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  1. Years ago, when I was heavy into torrents and collecting bootlegs cd's I used this site as I am a big Dylan Fan. There are literally thousand of bootleg CD's out there for Bob, I actually have at least a hundred of the best bootlegs by him . These are called ROIO's , Recordings Of Indeterminate Origin, often recorded by a fan at a show, the best are taken from the soundboard by some one working the show or from a TV or radio broadcast. This site gives a comprehensive listing of what is out there http://www.bobsboots.com/ Edit: purist traders of this material don't use lossy mp3's , all my stuff is in .flac format and unfortunately Bob's Boots appears to have not been maintained in quite a few years, a lot of it is broken Further edit: My computer still remembered my user and password for this site and discussion group which should provide some more sources of Dylan stuff should you care to join https://www.expectingrain.com/
  2. I suspect the swivel keys are attached to the bumpers
  3. Still fishing spring browns on the south shore of lake Ontario ? I recall that was sort of a passion for you?
  4. like these https://www.amazon.ca/Attwood-Stainless-Steel-Boat-Fender/dp/B0000AZ8CX/ref=asc_df_B0000AZ8CX/?tag=googleshopc0c-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=335540851439&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13099281546899563159&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9000782&hvtargid=pla-670206446348&psc=1
  5. A fellow on this forum had his Lund completely restored about 10 years ago here, was happy with the work, not cheap though https://www.bankesmarineservices.com/
  6. In another forum this guy has been recommended a few times, no experience with him personally but fairly close to you http://www.jandjmarine.com/
  7. I got a 4x8 landscape trailer years ago, I felt like an idiot, it was brutal compared to my 18 foot boat. If you can't see it in the mirrors you are going straight 🤣
  8. If it just for bits on the hook for the kids to catch pannies , those tiny pink salad shrimp work, I've even first slayed steelies with them when I was out of eggs
  9. A good read on muskies of the Goon https://www.outdoorsfirst.com/muskie/article/world-famous-or-legendary-muskie-hotspots-part-xi/
  10. Either way, whether this brown is triploid or not, I don't agree with Frankenfish being eligible for records.
  11. I didn't think triploid fish farm escapees were eligible for records, wasn't a Bow caught and disqualified a few years back ?
  12. Been years but is this one still in use? Would be OK for a 14 tinner https://www.google.com/maps/@42.8612195,-79.5739807,86m/data=!3m1!1e3
  13. I recall some guys pressure canning steelhead on Coleman stoves on their pickup tailgates in the camp at Denny's Dam back in the eighties. Cronzy among them. Steak ?? getting priced out of my snack bracket, last steaks were lean ground beef patties doctored up with some seasonings, minced onion , egg, BBQ sauce and bread crumbs on the grill
  14. Of all the geriatric rockers I think Glenn Hughes is the one that still has most of the swagger and vocal range of his youth
  15. Your wouldn't have done that with my old Easy Loader roller trailer, your boat would be on the ramp before hitting the water
  16. Think it is big enuff to be a Cooper's, both species thought my bird feeders were their personal smorgasbord .
  17. If the Crestliner is welded go for the Lund, other wise the the Crestliner is more bang for the buck, lately Lund's are over rated , they are not what they used to be. I wouldn't take a welded boat under .125 " if they were giving them away
  18. Force is another name that gives people the shivers
  19. Many years ago, not much older than your grand kids, we would ride our bikes to Dils Lake at Chippewa Conservation Area, lots of action on pannies. Not far from you , worth a try maybe
  20. I think it removes the rib cage as well so the fillets are boneless
  21. I get Sunbeam CR2025 batteries at Dollarama , a direct replacement, for a training collar for the dogs, they are like 4 for $3 . They last pretty good and about a 1/10 the price of Duracells
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