  8. That’s amazing! Do you have any pics of it? I’m assuming you’re pretty handy if you can keep a 45 year old boat going! That would be well over my head lol
  9. Hahah thank you very much! I’m no stranger to older boats. Last one was a 2004 princecraft 176, and before that I had a 1989 tracker 156 with a 30hp Johnson of the same year...still no idea how that got me back to shore each day lol.
  10. Managed to confirm that yesterday! Went up to muskoka with a couple friends and had a great day. Two on the boat, two lost and four follows. Was incredibly hot but a mid day dip in the lake helped with that. So happy to have a boat and be back on the water!
  11. Finally managed to scoop something up! 2000 16’ Starcraft Fishmaster 160 with a 40hp Merc ELPTO of the same year. Has a couple older humminbird finders on it but both are working. So is the Minn Kota Maxxum 45lb on the bow despite being about 15 years old. Has livewell and bilge and vinyl floors and I bought it from the original owner. He gave me his original receipt and all of the paperwork and manuals from 20 years ago. Happy with the purchase and think I got a good deal. Now I need to fix a bit of the vinyl that is peeling on the back casting deck. Any recommendations on where I can buy marine grade vinyl for a decent price? Thanks again for all of the info and suggestions here. FF17
  12. Went to see it today. Waited 20 mins on the road while he showed it to another guy. Boat looked okay for its age but really the only nice thing about it was the floors. Then once the guy told me it leaks I lost all interest. Went and did some running around afterwards then headed home. While on the QEW I look to my right and there’s the boat I just looked at. The same guy came back and picked it up haha. Hope he enjoys it. May have to up the budget by $1-2k to get what I’m looking for..
  13. Thanks for all of the options folks. I’ve seen a few of them already. What are your thoughts on this one? Price is right and looks clean Fishing Boat - 17.5 Ft Springbok with 70hp Evinrude on Kijiji https://www.kijiji.ca/v-powerboat-motorboat/oakville-halton-region/fishing-boat-17-5-ft-springbok-with-70hp-evinrude/1503688245?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  14. I don’t disagree with you but I am seeing options that aren’t 40 years old that will fit the budget. Usually they go too fast or I live too far away so I’m now ready to move quick and willing to drive.
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