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  1. I have talked to him but he hasn't stayed there.
  2. Looking at this place. If you have been there let me know. I have some questions about this place.
  3. Crud, looks like Bass season doesn't start until 4th Saturday in June. We like to go before that.
  4. Hello there, just got back last week from my yearly Canadian trip with my father. We have been going to a location that has good smallmouth fishing but mediocre walleye fishing unless you are able to get into back lakes which we are not able to with my setup. I have an old 17 foot aluminum boat with a 9.9 that goes 15 mph with two people and our gear. It has been remodeled and is a much nicer than what you can rent most places so I bring my own boat. Where we currently go we end up moving around to different lakes and have to launch pretty much each time we fish so it's gets a little tiring having to do that and travel each time. I think it would be much easier on my father (and me) if we had a place where we could dock the boat and not have to worry about launching it each time. I don't really care about Northerns and would like a place with good smallmouth and walleye. One plus of where we currently go is that there isn't much boat traffic at all. Does the French river sound like the kind of place I am looking for?
  5. Just wondering if anyone on here lives near Timmons. I'd like to ask some questions about a like south of you by PM.
  6. Sad news. We had messaged back and fourth a few times a few years ago about the fishing in Shining Tree.
  7. We stayed at the Days Inn on the MI side in June. Got it through hotwire.com It was $54 I believe and right next to the Wal-Mart. Not fancy but we were just wanting a place to sleep.
  8. When you say it's hit or miss does it change daily or will I be able to get an idea if it's worth buying the license and going a day or two before?
  9. What are spreaders? I have never fished for perch but have lots of crappie experience. Is high vis line ok? That's what I have on my crappie poles.
  10. Looks like I'm coming to the London area for a few days July 15th - 19th. Any chance the perch will be in shallow on lake erie and be able to be caught from shore? If so, where would you suggest I try not to far from London?
  11. Thanks guys, are there any party boats where you go out with others? Would just be a couple of us so I'm looking to keep cost down. Just returned from a week of fishing in Ontario.
  12. My be visiting my in laws in London soon. Are there any charters on lake erie close to London? I can't seem to find anything on the internet. The all seem to be in the US.
  13. Tamar was my first Canadian fishing trip 6 years ago. We mostly fished for smallmouth. We used senko type plastic worms. Actually the stikos from bass pro which are just like the senkos but cheaper and a little more tougher.
  14. Haven't fished that lake but sending you a PM so we can compare notes.
  15. I live in Indiana but my wife is from London, ON. She never knew anyone that owned a gun until she met me. She still hasn't ever shot one but she will eat deer and fish now.
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