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  1. I'm renting a cottage in May on a lake called lovering Lake it's between wanup and rutter on Highway 69 before Sudbury. does anyone have any info on this Lake I know the fish species I know it might have Lake trout but it definitely has walleye and Pike and bass what I want to know is how good the fishing really is,anyone with any info in any experience on this body of water please post your experiences I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Just looking where to purchase enough tin or sheet metal to build an 8x8 fish hut does anyone have any resources to get some used 10 or possibly plates that they use for printing or something like that something that's not too expensive anyone has any suggestions please PM me or feel free to post on this thread
  3. A question a little off topic but are there zebra mussels in Lake temagami
  4. I thought ling were bottom feeders?
  5. I basically meant do you have to pre sterilize the jars and then cook ii again?or can I just put the stuff in and then pressure cook it or do I have to sterilize the jars before that and then cook it?
  6. Just ordered a 22 quart pressure canner!! I'll be doing some canning best weekend Do you have to sterilize the jars,fill with meat and sauce and then pressure cook for about 100 minutes?
  7. I'm going to buy some eye of round and do a practice round before I do the moose...I don't wanna screw it up
  8. Is that what you would call a center pin reel?
  9. I know you can buy farmed elk,bison,etc... But just out of curiosity,is there such a thing as farmed moose?
  10. Last year my buddy gave me a small jar of what he called bottled moose...it was incredible! I just heated it in a pot and put over rice.man was it good!he makes a beef sauce with peppers,onions and see brandy along with some pieces of pork fat...the brandy really put it over the top,like something you might find in a higher end restaurant.it was that good I've got a few moose roasts and will try my own version of his recipe Does anyone have a tried and true bottled moose recipe?
  11. Used for one 3 day trip,bought new comes with head unit and skimmer transducer as well as a 7mah battery $100 Located in georgina
  12. I can't find any Firefox spoons on Google,so I assume he meant blue fox too
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