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  1. I see 3500 trout got stocked this year!!!
  2. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on the camp then,I've heard nothing ,but great fishing reports in the area.
  3. I just bought an off grid cottage on leased land on quintet lake#5.im really excited to get up there and do some fishing.i have found out that it's part of a stocking program and is stocked every year or every other year(can't quite remember)with specks and Lakers,I'm pretty sure there are pike in there too...can't find anything stating there are walleye in the lake...would be amazing if there were. Does anybody have any experience fishing this body of water?very little info online
  4. I'm getting a chance to fish this Lake in July and I'm wondering if anyone has fished this lake.any info would be great
  5. IMG_20210425_091534308.jpg
    I have had it for years and meant to build a hut on it,but just forgot all about it...hurting for money right now so I need to sell it.it would make an excellent fish hut base!!!!so many possibilities with this,has hitch as well.. Make a reasonable offer,a good summer project to have ready for next winter Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)
  6. I'm renting a cottage in May on a lake called lovering Lake it's between wanup and rutter on Highway 69 before Sudbury. does anyone have any info on this Lake I know the fish species I know it might have Lake trout but it definitely has walleye and Pike and bass what I want to know is how good the fishing really is,anyone with any info in any experience on this body of water please post your experiences I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Just looking where to purchase enough tin or sheet metal to build an 8x8 fish hut does anyone have any resources to get some used 10 or possibly plates that they use for printing or something like that something that's not too expensive anyone has any suggestions please PM me or feel free to post on this thread
  8. A question a little off topic but are there zebra mussels in Lake temagami
  9. I thought ling were bottom feeders?
  10. I basically meant do you have to pre sterilize the jars and then cook ii again?or can I just put the stuff in and then pressure cook it or do I have to sterilize the jars before that and then cook it?
  11. Just ordered a 22 quart pressure canner!! I'll be doing some canning best weekend Do you have to sterilize the jars,fill with meat and sauce and then pressure cook for about 100 minutes?
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