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  1. The big swells after a good blow alone are fishable even in smaller craft, it's when they get topped by an opposite direction wind things get hairy
  2. I can see the lake from the end of my driveway in Grimsby, lived here since '84, don't even consider it on a Northerly wind. As I posted a few minutes ago Martin from Grimsby Tackle usually posts a south shore water report in the morning on facebook, he lives on the shore near Beamsville
  3. I've seen pics of a few Lakers coming off those perch grounds this spring , one was a real huge slob edit for pic :
  4. I actually have the vinyl album in a milk crate in the basement, Ebay says it's worth 20 bucks LOL
  5. Yes , it was taken from a gun owners forum so some bias but I'm sure they are not going to notify every holder of a PAL of the change so beware. This is from the Order in Council that banned about 1500 firearms and variants after C71 was passed, Order in Council is a way of side stepping political process. Come May 17th , to sell , give to even a relative you will have to inform the Registrar of Firearms/RCMP of the transaction of the sale and get a reference number for the transaction, while the long gun registry is dead this is an attempt by the backdoor to a new registry. I mention this that in case some older guys may want to pass some firearms to children or grandkids get it done before the deadline, penalties are substantial once it kicks in. The new Order in Council is date April 29th so very recent
  6. are not the smaller Merc's actually Tohatsu's ?
  7. Watch, looking some say no gasoline motors and some say no motors, electric motors maybe questionable
  8. https://conservationhamilton.ca/conservation-areas/valens-lake/
  9. Just did it here on Chrome, right click , hit reload and it stabilizes, thinking it is an ad.
  10. Worked 3 12's one week and 4 12's the next , 2 week rotation , that is 7x12=84 so actually picked up 4 hours O.T. every 2 weeks and no 5 day work week
  11. Does it here using Chrome, as I said earlier hitting reload till you loose the offending ad works but is a PIA
  12. Worked 3 12's one week and 4 12's the next most of my career, 20/30 years ago, worked every other weekend but the ones you didn't were 3 days weekends
  13. Yes, they started stocking lakers in the mid 80's, they even put some muskie in there a bit earlier, right or wrong the walleye guys were not enthused about the muskie so they had a catch and kill motto, dad sold the place about '90 after almost 30 years so I have no clue about today's fishing
  14. I follow a page on facebook, dad had a place there for 30 years
  15. Have the same issue, usually hit reload several times till it stops, probably an ad
  16. and what you spend will not show up on the bank statement 🤣
  17. Hmmmm, I do recall a few of their models with the same sloping down to the transom
  18. Mid 50's Dad ran a Pezon Michel Luxor, he ran it probably into the early 70's, it was a pretty sweet reel , I got an Ambidex No.4 in 1964 , good reel as well. Never had a Michell 300 but did run a 308 as an ultralight
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