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  1. https://www.canadafishingguide.net/tale-of-the-trappers-camp-a-wabakimi-legend/?fbclid=IwAR2rXW9-XHhhqOr3ToF_Jl3vM3V-xHnBGWx_IyR-oZ7o966JS0QQCWhjvys
  2. This breading is not overpowering the flavor but enhances walleye with a spectacular crunch. In the picture, shows the bowl that I made the wet batter: I think a cup of flour covers 6 fish or so. So flour, lemon pepper, mixed with club soda, hit hard with Tobasco, mixed till relatively thin. Dredge the fillets through the wet batter, just covered but not too thick. If I think I have it too thick I'll strip my fillets with my hands. Yes it's messy work. For Walleye Tacos, I keep a gal. ziplock bag for crushing Nacho Cheese Doritoes. Mix in the crushed dorito in with the Panko. Run your wet batter laden fillet through the Panko concoction and set in a container. The Panko will absorb the wet batter so give it a few minutes to rest before frying.
  3. Thanks, David will see his specialist tomorrow.
  4. Wabakimi Trip June 2-9 This years trip is with my brother Bob, son Brett and newcomer plucked of the board over at Walleye Central, Rob. Missing is #2 son Bradley. Flew in to Wabakimi on June 2 a day earlier than planned. Find out that we probably wouldn't of got in as scheduled. Thank you "Northern Wilderness Outfitters", always looking out for us! Lake level was down 2 1/2"-3" Water surface temps started at 51 and ended at 61 degree. Brett's 43" Walleye Taco... I cooked the fish! Brother day! I like the way my pike frames my head. Lol A group from another outfitter Pipestone we have got to know a bit over the years being on the water together. One of those guys I've gotton to know pretty well above and beyond just a fishing acquaintance, but a good friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma and I consider him a class act of the highest order. This is David Campbell In the middle of the trip, at 3:00 in the middle of the night, Bob got up to take a pee and hears something which turned out to be a boat from Pipestone that overshot our dock as it was the middle of the night and the guy was navigating by the stars. He says that he wants us to use our satphone to call for help as our friend David Campbell was suffering a heart attack. Well we did and first light me and Bob head to the Pipestone camp where we see the Pipestone float plane and David Campbell looking beat up all to heck and walking gingerly with assistance from Tom to be flown out to Armstrong and evacuated to Thunder Bay. After the plane left, Larry and the other David (the remaining 2) were in complete shock. We asked them if they would like to fish with us that day. They asked Where? We said West End. They said, never been there. We said it's a must. So, we go to the West End and the fishing was absolutely on fire! Took these 2 back to our camp where I made just the very best Walleye Tacos for lunch and back to camp for these two stellar crappie guide fishermen from Tulsa Oklahoma. Been a pleasure to hang with these guys for a day as we were all just hurting for our friend. Ran into these guys the last day and they had the report back that David Campbell did not have a heart attack, but a blood clot in his chest which was treatable. Praise the Lord! My peace Pierogies I'll put my fish up against all comers. This is a Panko/ Parmesan batch Trappers Camp 2018. Was abandoned in 1982. This piece of china was discovered for it's value by my brother in the old Trapper Camp rubble. We brought it back to camp, cleaned off 40 years of bush crud and offer it to our camp as the new "camp ashtray". Comes with meaning and a story. See ya next year, God willing
  5. Thanks Gordy and you are right, my Canadian experience is a big part of who I am and who I want to be. A man's riches can be stripped away, but memories last a lifetime. Thanks for reading and thanks for your concern for my wife.
  6. Thanks Blaque, I only wish I had the additional 33 trips on this thread. Thanks again.
  7. This years trip was different in so many ways. First off, my brother and my 2 boys and I typically go on this June trip with my brother-in-law and my nephews. My youngest nephew Bob, just graduated from medical school, so my BIL asked if he could have our regular week to take up his entire family so we got with our fabulous outfitter, Northern Wilderness Outfitters, and they slotted us in 1 week earlier. We did take a detour from our normal route to visit my BIL and family who were celebrating such a wonderful occasion, however, Bob the new Doctor in the family was not back yet, and not in the picture yet. I was privileged to meet my nephew John's son James for the first time. Long overdue! We drove the rest of the way to Ft. Francis with no issues and no issues at the border crossing. We spent an extra day in the Fort relaxing and getting final foods and baits. We flew out on Monday, May 29th at 7:30AM. Was raining and half way there, we had to put down at Moose Point Lodge on Shikag to wait it out. Well this wasn't so bad for me as Moose Point was where I had my honeymoon 26 years earlier and I enjoyed walking around reminiscing. Wish I had my camera. My new friend Jeromy who was going to Tew lake with us, had his, and took this picture. Ironic as this was one of the last flights for this particular plane before if was flipped in a waterspout in Dryden a few days later. Well we got into camp after dropping Jeromy off at Tew and it's raining hard. We got camp set up and on the water late afternoon. Well, I did forget my camera and most of us caught our biggest fish of the trip, high 30's pike. We did catch enough for walleye dinner. Water temps were 55-57. The next day the weather was worsening rain and wind, but we were out at Rusty's Back Door when the rock guard broke on my motor and had to be towed in as the guard was sprung and the prop was jammed. Cost us several hours, lucky my boys are good mechanics and got another bolt where the first sheared off. Had Walleye Chowder for lunch on this cold day. Fishin with Bradley Smoked pork chops and lasagna with garlic bread for dinner. Water temps were 51,52. The next day was way worse. The wind was straight from the north and whitecapping our secluded Narrows. We caught no fish and settled for leftover lasagna for lunch, but Brett made his biscuits and gravy for breakfast so no worries of starvation this day. Lol Got out to the Trappers in the afternoon where a mayfly hatch was just beginning, the weather broke and plenty of fish caught. Had steaks, potatoes, mushrooms and finished off with brownies. Water temps @ 53. Brett Now, one of the big changes on this trip for me was that my wife was dealing with breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes. I had heard of Chaga and knew it grew in Northern Ontario and have seen it before without knowing what it was, ,so my family took it as a challenge to find mom some Chaga, The Miracle Mushroom to help her fight the cancer. First we looked behind camp and located this. Chaga only grows on birch trees. The next day, cool and sunny, we went to the West End. We kept our eyes peeled for a nice birch grove on the way and Bradley spotted the biggest strand of birch on the lake. I took note of this and after we caught many nice fish, we pulled in for a major Chaga harvest off of Budner Bay. We got the Chaga home and my wife has been drinking it as tea ever since we got back. We completely gorged ourselves with Walleye Tacos with Buffalo Sauce for lunch so much so, we were unable to have dinner. That's a first! Fished Trappers till dark! Water temp of 54. The next to last full day was another nice weather day. We went to the West End in the morning, more Walleye Tacos and finished at Trappers again. Fishin with my brother. Water temps back up to 59. The last full day, the weather stated to turn for the worst. At the West End in the morning catching more in the mid 20" range finishing up at the Waterfall. Back to camp for a late lunch of Blue Cheese Burgers and were pleased to meet up with my Facebook friend from Oklahoma and some of his guys who stopped by for a drink. What a great gentleman David Campbell is. The rest of the day was a wash. Blue Cheese Linguini with Buffalo Walleye was dinner. Nice rainbows though! With walleye at the end of the rainbow! The boys got their Brother Day and net up a snake. Couple of hooligans! and a couple of Loons! and the biggest Loon! Till next year! The Bennett's and the Dolan's I will say that this trip was the easiest I've been on with just us 4. Everyone knew what was expected of them and the chores went by fast. The sleep that I needed was had as I had the Penthouse to myself. These guys are the best!
  8. Thanks man! I'm half Canadian on my brothers side.
  9. In all our years on the lake, we have only managed to catch 1 other eelpout/ling/burbot and that was by hook and line.
  10. Thanks Frog, I gotta admit, I was a bit intimidated by Chef Dan and I really buckled down. I made my homemade mustard and a batch of Horseradish Pickle Relish which were good as well,
  11. Hey Chris, I left on Friday morning at 3:00am pulled into Baudette Minn at 8:00pm 1150 miles and I pulled it all. The next morning we took it into Ft Francis, got groceries and leeches whereas we flew in the next morning after that. And if I had to walk over burning coals to get there.... well, I would.
  12. This years trip was good! http://www.canadafishingguide.net/forum-2/member-trip-reports-1/wabakimi-6516-61116/
  13. Stellar report! Nothing like fishing with family. Way to go Monique for suppling camp with fish. Great looking shore lunches.
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