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  1. I looked at legends last summer on paper they looked really nice but the build quality wasn’t there when I got to see one and for the price there’s better boats I ended up buys a prince craft the build quality was night and day different
  2. I’m looking for real world opinions on running 100ah lithium on my 12volt terrova has anyone done this if so how was the outcome thanks
  3. I bought 16ft princecraft resorter 30hp tiller this year with a 12 volt terrova 55lb ipilot the 55# is more then enough for the boat I’m on the water morning till dark most days fishing in heavy current and haven’t even come close to killing the battery (100ah lithium) you wouldn’t be disappointed 55# thrust on any 16ft boat
  4. Just looking for ppl thoughts on 30hp mercury like any troubles any pros and cons of this motor TIA
  5. I’m looking to buy a newer boat how do I go about finding out if there’s a lean against the boat and if I do buy one with a lean against it how do I make sure the previous owner pays it off it must happen everyday so I’m wondering thanks
  6. Just remember boat stands for BREAK OUT ANOTHER THOUSAND $ nice boat enjoy your summer 👍👍
  7. I’ve been running a 60AH Chinese battery since last year so far it’s been great runs my 30 lb trolling motor and graph most of the weekend and it’s half price of a Dakota I know you get what you pay for but I gave it a try
  8. Zone ten opens next Saturday the way I read it that’s a week early usually may long weekend around here so I’m scrambling to get ready now the struggle is real 👍
  9. Coyote with mange watch your pets they can pick up mange too from that yote being around
  10. My lake is going to be a few weeks yet
  11. Looking to by a nav card for my new fish finder it’s a lowrance elite fs I’m not sure what card is better c-maps or navionics has anyone had any experience with these cards ?
  12. You try radio word they had active target transducers week or so ago good luck
  13. 20 # power pro braid kinda set it and forget it kinda thing
  14. Hello has anyone got their hands on one of these new elite fs units yet if so what was you’re first impressions of it and if got to plug it in to play it yet just wondering thoughts thanks
  15. I was wondering if the consider the rod it’s self as a spring ?
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