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  1. My lake is going to be a few weeks yet
  2. Looking to by a nav card for my new fish finder it’s a lowrance elite fs I’m not sure what card is better c-maps or navionics has anyone had any experience with these cards ?
  3. You try radio word they had active target transducers week or so ago good luck
  4. 20 # power pro braid kinda set it and forget it kinda thing
  5. Hello has anyone got their hands on one of these new elite fs units yet if so what was you’re first impressions of it and if got to plug it in to play it yet just wondering thoughts thanks
  6. I was wondering if the consider the rod it’s self as a spring ?
  7. Thanks for letting me join seem like a great group the question I have is I was reading the regs about ice fishing it says Any spring-loaded device which sets the hook for an angler may not be possessed within 30 m of any waters. Does this include automatic fisherman and other rod holders that hold the tip down and release when fish strike .? thanks
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