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  1. Born in 1950, same here, at least 4 polio survivors ( braces , wheelchairs, withered limb ) in my small rural 3 room school of about 75, and those were the ones that made it. Of course back then, were had Connaught Labs to develop and manufacture vaccines for us and the world. edit: https://www.thestar.com/opinion/contributors/2020/03/11/the-public-lab-that-could-have-helped-fight-covid-19-pandemic.html
  2. For years I launched at 50 Point, the Hamilton Conservation Authority webpage says the season launch pass is $158 incl. GST, better fishing on the south shore in April and May and not far to Bronte later if it is hotter there later on. 8 miles out of Bronte is pretty much the same patch of water as 8 miles out of 50
  3. My rule of thumb for any new lure to me was to get the first one in black, especially a surface lure and then go with a colour for the next one
  4. Dad was repair foreman for the Welland area, he hated the Dodges. When they switched from the Fords to Dodge they had a mix and only so much parking in the garage/work centre. In winter they would leave the older Fords and I think a few GM's outside and park the Dodges inside so they would start. I bought a new van in the late 70's and remember him telling me to not buy a Dodge.
  5. image.png
    Did you live in Dunnville? they had their own company back in those days edit: guess even though they were based in Dunnville they serviced other communities, doesn't seem to be a lot of info on it, Bell eventually took them over, around 1980 or so
  6. Dad worked for Bell 40 years, started at 17 near the end of the war and retired in the mid 80's at 57. I recall pickups with a metal box on the back first and then English Ford Thames vans before the American made vans. In those years they were still that dark green but had red rims. BTW even with that history in my family I chucked Bell to the curb a few years back edit ; Dan that is a Ford Econoline not a Fargo
  7. Learn to fly fish , that's the preferred way to do it out there. Think " A River Runs Through It"
  8. Same here, in fact they don't even wait till election time, the Conservatives just booted a previous leadership contender for being a bit too conservative.
  9. Ancient saying " figures don't lie but liars figure " BTW took a lot of statistics too, 1969 to 73, had to due with Forestry , sampling and estimating forest yields, Forest Mensuration was a [email protected] in the pre computer days, even when we got Fortran all your data would be in big box of keypunch cards 🤓
  10. Was at Real Canadian Super Store this morning doing the weekly shopping during the senior citizen hour. In addition to the pork shoulders and sausage casings they also have curing salt, the sodium nitrate stuff in a 1 Kg. bag for $2.68, probably just a seasonal thing like the big cooler of shoulders and casings. Edit : it was only 1% sodium nitrate, google says Prague Powder is 6.25 % so maybe not the right stuff
  11. Just hit 43 here on the thermometer on the north side of the detached garage, so far the snowblower inside is unused this winter 👍
  12. No different than here , if you want to be a member follow the rules.
  13. Crappie is right up there too, better than Erie Walleyes IMHO
  14. " Vegeta "seasoning is very popular in Eastern Europe, might be similar, sorta like celery salt but with extra vegetable flavours too. It is available most places.
  15. I see Fortinos has whole pork shoulders for 99 cents a pound until Jan 20th, also whole pork loins for $1.99 a pound for slicing into boneless chops and roasts. Probably the same price at all the Loblaw's chain stores possibly. edit also 20 yards of sausage casing for $6.99
  16. Get them early, like late April/May , they come in shallow to spawn/feed. Look for dark bottoms as those areas warm first. Speaking on my experiences at Long Point, once they move out they are difficult to locate, maybe they suspend over deeper water.
  17. It's here now , watch your pop up ads, I always know what my wife is shopping for , must work on your IP address
  18. I always see a big cooler of pork shoulders at a great price and a box of sausage casings at RCSS here about this time every year. Last year 2 older gentlemen , Italian I think, had a cart full, 8 or so ahead of me in the checkout, must be a traditional sausage making time .
  19. update : they seem to be still considering getting more first doses out there before beginning the second round https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/canada-probing-whether-delaying-second-covid-19-vaccine-doses-could-help-more-people/ar-BB1cuMWn?li=AAggNb9
  20. Reading that they are considering using it as a single dose given that it is 80% effective as a single dose and 95 % effective as a 2 dose. Long time since I studied statistics , would twice the people with 80% immunity be better than half as many with 95 % ? Also, though they really didn't have enough time to study it would the immunity last as long ?
  21. Clouds like that were normal daily operation 40 years ago, I would come in from the south on HWY20 and at the top of the escarpment there would usually be a yellow blanket of smog low over the city. Don't know nothing about steel making , I worked in processing further down the chain.
  22. Isn't there one in the St. Lawrence near Gananoque
  23. That is pretty gross, I have actually used the Costco canned breast meat too, it is actually pretty decent https://noblepig.com/2020/03/three-easy-meals-you-can-make-with-canned-chicken/
  24. Isn't this ( Invermectin )very similar to the stuff we administer to our dogs monthly throughout the summer for the control of heartworm and other parasites ? edit: my dogs also get a shot for Lyme that used to be approved for humans but was withdrawn for side effects Just guessing but if Lyme ever hit pandemic proportions it would be reapproved for human use 😂
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