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  1. It's been a while, Bigugli was there and I thought of the site and put in a post, Hope everyone is doing ok with everything going on.Tight Lines. SBK
  2. The CFN Retreat started Aug 16th and ended Aug 22nd but a few of us traveled on the 15th Breakfast were Eggs, Pancakes, French toast, Hash browns, Toast, Bacon, Sausage, and Ham, Lunches were a variety of Sandwiches with a desert and drink packed for on the water, supper was Chicken, Roast Beef, Smoked Pork Chops, Lobster, with all the trimmings plus desert and fish fry's almost every night with one being Bacon Wrapped Walleye, about 6 of us took our own boats and everyone else had on of the camp boats or pontoon boat, everybody caught lots of fish with the biggest Pike about 32", Walleye 30" and Smallie was 19" or maybe bigger, an Awesome week with Great People, Great Food, Great Fishing and Awesome Hosts, Tight Lines SBK
  3. A buddy and I are heading down, 2 years ago was our first. Tight Lines SBK
  4. Spinnerbaits are great but have some buzzbaits and spooks to throw early and late in the days. Tight Lines SBK
  5. I've had 4 boats added to my house policy and a couple were over 20 years old the one I sold last year was a 1985 and never had a problem. I told them what I paid for them and they were added. Tight Lines SBK
  6. Here are 3 short videos from last week from local school's lots going on and not much time for sharing everywhere drop by every once and a while to check out what's happening. There are some videos of the Kincardine Trout hatchery with the little Browns about a month old and the Rainbows and Browns from last year too. They are getting to be a nice size. Tight Lines SBK Blog Videos
  7. We have formed more partners and expanded to Waterloo, Kitchener, Aylmer and another school in Guelph, Manitoulin Island has another School, Sarnia has 2 more Schools and Owen Sound has 3 more Schools, here are a couple small videos showing this years Chinook Salmon. #BrucePower #BigAlsPets #BlackflyLures #ChinookSalmon #Salmon https://lhfcschoolhatcheries.blogspot.ca/2018/01/teeswater-hillcrest-school-has-unique.html
  8. Fisheries Management Zone 16 (FMZ 16) Extended season changes possible no more Bass, Musky or Pike fishing (Owen Sound office for Bruce/Grey Counties) https://south-bruce-guide-service.blogspot.ca/2017/12/fisheries-management-zone-16-fmz-16.html
  9. So you're fishing for Musky and you happen to get a 50" or 55"er and you have a conservation licence are you going to take a picture most people likely would, just saying Tight Lines SBK
  10. Lots of great seminar speakers with a Musky and Bass day see you there: Fishing & Boat Show coupon: http://lhfcschoolhatcheries.blogspot.ca/
  11. If you're targeting bass out of season you can be charged with that even if you release them in the water and I wouldn't want to be the guy throwing musky baits with a conservation licence if your going to fish for them buy the sport licence or should we just forget about all the rules lol. Tight Lines SBK
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